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I hope you enjoyed the first issue of <a href="">World News, the March of War newspaper</a>. Those of you who read the paper carefully know what the last two factions are. This week we travel to South and Central America, where the Latin Junta are masters of the jungle.

Secret labs where the <em>Brigades Revolucionarias</em> develop new weapons are scattered throughout the Amazon rainforest. In one of these, genetic engineer Santiago Cruz is working on his latest invention.

<p style="text-align: left;"><a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-6160" title="Latin Junta ROC" src="" alt="Latin Junta the fifth faction to be announced for March of War " width="491" height="369" /></a>

<em>“The enemy will run for the hills when they see this swarm emerge from the jungle,” Santiago Cruz looked confidently at his <em>comandante</em>. He smiled at his tiny, yet perfect creations. Behind the glass the insects scurried through the vines, each bug more poisonous than the next.

Santiago is a quiet man, a man of science and a man who has grown up amidst the tangles and coils of the vines and snakes of the jungle. He might never fight on the front line as his comandante leads the chicos to war. The bugs are genetically engineered to spread malaria, or at least a hyper speed version thereof. His children will kill more enemies for the revolucion than any rifle or tank ever could.</em>

<a href="">You can listen to music from the Latin Junta here</a>

The <em>Brigadas Revolucionarias</em> harness the insects that crawl over the jungle floor, the venom that drips from the viper’s fangs and the poisonous fumes of the fungi growing on the trees. Turning the creatures and plants of the jungle into potent weapons, revolutionary guerrilla forces fight off the Red Army and the forces of the United Republic. Stories of the potency of their biochemical weapon even reached the divine ears of the Emperor. <em>Hasta la victoria siempre</em>, we battle until we are victorious! <em>Comandante, viva la revolución!</em>

<a href="">Watch the video here</a>
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Farlix crowned himself king of the marauders. At first he wanted an annual holiday to commemorate the event – like the king of the Netherlands (aka dress in orange, drink beer and party hard) – but thought better of it. True marauders only party in battle. In the King’s Tournament, marauders from all over Kathos can prove their worth to the new king. Cinnamon obviously demanded to be the lady of honor at this most esteemed event.

<a href=""><img class="alignright wp-image-6152" title="iron_grip_marauders_isotx_winner_meme_competition" src="" alt="iron grip: marauders isotx winner meme competition" width="130" height="180" /></a>

Typically, Farlix’s first decision as king was picking a funny internet meme. He declared this meme the winner of the competition that started last week. Poems for Lady Heresh are still welcome, and check out the black market this Friday if you want Lady to join you in your avatar screen.

<a href=""><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-6150" title="King's Tournament" src="" alt="Iron Grip: Marauders King's Tournament" width="520" height="282" /></a>

<span style="color: #cccccc;"><strong>Now on to the tournament:</strong></span>
- It starts on April 29
- All player of level 6 and higher can enter
- Players select their army from Baron and Atelian units
- Round time is 5 minutes
- Entrance fee is 3 Gems

<span style="color: #cccccc;"><strong>Prizes</strong></span>
1st – King’s Box (1x Atelian Warlord, 1x Atelian Borthos, 1x Baron Artillery Walker, 1x Baron MBT)
2nd – Tournament Triplex (3x random unit)
3rd – Tournament Crate (1x random unit)
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I hope you enjoyed reading about the Shogun Empire and are now itching to get your hands on the fearsome armies of the emperor. It’s time to give you a glimpse of the exotic warriors and weapons that imperial commanders bring to the battlefield! The westerners rely on the sheer weight of their mechanized armies or the implacable advance of countless soldiers. The warriors of the emperor, however, use stealth and swiftness to deceive their enemies and the Dragon Monks are masters of subterfuge.

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-6040" title="Dragon monks" src="" alt="" width="100%" /></a>

The origins of the Dragon Monks can be traced back to Echizen province. There, nestled in the most reclusive forest of the Hino mountain lies the fortress shrine of the Dragon Monks. It is revered as a sacred and holy place and it is there that the neophytes are trained as Dragon Monks. From an early age, the initiates are taught to venerate the emperor before all else and to serve with unquestioning loyalty. Their training also includes subterfuge, stealth and tactical deception. This presents the imperial commanders with a force of disciplined, loyal and most of all – tactically versatile troops.

On the battlefield, the Dragon Monks inspire fear in their enemies with hallucinogenic grenades and charges. The poison that is released from the charge has a hidden recipe but its effects are all too visible. The smallest amounts of it induce panic attacks and terror, thus incapacitating even the most resolute soldier.

“The Emperor is the spirit of our nation and as our spirit guards us during dark times, so must we also guard it.”
- Teachings of the Dragon Monks
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The March of War closed beta is slowly but surely kicking into gear! The lucky players that go in have everything at their disposal. The armies of The European Alliance, The Soviet Union and The United Republic, as well as the other powers that await you in the March of War universe. We revealed the traditional powers and their struggles, now it’s time to bring in the more exotic factions to the field of play. Without further ado, we bring you the dragon of the east – The Shogun Empire!

While the European Alliance is struggling in their own battles, unexpected threats begin to challenge their superiority. Spurred by a fervent belief in the ideal that their Emperor is destined to rule all lands under the sun, the Tokugawa shoguns abandoned their isolation and set about conquering neighboring countries. This shift culminated in the conquest of Korea and subjugation of Formosa. Even the Celestial empire of China came under ferocious attack from the unstoppable armies of the Shogunate.

In the span of just seventy years, the Shogun Empire had subjugated or conquered large swathes of territory in Asia. As the European Alliance was fighting for its survival against the Red tide of the Soviet Union, The Shogun Empire decided that now is the time to lay down the challenge to the colonial empires. In an unprecedented move of aggression, the Shogun Empire launched surprise attacks on the colonial possessions of the European nations and unleashed a vicious attack on Pearl Harbor – the naval base of the United Republic.

“The Emperor is our lord and master. He is the descendant of Amaterasu and the empire lives and dies by his divine wish. We would conquer the world so that all can know his wise rule. Even if the Emperor did not ask this, we would do it. So it is written, so shall it be.”

- Kousaka Shoji , Imperial chronicler, declaration at the start of the assault on China
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Our very own Mortty has sunk his teeth into Lady Heresh! Of course, as a true marauder you immediately come up with a rescue strategy to free the lady from the devious monster. But not without cracking a joke first! Are you up for the challenge?

<span style="color: #cccccc;"><strong>An Ode to Lady Heresh</strong></span>
There once was a girl called Lady
A seductive, sultry gypsy
yet say her name
she'll end your game
And her smile, the last you'll see
<em>The HungerArtist (Lady’s latest victim)</em>

<span style="color: #cccccc;"><strong>The challenge</strong></span>
Make us roll on the floor laughing! Provide this empty meme with some funny text – the winner gets 40 Gems to buy the Lady Heresh avatar next week.
<p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-6093" title="MorttLadyHarash01" src="" alt="" width="445" height="616" /></a></p>
<em>The rules</em>
Post your meme on <a href="">the Iron Grip: Marauders Facebook page</a>
Deadline is April 25 2013
The winner gets 40 Gems
Brownie points if you also write a poem for Lady Heresh!

Finally, this Friday you can get your hands on Mortty the mortt! Is your avatar ready to get eaten by Mortty?
Community Announcements - ISOTX Community
I hope you are all as excited about the new game as we are! We have mentioned it here and there, but March of War is going to be playable across several different platforms. What does that mean? Well, it means that you will be able to battle your friends and continue with your conquest whether you are on PC, tablet or on your mobile while waiting for the bus! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Check out Tom and Bram giving it a go!

I know many of you are eager to get in on the action in closed beta. For those of you who might have questions or aren’t very clear on the selection process, please follow this link:

That should shed some light and get you going on your way to the dieselpunk battlefields!
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The Iron Grip universe has always produced some very interesting fan creations. We’ve seen sketches, Cinnamon sown onto jackets, short or long stories – creativity of all types, shapes and sizes. We know that you are capable of creating awesome things and we wanted to see your creativity again! We bring you the Iron Grip comics’ competition! What does this mean? Well, it means awesome prizes for the most creative comics that our community can come up with! You have absolute freedom in terms of topics, but keep in mind our two criteria: Originality and making SneakySoundz and MechanicalAngel laugh! ( also don’t lose sight of the good tone  )

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-6040" title="600widthComicCompetition01" src="" alt="" width="584" height="198" /></a>

- All submissions should be no longer than one page
- We like it colorful
- Iron Grip Themed
The competition will run from the 14th of April until the 28th of April.

1st Prize
200 Gems and a closed beta key for March of War that includes a special Fan pack full of goodies

2nd Prize
150 Gems and a custom artist's booster pack

3rd Prize
100 Gems and a special booster pack

Please submit all your entries on

All finalists will have their comics made public on the Iron Grip: Marauders Facebook page as a special feature! Who knows, maybe you will be interested in being featured on our DeviantArt page as well 
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Sneaky was sneaking around the office looking for cool stuff to film. For today's entertainment, we bring you the world map of March of war!
Community Announcements - ISOTX Community
The March of War closed beta test started this week. At the ISOTX office we've been testing like mad and we need your help! All able-bodied men and women are summoned to join the war effort. Starting this Monday you can subscribe for an invite to the closed beta. It’s first come, first served.

So why should you join SneakySoundz and MechanicalAngel in closed beta? Perhaps these inspiring words from a soldier’s wife will convince you.

<span style="color: #cccccc;"><strong>Local widow gets medal for exceptional service</strong></span>
<em>Micheal Donahue </em>

Jeanette DuPrie received a medal for exceptional service to our country. The 33 year old widow has aided the war effort tirelessly since her husband was killed in action. The mayor called her work at the arms factory an inspiration for women all across the nation.

<span style="color: #cccccc;"><em>After your husband was found dead on the battlefield, you were left alone with three small children. How did you manage? </em></span>
I just kept telling myself that my husband’s sacrifice hadn’t been in vain. When I heard that knock on the door I thought my world had ended at first. But to be honest I think women who crash and burn when they get this kind of horrible news are weak-minded. I basically kicked myself in the butt, excuse my language, and picked up where my husband left off. It is our duty to serve the country and aid in the war effort any way we can. My husband did this and now I follow in his footsteps, keeping his memory alive. I raise our children to do the same when their time comes.

<a href=""><img class="size-medium wp-image-6017 alignright" title="Alliance-moodshot1_small" src="" alt="" width="300" height="173" /></a>

<span style="color: #cccccc;"><em>A lot a women face the problem of combining a job and caring for their children after they experience a loss such as yours. You seem to have no problem doing this. </em></span>
My mother always taught me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I work at the factory nine hours a day. Schools these days provide excellent extracurricular activities that prepare your children for military service. Even preschools offer these programs, so there really is no excuse as to why you can’t work and take care of your family. Women who fail to recognize this either don’t care enough or, and I’m not sure which is worse, they are not strong enough.

<span style="color: #cccccc;"><em>Those are pretty harsh statements, Mrs. DuPrie.</em></span>
That doesn't make them untrue. The world is at war and our husbands and sons are dying for our country. We all need to be as strong and brave as the soldiers on the front-line. If we don’t do our part, how can the men hope to win this war? If our men die, we need to continue the fight. In fact we are the next line of defense and we need to stand tall.
Community Announcements - ISOTX Community
Honor and Duty might not be the first words that come to one’s mind when you think of Marauders. The truth, as usual in the Iron Grip World, is stranger than fiction. Marauders possess both qualities, but with a unique twist. They have the honor of being part of the strongest Alliances and the duty to convince everybody who doubts that, even if convincing includes mild to fatal injury. Prove that your alliance reigns supreme and fulfill your duty by making that painfully obvious to all other champions.

<img src="" style="width: 100%;" />


Whitelisted tournament, which means guaranteed battles against hardened enemies who won’t back out of a fight.

Open field maps which foster combat and no camping

Turns and Timings adjusted to give you a comfortable amount of time to blast the enemies of your Alliance

Two players from each alliance fighting separately in two tournament trees with the only chance of them meeting being the Grand Final!

Fighting for the Honor and Pride of your alliance and some other sweet rewards.

Entry fee is an incredible 1 Iron.

Interested? Get in touch with SneakySoundz via PM or visit the Forum thread and fight for the honor of your house!

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