Community Announcements - Wieprzu / krmfpc
As in title. There is new update on beta for windows. Due to some problems with engine crashes we are going to post new update for OSX and Linux next week.
Thank you for your support once again. We are doing our best and realy appreciate your help.
Best regards
Community Announcements - Wieprzu / krmfpc
There are new builds for HM for every platform. There are still known bugs on old cards or AMD/Radeon cards (DOF and light issue). We hope that new save system (for both episodes) is going to work for good from now. Major fixes are done for second episode. Ep1 still have to wait a little. Thank you once again for patience and have a nice time with a game.


Before play erase all game files (especialy saves) and install fresh game. It should spare you some strange behaviors.

Best Regards
Community Announcements - Wieprzu / krmfpc
Hello mates.
There is new update on beta branch. We will be thankfull for any feedback before setting those builds to default branch. Especially about save game.
Before switch delete all game files and download again. Old save games are not going to work.

-new save system for all platforms (win, osx, lin,)
-dlc working on all platforms (at least on our machines ;) )
-skip first cut scene in ep 1 and dlc

Once again. Old saves can not be loaded. If this system is going to work we will set this to default branch and leave save system for good to make sure you can finaly play and save.
Community Announcements - Wieprzu / krmfpc
Here comes another update.
- new save system
- Charlies eyes are fine
- some optimizations
- minor changes

Possible minor known bugs :
- DOF bug on windows (blurred screen after first dialog - disable dof in graphic options)
- Strange light on windows (if appear more frequent will be fixed in next update)

Thank you for your support and patience.
Community Announcements - Wieprzu / krmfpc
If you would like to test a new save system and solution for dlc problem on OSX you can set the open_beta branch for your app. There are fresh builds. Those builds are going to delete your old save games so make sure to backup them.
If launch problem occurs on OSX get rid of settings.txt in your app before launch. This should do the trick.
Remember. This is beta branch and you are switching to it just for test or when you have nothing to lose . Windows users should not switch to betas for now.

Best regards
Feb 1, 2014
Community Announcements - Wieprzu / krmfpc
Hello everybody.
After terrible marathon of work we are finaly able to set DLC and new update live. We are realy tired so let this announcement be quick. There are some facts we want to tell you:

- Ep 1 is updated. We have done some optimizations.(Jack does not look normaly but we are going to fix this - he is not so bad now anyway ;) )

- DLC Welcome Home is available for download for Windows and OSX

- IF YOU ARE OSX USER there is something you should check. It is for base game and dlc as well (one client ;)). Run the app normaly. Try to change graphic options and apply them. Quit the app. Relaunch and try to change resolution one more time. If it will be impossible then try this. Find game local files. Reveal content of . Find settings.txt and delete it. Then launch the app from a folder. Not from Steam library. Then try the trick with resolution from the begining one more time. If in second launch you will be able to change the resolution you are free to go. There is some kind of bug we have to debug on OSX. Problem is: IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET YOUR GRAPHIC SETTING WRITE CORRECTLY BY THIS TRICK, YOUR SAVE GAMES ARE NOT GOING TO WORK. Pity but true.

-IF YOU ARE LINUX USER and you realy want to check this game. Switch the branch of the game to public_beta. There is new build there. Made for 32bit os. For now there is not possible to save your graphics options and write your save game (actualy it is but you will not be able to load it and even if you do, the results are not going to be nice). For correct working you will have to delete settings.txt before every session. Save game is useless. But we finaly managed to run steam plugin. I assume that as a linux user you are aware of dependencies like (you can find it in game folder if you would need it) and all i386 standard libs for amd64 systems.

- SAVE GAMES ARE ONLY LOCAL NOW no steam cloud untill we fix all save game issues.

-IF YOU ARE NEW OR OLD USER and want to know what is going to happen next. We are going to put updates at least once a week. We are going to work harder and harder to fix as much bugs as we can (i doubt that we could fix all of that, that you will find, you are realy good in finding bugs :P ) and soon we will start work on next episode.
Thank you once again for all kind words.
Have a nice day/night and a lot of fun with games.

Im going to sleep. After that i am obligated to contact with those who won the game codes for EP2. You can make it easier by contacting me first ;) -krmfpc

Best Regards
Tired PDT
Jan 31, 2014
Community Announcements - Wieprzu / krmfpc
Hello those who are still waiting. We want to apologize for a small delay. We are still working on new builds. Soon second episode will be available but for now we have to ask you for more patience. With new episode comes update for first one. We are sorry for that but we realy need those couple of hours. We are doing our best to set it live as soon as possible. The worst scenario is that the ep2 will be live tommorow.

Sorry for my english but i am tired and realy busy ;) - krmfpc

Best regards
Product Release - Valve
Haunted Memories Ep02: Welcome Home, all new content for Haunted Memories is Now Available on Steam!

My name is Jack. I do not know my real surname. Tween is the one which i was given. Probably not by my parents. It is said that everyone has his own story to tell. But this is just a half true. We are so concentrated on ourselves that we forget about the other stories. Those that has been written from a wider perspective. Where our story takes just one act. Where we play just one role. Sometimes not major one. In real life every story is connected to another and you can not say that one is more important |than the other. I have played my role as good as i could but i know that without some other actors i would have never wrote this note. I will try to tell you my story and i will use all my empathy to make sure that you know, my story here is not the most important one.
Maybe we should start here. At old manor. Some people call it devil house or doll house. You could call it as you like later. For now let it be just an old manor.

Welcome to old manor. This is new episode of Haunted Memories. You could find here:
  • - complete new content (graphics, music, story)
  • - more story oriented game play
  • - larger map with a several locations (manor, cementary, manor undergrounds with dark past)
  • - new puzzles to solve
  • - some answers and some questions which could be answered in next episodes or you will have to answer by yourself

Community Announcements - ParanormalDev
Hello there!

These are our first picks:

Praise The Sun
Irrational Touching
\gB/ Jpkurihara
Law Abiding Engineer

Congratulations! We will contact all of you after each release with promocode to download fresh DLC for free. People mentioned above will get all episodes, what means that we will contact you at least five times :)

Soon we will announce Part 2 (first two episodes for free) and Part 3(first episode for free) of our picks so still... stay tuned :)

All best,
Jan 5, 2014
Community Announcements - ParanormalDev
Hi there!

Just want to say that now you are able to prepurhase second episode of Haunted Memories (as well as play first one for free - this will never change :)). If you want to support us before release of Ep02 - go right here:

and get your copy!

By the way - this evening we will announce testers that will get free access to all episodes... so stay tuned!

All best,

PS - thanks to all of you that already own Ep02 :*

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