Community Announcements - amazingworldcs
Take a look at the tons of Easter themed features going on in Amazing World this April!


What is Easter without an Easter egg hunt? Log onto Amazing World from March 26 until the end of April to participate in the Egg-Scramble hunt!


Nibbles is the fluffiest Zing that you will see in Amazing World! Members who login in April will receive a FREE Nibbles zing

Not a Member?! Grab a Membership any time between April 1st and 30th and you too will get a FREE Nibbles zing!
Community Announcements - amazingworldcs
NEW in Amazing World…enjoy your very own Treehouse! Your Zing will LOVE swinging, jumping, and playing in their awesome new hangout. Hop inside and decorate your Treehouse just the way you want! It’s time to play – the Treehouse is now available at Brick’s shop!
Community Announcements - amazingworldcs
You have asked and we have heard!

We are thrilled to announce that all players have the ability to rename your Zing.

To rename your Zing, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Journal in the top left hand corner
2. Click on ‘Rename’ to rename your Zing.

Please be aware that it only changes the first name of your Zing. You are unable to change your family name.

Community Announcements - amazingworldcs
Find your Fortune! Spin to win brilliant, limited time-only St. Patrick’s Day prizes on Karma’s Wheel! Plus, look for fun St. Paddy’s items in the World Shop. Get them before they disappear like a mischievous Leprechaun!
Community Announcements - amazingworldcs
Take a look at the tons of Valentine’s themed features going on in Amazing World this February!


Cherish the Pink Giraffe is the sweetest and most charming new Zing in Amazing World! Members who login in February will receive a FREE Cherish zing!

Not a Member?! Grab a Membership any time between February 1st and 28th and you too will get a FREE Cherish zing!
Community Announcements - shaneybaney
The festive season has arrived and Amazing World is full of holiday cheer. There’s TONS of exciting stuff happening in December that you won’t want to miss!

All in all there are almost 40 new items for your Zing, Yard and Home, so get ready for some festive delight.

Visit Brick to purchase a magical portal you can put in your Home Zone! You’ll be able to teleport to a snow covered paradise that you can make your very own! Make yourself an ice-pop forest or glacial playground and be sure to check the sky for the Northern Lights.

This all new Home Zone extension is available for purchase for 14,000 eStore Points. Place the portal in a Home Zone yard and step into a Frozen Paradise!

Visit the Zings everyday to collect prizes and awards from their special festive stockings. Win AW coins, Festive Collection Items, Winter Clothes, Winter Super-Snacks and the all new pet Freestylin’ Frankie! You’ll also find a stocking in your Home Zone!

Karma the Chameleon has some special new prizes for you, so spin to win (and don’t forget your holiday grin!)

We’ve got an all new Winter-themed Team Play that you can find going on in Big Fields Forever! We’ve also spiced up a few of the regular team plays so make sure to check them all for a big surprise!

Collecting is getting META this season with a crazy line-up of stackable holiday-themed Collections. Festive Collections I, II & III will have you collecting ornaments that you can place around your Home Zone or Frozen Paradise. When you complete all three Festive Collections, you unlock the Ultimate Festive Collection, which rewards you a HUGE TREE full of all the ornaments you collected. Place it in your yard and bask in the festive glory! You can collect the ornaments from Stockings and Winter Team Plays.

TLDR; There’s new stuff in-game for the holiday season, including a new winter home zone. BOOYAH!
Community Announcements - shaneybaney
We've fixed some bugs and updated some content in this latest patch!

With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve made it easier for you to complete your Halloween collections. Now it’s possible to get all collection items from trick-or-treating! Make sure to visit the pumpkins beside your favorite characters everyday so you can get all the awesome Halloween collection rewards!

Steam Achievements Fix: players who were not receiving their Steam Achievements can breathe a sigh of relief! Just log in to your Amazing World account and your previously completed Achievements should update in your Steam client.

Happy Playing,

- The AW Team
Community Announcements - shaneybaney
Amazing World’s most recent release brings the spookiest of seasons to Spring Bay!

GOOSEBUMP is a brand new, bone-chilling Zing! Any new or current Member who logs in to the game during the month of October will receive a FREE Goosebump Zing in their account on October 25th! Just in time to haunt your friends on Halloween!

There are a ton of Collection items this Halloween! Collect costume items by playing new Halloween themed Team Plays, Trick or Treating at the Zings’ Jack-O’-Lanterns, and spinning Karma’s Wheel!

Check out the Collections menu in Amazing World to see what combination of costume pieces will award incredible new items. A Viking’s Beachstormer Boat, a Jurassic Hood, a Sea Monster Window, and a Monstrous Mattress are the awesome collectable items that are new to Amazing World.

To achieve these amazing collections, you’ll be playing your way through a brand new Team Play: Bumper Ghosts! There have also been some spooky revisions to your most loved Team Play events. Groggy is sporting something cool, you can catch Skeletuna in the Wetlands, and even the Nix are having a festive dress up!

Faster Fun! We’ve removed the “Devine Design” Level 20 Goal dependency for the “New Carpenter” and “Celebrity Spotted” Goals! The New Carpenter goal is now unlocked at Level 10. The Celebrity Spotted goal is now unlocked at Level 18.

General stability and connectivity improvements have been done across Amazing World.

You can now play mini-games in the Home Zone!
Community Announcements - shaneybaney
We’re happy to announce Amazing World’s latest update today! We’ve added some fun new content, polished a few features, and fixed some bugs in this round of updates.

New Gold Collection: Purchase Rasla, Loki and Toonya to receive a free Chilly Zing! If you’ve already collected Rasla, Loki and Toonya, visit the collection section of ‘My Journal’ in-game to redeem Chilly!

New Karma’s Wheel Items: Head over to Karma to see what’s been added!

Some of our early goals have been updated so they can now be completed by non-members.

Players can now include numbers when creating their usernames.

Polished UI elements and improved error messages to add clarity.

Bug Fixes:
Bloom’s Yard: Some players were getting stuck in the video portion just before being awarded Bloom’s Yard.

Disconnection issues: a fix has been made to reduce disconnections and improve messaging when disconnections do occur.

Text-field entry: Entering text into registration fields is now easier and more intuitive.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for our next release. It will include a bunch of Halloween events that are bound to both trick and treat you and your Zing!

- The Amazing World Team
Product Release - Valve
Amazing World™ is Now Available on Steam!

Welcome to Amazing World! An open-world, multiplayer extravaganza created by the makers of Webkinz. Play for free or become a member for just $3.99 a month to unlock extra characters, features, and content. The loveable Zings need your help to defeat the evil Queen Vexa so join the adventure today!

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