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Aerena - Clash of Champions - The Turn Based Arena Combat Game

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Community Announcements - loquee

New features:

- NEW GAME MODE: Unranked matches! Not feeling particularly competitive right now? No problem, play a relaxed unranked match without fear for your precious league points. Perfect for experimenting with new tactics!

- NEW CHAMPION: The first supporter class champion: Sharina - a Children of God healer. Has been designed and created together with the community

- NEW ARENA: Introducing the Air Pirates Arena! On the map Mid-Ships it is difficult to rush your opponent and a good layout to be deceptive.

- The arenas have an audience now! After all, the Clash of Champions is the most popular Sport in Ærena's alternate 1955

- Crank, Mary, Aurora and Bug got smoother quicker animations. Overall game speed and flow benefits from this too!

- The animation framework has been reworked to allow improved Champion animations

- Level cap increased to 80, while each level will require less XP.

- Achievement rewards received an update: more difficult achievements earn you more Shillings

- Added achievement for 500/1000/1500 won league matches each worth 300 shillings

- Added achievement for 500/1000/1500 played league matches each worth 300 shillings

- Changed turn times in AI matches:
- Valerian I: 60 seconds time to complete your turn
- Valerian II: 45 seconds time to complete your turn
- Valerian III, IV, V and IV: 30 seconds time to complete your turn

- Cool achievements for getting achievements: If any of these are shown as complete but do not complete please log out and in again and everything should sort itself out.


- Luna's base attack now does 3 damage instead of 2-3
- Corporal Ultimate Skill's damage was increased to 4 up from 3-4
- Hitpoints of Beast, Skybucket and Bombshell was decreased to 14 down from 15
- Cost for Aether Discharge Shell has been increased to 9 up from 8
- Buying a character for Aethercoins from the dismissal screen should no longer lead to the game being stuck in a transaction in progress screen
- Group Healing no longer heals the ship
- Description of Group Healing has been adjusted to reflect that
- Base, medium and Master Aether Coin package pictures now show correct amount of items that can be bought for the given amount
- Shell generation is more random again
- Items gained by gaining an achievement are now correctly persisted on the server and should no longer get lost
- the profile screen is now disabled when the level-up screen appears
- Fixed an issue were spawning a champion could be skipped
- Target "friendly" markers icon in the description windows are now green instead of blue
- Sound for opening dialogues has been shortened to fit the new animations
- Fixed wrongfully displayed price tags on free master images.
- Fixed that Corporal's basic attack triggered a 'being hit' animation twice on the opposite Champion
- Active character marker correctly shown over spawning champions now
Tutorial changes
- Reworked unlock text for Metropol and shell generator
- Removed match against Lilly prior to joining "The Games"
- Fixed a camera bug in main menu on Android
- Fixed a typo in Baron's character sheet.
- Fixed some typos in description texts
- Enhanced interactive button perception by animating them on button down.
- Fixed an issue with the display of the ranking list.
- Texture of Dearborn Heights arena no longer blurry
- Bombshell no longer has an ID decal on hull
- Fixed that only one achievement is shown and some are hidden behind the others when several achievements are unlocked simultaneously.
- Fixed the display of the shell amount when down to zero
- Other Champions are correctly pushed back if the Butcher's Ultimate is used on a ship and they are within the skill area
- Fixed a bug that sometimes lead to a player's spawn turn being skipped
- Characters now have only a real shadow on PC and OSX
- The "enter a name" prompt will now appear prior to joining "The Games" instead of during the tutorial missions
- Amount of logins needed for the following achievements have been increased:
Welcome back increased to 3 up from 2
- "Sticking around" increased to 7 up from 5
- The shadows of several dialogue boxes have been adjusted
- Preview picture for the Gate of Lost Angels arena shows correct arena desing now
- Chat shows correct amount of users immediately after logging in
- Steam Client will throw an error message now if login fails due to missing VCRedist
- getting hit by Butcher attack animations are played slower now
- Amount of AetherCoins given to new players increased to 125 up from 25
- Fixed an issue, which lead to an error if a player used characters from the Fan Pack DLC in the tutorial AI match
- Searching for match element now always changes states between "match found" and "looking for opponent" correctly
- Fragments of the main menu are not visible anymore in any loadout after opening the master profile
- Changed the name of Earthing Shells to be consistent with the others.
- Rewards for matches have been changed:
- Winning Ranked matches awards 150XP and losing awards 100XP
- Winning unranked matches awards 75XP and losing awards 50XP
- If a player wins due to the opponent dropping out he gets the usual awards for winning
- Losing due to drop out carries the usual penalties to LP with it
- Here the rewards for certain actions in ranked matches in detail
Community Announcements - loquee
Get the template here, create a funny Steelfist Crank Skin Sketch and enter the contest! Best 3 get 250 Æthercoins, top 10 most popular in artwork section 100 Coins and every participant gets a few nice Shells!

+ a few special prizes!

Rules and details:
Community Announcements - loquee
The Ærena Devs will play from 8pm until 11pm CEST tomorrow and if you beat one you'll earn an ingme prize! Same goes for having a twitch stream with 10+ viewers while playing against one of us! Bonus for beating a Devs while streaming!

We will release a full list of the participating Devs, but besides Michelbert, Mental, Columba Palumbus and Primetide there will also be less lethal opponents like me ːbeatmeatː

You might also meet some Devs who you probably didn`t know already and we will chat about Ærena's development past and future!

We will also spend the "buy the developers a beer" DLC money, so who knows what other crazy things we might think of during that.
Product Release - Valve
Aerena - Clash of Champions is Now Available on Steam!

ÆRENA is a tactical, hero-centric combat game with a unique Ætherpunk setting. Command formidable Champions, employ powerful Æther Shells and challenge your brain - not your fingers - in strategic, turn-based yet fast paced combat. It's like speed chess meets LoL or DotA. With Æther!
May 1, 2014
Community Announcements - loquee
From now on you can get trading cards in Ærena!

All transactions with your steam wallet will drop Trading Cards upon a certain amount.
Happy Badgde crafting!
Apr 30, 2014
Community Announcements - loquee
New Features:
  • New Children of God Ærena
  • New character Luna:
    -Basic attack: Melee attack deals 2-3 damage
    -Super attack: Teleports onto a tile within three range
    -Ultra attack: Teleports onto a tile within three range and deals 2 damage everyone within melee range
  • Sound options
  • New default master image
  • Worldmap is now animated with clouds and ships moving around.
  • Problems with disconnected clients that got other players stuck are now handled by a new [Reconnect] feature.
  • Rewards for Founder's Pack, Deluxe Pack and PAX pack are given on login after activation
  • Semi-random, semi-hidden challenge, which will allow unlocking of a new ship upon completion
  • Beta season will end on 04/05/14 10:00 UTC
  • The first season will run from 04/05/14 10:01 UTC till 01/07/14 11:00 UTC
  • Hard Æther coins shop is active on Steam
  • Tons of new shells:

  • The shell-purchase step in the tutorial was removed
  • The second match against Lilly has been removed from the tutorial
  • Inventory items are now correctly aligned in the shop and the loadout screens
  • Matches that end while there is no active season will no longer cause the players to get stuck
  • Early bird master image only available to player who bought either the founder's or the deluxe pack prior to the game going F2P
  • Fixed that users are stuck in tutorial when buying the shell package if they lose connection at the same time.
  • Shells are no longer awarded at the end of matches
  • Fixed that users with a poor connection get stuck in tutorial mission 1.
  • Changed description of Æther Coin Packages in Steam purchase dialog.
  • Fixed a typo in Mary's info screen
  • Shilling prices are now coloured white on light blue (if available) or red on orange (if not available)
  • Aether coin prices are always coloured white on green
  • Detail view and information screens of shells no longer show the -99% badge
  • Chaos is a common shell now
  • Backdoor is a rare shell now
  • Teleport is a common shell now
  • Players are no longer ranked as Aethermaster once a new season begins
  • Full Comeback was renamed to Comeback
  • Bloody Mary's limp has been fixed
  • Shell generator shell generation time decreased to 2 hours down from 3
  • All Play league match and Win League match achievement decreased to 50 shillings down from 300
  • Dearborn Heights has correct preview picture now
  • Sparrow is now unlocked with level 7 instead of 21
  • Arc is now unlocked with level 9 instead of 27
  • Packer is now unlocked with level 12 instead of 15
  • Players' rank is correctly shown at the start of a new season now
  • Radar is not red or green anymore if matchmaking starts again after counter was lower then 10.
  • Worldmap not visible anymore before the first tutorial comic starts.
Product Release - Valve
AERENA: PAX Pack, all new content for Aerena - Clash of Champions is Now Available on Steam!

Special DLC for our PAX booth visitors

Community Announcements - loquee
join us at http://www.twitch.tv/punasaurusrex
Community Announcements - loquee
We patched the game today and wiped the Database.
That means a fresh start for everybody!!

Hve a look at what is new and improved!

New Features:

-The first part of our brand new single player campaign, starting with a nifty tutorial and introducing new captains, which the player will face
-An extensive Tutorial explaining the ins and outs
-Yet another new ship: The Arc, the ESS's latest invention
-A new season starting!
-More achievements, more badges, more fun!
-Parts of the match UI have been redone: new health and aether bars for champions and ships
-Captain shell activation animations have been added


-All intro sequences have been redone
-Current XP and needed XP for next level are now shown again in the player bar
-Cut off texts in loading screens are now wholly visible again
-Fixed a typo in Corporal's info screen
-It is not possible anymore to load out more shells of a type than you possess
-Adjusted the light settings for the Arenas
-Fixed an issue that could cause accidental multiple purchases in the shop
-League Points lost are now correctly shown with a minus before the number
-Champions and ships are now correctly highlighted when in effect area of an attack
-Fixed a special case with Corporal's super that dealt damage when it shouldn't
-Renamed a button in loadout screen when searching for match is active
-Announcer now announces the match and the spawned champions correctly
-Fixed some UI elements which had the wrong color
-Fixed several issues with the corporal's super
-Fixed an issue that could cause the shop to display an item as purchaseable despite the fact that the player doesn't have enough Shillings to buy it
-Healing Effects can't save a character that has reached 0 HP anymore.
- The Butcher's Ultrimate and the Corporal's Super can now be used against the opponent's ship.
-Already bought champions don't show a discount tag anymore
-If players in the Aether Master Tier earn more than 99 LP the amount will be shown correctly now.
-Switching between one active shell (or skill) and another one will now play the correct animation in the skill- (or shell-)button
-The achievements for logging in frequently now have a progress display in the master profile
-Buttons in confirmation dialogues no longer drift apart on higher resolutions
-Health markers are no longer shown in front of the player names
-Ship health markers no longer vanish if they go offscreen when the ship shakes
Community Announcements - loquee
Everybody who reaches PLATINUM or higher before the wipe, will receive an additional steam key if they claim it with a screenshot of the leaderboard by mail to aerena-support@cliffhanger-productions.com
(I will answer with the keys after the wipe)
Good luck!

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