Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Fans,

There has been some confusion over this game whether this game is a CE version of the game or not. This game is the CE version of the game. The strategy guide is at the bottom right of the games interface. There are wallpapers too that you can set. To access these wallpapers, Go to your Steam directory under Steamapps > Common- House of 1000 Doors Family Secrets > Dataloc > Wallpapers.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Yes - You heard me correctly! We have drastically reduced the price, just in time for Halloween. Get this spookishly and ghoulishly fantastic bundle for only $8.99 Until November 3rd. Thats a huge discount versus the individual game price, so don't be tricked , treat yourself to some HOG Fun!
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
We now offer a bundle of games. By buying in this pack you save money!

Here are the games in the bundle:

Includes 8 items: Shadows: Price For Our Sins Bonus Edition, Alex Hunter - Lord of the Mind Platinum Edition, House of 1,000 Doors - Family Secrets, Nearwood - Collector's Edition, Castle: Never Judge a Book by its Cover, Small Town Terrors Pilgrim's Hook Collector's Edition, House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector's Edition, Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome Collector's Edition

The link for purchase is on the store page for this game. By buying at once , you save money on each game!

The sale is $47.99 until September 23rd.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Players,

Thank you so much for your patience while we solved the issue of the cards not dropping. This function is now fully operational and ready for your collecting!
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
We have had a couple of people come forward saying that the trading cards are not showing up - and or are not working. We would like people affected by this bug to post on the forum sticky and give as many details as possible about this issue if you are encountering it so I can forward this to QA and if found to be defective , we would like to make sure this works as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for buying our games and we look forward to helping you always.

Jason Carver
Community Support at Encore and Viva Media
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Gamers,

We understand the need for bonus content - So now we have included trading cards for this game. The Steam store page for this game has been updated to reflect this change.
Community Announcements - jneelmort
Good news for Mac users: The first game in this popular series is now available for you on Steam!

When the dead cannot find release, the House of 1000 Doors serves as a portal that allows the living to help them. But although the House appears at locations around the world, it doesn't let just anyone in. To step beyond its threshold, a person must be able to communicate with spirits...solve the mystery now!
Product Release - Valve
House of 1,000 Doors - Family Secrets is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

What secrets do these souls share with Kate Reed, a struggling writer hoping to recapture her past success? These lost souls cannot move on. To save them, you must guide Kate between these mind-bending worlds as you explore the House of 1000 Doors.

*Offer ends April 14 at 10AM Pacific Time

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