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Community Announcements - Rook Fell

Hello Opulencians,

With the Hero Draft in full swing, lots of you are currently experimenting and training their Knight to a satisfactory level of awesomeness. Not that it should require too much work, but we thought we could try and give you a little hand in the process: how would more Gold, Life Force and Experience sound? How about we actually double these values for a little while?

Opulencia's first Triple Double begins this Saturday at 12pm EDT and will end on Sunday, 6PM EDT. During that time frame, the Gold, Life Force and Experience you get from defeating Creatures in other people's Castles and the Gold and Life Force that your Mines produce will be doubled! Bling Mines will not produce more for the owners or pay out more Blings when destroyed by Attackers. During this event, the in-game Experience, Gold and Life Force boosts cannot be used.

Now sounds like a good time to get that Sir Painhammer to its Level 15, doesn't it? How about reworking your Castle's east wing too? No worries, we won't judge.

Good luck to all and enjoy, Opulencians!
Community Announcements - Rook Fell
More and more rumors about DEFENSE CRAFTING are starting to float around. The Heroes are even more eager to increase their strength before facing new Defense strategies made from new Creatures and Traps.

This week, it's Sir Painhammer!

Starting today at 12PM EDT and until July 28th at 11:59pm EDT, the Knight Sir Painhammer will be unlocked for all players for free with his progression reset for those who did not already have him permanently unlocked.


  • Reach level 5: 50 Blings discount on the Knight
  • Reach level 10: 150 Blings discount on the Knight
  • Reach level 12: 350 Blings discount on the Knight
  • Reach level 15: 650 Blings discount on the Knight + exclusive level 15 Knight Epic Weapon

These objectives are for both old and new players alike, as long as you cross the different thresholds with your Knight during the event!

If you have already purchased the Knight but are under level 15, you cannot get the discounts but you can get the Epic weapon if you reach level 15 during the event.

The Collective Goal this week is 175,175 successful Castle Attacks with the Knight. He definitely wants to show Bowgart he gets more love!

If that goal is reached, all participants will get the Knight's Cuteness Overload Costume for free! How lovely!

The rewards (Epic weapon & costume) will be sent to those who fulfill the objectives a couple of days after the end of the competition.

As a reminder, the Earl will be available to play entirely for free next week. The week after that, the Runaway will be unlocked.
Community Announcements - Rook Fell
Greetings Opulencians,

Here are the changes that were brought to you in today's patch:

Castle Validation
Let others do the work for you by offering the community a reward to Validate your defenses! Buy a Validation Ticket for 99 Blings to have your castle Validated by other players.
  • Your Validation Ticket will expire in 24 hours. You'll be refunded if nobody successfully Validates your castle.
  • Validation Tickets cannot be canceled. The Castle will stay up for community Validation for the next 24 hours after the purchase of a Validation Ticket.
  • Targeted Attacks will take place in the previously published version of the Castle. It is not possible to Validate another player's Castle through a Targeted Attack.
  • The first successful Attack will set the time to beat for the Castle.
  • The first Attacker to Validate the other player's Castle will receive 10 Blings.
  • Normal Castle Validation rules apply for the Attackers: the level and equipment is adjusted to match the Castle being attacked, infinite health potions are available but Experience, Gold, Life Force and loot cannot be gained during a Validation attack.
  • Each zone will display only 1 unvalidated Castle, if there is one such available in that Castle level range. You can Refresh the zone in order to try and find an unvalidated Castle.

Upgrading Units
You can now upgrade the buildings in your castle with Blings, with the exception of the Research Lab, for which we have some special plans in the next patch (rumors among the Snotters is that it's tied to the mythical Defense Crafting).

Crafting and Forging
  • The Forge will now always produce an item usable by the hero selected at the time when you Craft or Reforge.
  • Crafting or Reforging Legendary or Epic items with Gold will now take a couple of real world hours or can be accelerated with Blings.
    • Legendary: 2 hours or 50 Blings
    • Epic: 4 hours or 100 Blings

    • Legendary: 30 minutes or 15 Blings
    • Epic: 2 hours or 50 Blings

  • The Forge costs in Blings for Legendary and Epic items have been increased and will instantly produce the item.
    • Legendary: 60 Blings
    • Epic: 120 Blings

    • Legendary: 60 Blings
    • Epic: 120 Blings

  • New visual effects make it easier to notice when a Hero or Creature is taking damage from one of the following traps: Corrosion Mine, Rotating Cannon, Ballistic Cannon, Spike Trap, Fire Mine.
  • The mines in your castle will now look totally ruined after a successful attack on them. You'd better invest more effort in your defense or your Creatures will complain to the housing board that you are a bad landlord…
Community Announcements - Rook Fell

Opulencia's Hero Draft!

A big change is coming in Opulencia. Several of the most reliable sources of information in the kingdom seem to agree that DEFENSE CRAFTING could soon be revealed... Some even say it could happen in only a few short weeks...!?

True or not, this isn't a rumor to take lightly, Opulencians. Defenses are about to become much more diverse and elaborate than before, and you have to be ready! ... Or at least your Heroes need to be.

Hence why we are officially launching Opulencia's first ever HERO DRAFT*!

*Well, this is Opulencia's version of a draft.

Painhammer, Blackeye, the Earl and the Runaway have come to an agreement: they will allow you all to play one of them entirely for free, every week for the next 4 weeks. If you play them correctly and train them enough, they will consent to cut off a huge chunk on their Heroes' fees, plus some exclusive EPIC LOOT, just for you!

Every week we will reveal a set of 4 conditions to fulfill to get the rewards. These conditions have to be attained individually, but it doesn't stop there: every week, there will also be a Collective Goal to reach to unlock even more exclusive content for all participants!

The rebates will be applied instantaneously to the price in Blings of the concerned Hero, and progression can be checked by clicking on the Hero's icon. The rewards (such as the Epic Loot or the Exclusive Costumes) will be distributed once the week is over.


Blackeye goes first!

Starting today at 12PM EDT and until July 22 at 11.59PM EDT, the Archer Blackeye Bowgart will be unlocked for all players for free with his progression reset for those that did not have him permanently unlocked.

The following conditions will need to be fullfilled to unlock the following rewards:

Condition 1: Reach level 5: 50 Blings rebate on the Archer
Condition 2: Reach level 10: 150 Blings rebate on the Archer
Condition 3: Reach level 12: 350 Blings rebate on the Archer
Condition 4: Reach level 15: 650 Blings rebate on the Archer + Exclusive level 15 Archer Epic Weapon

These can be attained by both old and new players alike, as long as you cross the different thresholds with your Archer during the event!

The Collective Goal to reach this week is 100,001 successful Castle Attacks with the Archer. If that goal is reached, all participants will get the Archer's Darkness Costume! Brrrr, spooky.

Oh, and that extra 1 in "100,001 successful Castle Attacks" is not a typo. We will keep a close eye on it.

Keep an eye on the news, for more info and animations around the event will regularly be posted!

Good luck to you all, Opulencians!
Community Announcements - Rook Fell
Greetings Opulencians,

We made the following changes to The Mighty for Epic Loot during today's maintenance:
  • It is now easier to notice what items drop on the ground during an attack thanks to the new visual effects that highlight their quality. So sparkly!
  • Costume Capes with the flags of Canada, USA and France are now available in Cornelius' Emporium for 100 Blings each.
  • Player castles now appear in the first region of the game, bringing new Heroes sooner into the competitive scene.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when you were looking through other players' profiles and clicked on various context menus.
  • Phosphorus has retired from the glamorous life of picking up loot off the ground and is no longer available in Cornelius' Emporium.
  • He is… he is… NO, NO, NO, NOTORIOUS! Yo, check it, Notorious S.Q.U.I.D., one of the most pimpin' Pets to ever roll through Opulencia, will soon be added to your inventory if you've participated in The Great Bling Rush, and will be avalaible in Cornelius' Emporium for anybody else that may want it.
Community Announcements - Rook Fell
Well looky here. Y'all really got it done. Showcased your rootin'-tootin' Lootin' skills. Did a bang up job with all that mining. What we're trying to say here is - Congratulations! You reached our 50,000 Bling Goal! Yeehaw!

Now you'll soon be able to ride off into the sunset with your newest trusty sidekick at your side, Notorious S.Q.U.I.D.! Congratulations again on your rip-roaring success!


The Bling-O-Meter has been updated and it seems like you've been hard at work! Keep the Blings flowing, loot all the mines! Remember, every participant shall receive a Notorious S.Q.U.I.D if the goal of 50.000 Blings looted or harvested is met!


Greetings Opulencians!

Like you all, I too am a nostalgic of the Great Bling Rushes of '48 and '56. I mean, what's not to like about people risking absolutely everything for just a little bit more wealth, am I right!?

Well, to recreate some of the folly of those days long gone, I thought of a little competition for you all!

For every Bling that is either harvested from the Mines in your own Castle or looted from another player's Mine, the Bling-O-Meter™ will gain 1 point. Reach the objective of 50,000 points to unlock the fabulous Notorious S.Q.U.I.D. pet for all the participating prospectors!

Hurry because the contest will end on July 16th at 12:00 EDT!

May the Blings flow, my dear Opulencians. Good luck to all!
Jul 10, 2014
Community Announcements - Rook Fell

Howdy, Opulencians!

Cornelius here with some incredible news to share with y'all!

As I was strolling by an abandonned Castle the other day, I noticed a faint green glow emanating from its basement. After bravely facing the two empty spider nests on the way, I discovered something we all thought was long gone: a huge, unspoiled Bling vein!

Riches beyond comprehension! Fortune for all! Well, at least for me, 'cause I was awesome enough to stumble upon this out of pure luck!

Now, you know me, Opulencians. I am not one to back away from infinite wealth, but I do tend to tire easily. I'm a business man after all, and mining all these Blings myself would take me years, if not more! So I thought I could let you in on the opportunity.

Starting now and [b[for a limited time only[/b], you will be able to purchase up to two Bling Mines to put in your Castle. They will produce 1 Bling per hour for you forever but only up to their maximum storage capacity of 25 Blings, so be sure to collect them regularly! I only ask the very fair price of 750 Blings each. Sounds like a good proposition? Go get them in the Architect's Office, under the Machineries Tab.

You'd better hurry too, because I am not exactly sure when the vein will run out…

And since this is Opulencia, everything is up for grabs if not defended properly. Any player will be able to loot these very Bling Mines from other people's Castles. Every loaded, unshielded Bling Mine that is destroyed will reward the attacker with 1 Bling when he finishes the Castle. A magical shield will then protect the Mine owner's interests for the next 24 hours!

And, who knows? If the Bling fever takes hold of the kingdom, there might be some rewards for the participants...

Get to it, Opulencians! Being rich has never felt so good.
Community Announcements - Rook Fell
Greetings Opulencians,

We had a small maintenance this morning to fix the following issues introduced in yesterday's patch:
  • Fixed the issue where Dr. Skull would heal barricades.
  • Fixed an issue where the Welcome page was not displayed correctly for several users.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Get more Blings" button would not redirect players properly.
Community Announcements - Errok22

Greetings Opulencians,

Here are the changes brought to the game by our latest patch:


Several skills in the game have been updated as part of our ongoing balancing . The biggest change is to the healing component of certain skills, which has been replaced with another defensive ability. Read on for more details about the changes to skills.

- Healing Strike:
- The healing effect has been removed.
- Now creates a shield that absorbs damage, lasting up to 8 seconds.
- The skill is now named Shielding Strike.

- Jab:
- Cooldown reduced to 0.2 seconds.
- Mana cost increased to 8.

- Punt:
- Changed the aiming mechanic of this skill so that it works in whatever direction the mouse cursor is facing, rather than automatically targeting the closest enemy. This lets you have more control over how you use Punt.

- Death Bolt:
- Now creates a shield that absorbs damage for up to 4 seconds and weakens the attacks of the targeted creature.

- Death Grip:
- The healing effect has been removed.
- Now increases your Armor by +5% per affected Creature up to 200% total.
- The armor buff disperses when you stop casting the spell.
- Increased the cooldown to 7 seconds.

- Fireball:
- The time between casting the spell and the impact of the projectile has been reduced. The area of effect is the same across all the levels of the skill. Both impact damage and damage over time affect the same area.

Staying on the topic of balancing, here are the changes to the Creatures:

Bad Dog:
- Improved the creature's harassing capabilities
- Added 30% Snare Resistance.
- Movement speed increased from 4 to 5.5 meters per second.
- Easier navigation when in large groups (seems legit, it's a pack creature!).
- New quicker attack.

- New “Howl” Buff
- Increases the movement speed for every creature in a 5 meter radius for 5 seconds by 30%.
- Buff Cooldown: 10 seconds

- New health values:

- Improved the creature's ability to harass the attacker
- Added 30% Snare Resistance
- Easier navigation in large groups
- New quicker attack

- New “Howl” Buff
- Increases the movement speed of every creature in a 5 meter radius for 5 seconds by 30%
- Increases the snare resistance of every creature in a 5 meter Radius for 5 seconds (except for Bad Dog and Bad Dog Elite) by +60%
- Buff Cooldown: 10 seconds

- New health values:

Crowns system

- We've made changes to how often the same attacker gives crowns to the defender. As a defender, you will now gain crowns by beating the same attacker once per 24 hour period, up from 15 minutes. This addresses an exploit where some players would let themselves die intentionally in a castle to boost that player's crowns.

- Fixed a bug that caused defenders to win Crowns from much higher level attackers who died in their castle even though the big difference in the number of Crowns between the attacker and the defender should result in no Crowns gained/lost on either side.


Destructible barricades can be placed to hinder an attacker's passage in your castle and provide some temporary cover for your creatures. You can find barricades in the Architect's Office. More barricades will be coming soon, including a 1x3 crate variant available in either gold or blings.

Other changes and novelties

Marleybone has started a career as a designer and is proud to present you his creations: a new theme for your castle, a fetching hat and new Voodoo Doll pets!

Cornelius has reorganized his store counters to make it easier for his customers to find the Castle Themes, Costumes and Pets that they desire. Visit his shop by clicking on the button in the upper left corner of the screen.

Reduced the occurrence of a bug that caused animated loading icons to remain stuck on the screen.

Upgrading your Castle buildings is now easier: open the specific building's window by clicking on the menu icons in the center-top of the screen (or by using the F1 to F6 keys) then click on the up-arrow next to the X button of the building's interface that pops-up on the left side of the screen.

The Watch_Dogs and Chickenwalk castles in the Competition Zone have been demolished. I wonder what construction project will spring up in their place...
Community Announcements - Errok22
The judges had a hard time picking out one winner per class and after hours of heated debates, Chevalier-Noir-, Gaw, -:[NAION]:- and Keeperofthelight were chosen to receive an Ultimate Pack each. Here's some insight into the judging process:

This way to the video!


Chevalier-Noir- starts off our selection today with a wonderful Banishing Black ensemble. Touches of Ominous Orange and Madness Magenta remind us of burning embers, something the superb Lil Smokey Pet and burning Sword complement nicely. Dancing among his enemies while his Damage-Reflecting-Armors do the dirty work was an impressive show of confidence! Runner-up is Godefroilehardi with a chic combination of Gang Green armor and Watch Dogs Bandana.


Sir Painhammer warned us that choosing the most beautiful Archer would be difficult, but Gaw really went all the way. Actually, he went even further than all the way! Purple Special Edition Bat Brigade Hat, Watch Dogs Legendary Cape, a delightful mélange of Venturous Violet and Youthful Yellow armors, and the exquisitely paired Lil Arachbro to go with it. He even has the Double O Eagle to follow him around! Dhoinne came in close second by rocking the Pirate Hat and a Rockin’ Red Tunic set like no other.


-:[NAION]:- took everyone by surprise with an electric and eclectic Earl of Evilosity. Closely followed by his loyal Mr. Squiddlins, this Blurred-Blue-and-Ogre-Ochre version of the Earl really put on the show for our greatest pleasure. And we are still wondering where he got that silly but avant-garde hat! Master Shake was a strong runner-up, his Banishing Black-and-Youthful-Yellow costume being the best outfit to emphasize his remarkable set of Icy Crown and Wings and his Epic Weapon. And Bubble Tom adds the perfect finishing touch.


Finally, with Keeperofthelight the Runaway found herself the best stylist in Opulencia. Colors are flying everywhere in this fantastic apparel, and her paired Watch Dogs Axe - Baby Blue Pet is a touch we only expect from the most trendy Opulencian. Claudlorr also rocked our hearts and souls with a mix of Banishing Black, Madness Magenta and Turbulent Turquoise. The Tuxedo Nigel Pet was icing on a cake so good that it would make us not fit in our designer clothes anymore!

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