Jan 19, 2015
Community Announcements - TheWarTeam
Update 1.5b
Greetings community!

Update 1.5b is finally out and this is the feature list:

- Fixed occasionally occuring silent melee hits
- Improved client to server synchronization
- Fixed fine positioning sync issue
- Momentum and angle of impact tweaked to increase minimum damage
- Removed melee double hit exploit using feinting
- Fixed stamina drain bug when hitting dropped shields
- Fixed Pitched Battle mode tie break end condition server crash
- Shield on back only reduces damage and does not protect when knocked down
- Netcode optimizations

We've done a number of optimizations as well as addressing some issues of the switch to server side hit detection. Synchronization code between server and client has been optimized to allow for more accurate predictioning and hit detection, and this has also have had good effects on reducing the prediction warping.

Furthermore we've adressed a fine positioning issue (thanks IG Offen) where players standing still sometimes could differ up to 20cm in position sync.

Silent hits should be a lot less frequent with this patch. You may however still occasionally experience a slight delay to it sometimes that corresponds to your ping to the server.

Momentum and angle of impact has been tweaked to raise the minimum damage. A lot of players got the impression that the wide spread in damage made it feel a little inconsistent. You still need good timing & aim to maximize the damage though.

Another tweak that has been made with the o so useful shields, is that they no longer fully protect when hanging on the back. Damage is reduced to about half the original damage, and when you're knocked down they do not protect at all. These adjustments have been made primarily to discourage fighting with your back towards the enemy, and the latter to avoid the sometimes rediculous difficulty in finishing off a knocked down player with a shield on his/hers back.

We also have fixed the bug in Pitched Battle mode where the server sometimes would crash in the tiebreak end condition, which is an old issue originating back to the first beta version I've been told.

We hope you enjoy the game!

/Lead Dev
Jun 25, 2014
Community Announcements - GordonVanDyke
War of the Vikings
1.2b Patch Notes


We felt the sudden speed boost forward when the berserker enters frenzy was both jarring to the berserker himself and made the experience for his opponents trying to defend just too unpredictable, especially when high network latency is present. To combat this, we have decided to first and foremost lower the speed bonus given when in frenzy. We have been pleased with the berserkers ability to cover ground to reach his target and how this plays into the frenzy timer, so to offset the lowered movement speed in this regard we have decided to slightly nudge the amount of time the berserker has to get his kill. This also plays into giving the berserker some slight more breathing room and time to think when going frenzy which should hopefully reduce the amount of accidental team damage that occurs in these conditions simply out of desperation on the berserker's part.

- Forward speed bonus when in frenzy reduced to 15% from 20%
- Duration of frenzy increased to 12 seconds from 10 seconds.

- Added some collision to Ravine, Stronghold and Village to prevent exploits.
- Fixed client crash that could occur while loading a new level.
- Fixed client crash that could occur while disconnecting from a game.
- Fixed server crash that could occur if a player reached level 60.
- Made some minor CPU optimizations.
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo

Berserkers! Maps! New game mode! Faces! Blood! Odin be praised, it is here!

Check out the patch notes!

Yes! Good!

Servers are currently being updated, you will be able to play soon!

Talk to us if you have any issues, we listen!

The War of the Vikings Team



Product Release - Valve
War of the Vikings: Shieldmaiden, all new content for War of the Vikings is Now Available on Steam!

Enter the fray as fearsome Shieldmaiden!

Beat back your enemies from behind your shield, or simply beat them with the shield, staggering them and opening them for your next attack.

These two new special attacks bring new tactical depth, and and danger, to the battlefield.

Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings dear community!

We have been hard at work since launch and are now ready to bring you the first major update! This is a content & bugfix oriented patch that should solve some of the most common issues players are experiencing as well as add interesting new gameplay and customization options.

Most notably we have added the Shieldmaiden class; a new defensively oriented character that wields a fierce spear and shield combination.

The servers are currently being updated and should be live again during the late afternoon CEST (May 14th).

To discuss this update, please head over to the official thread on the forums.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Changelog - Patch 1.1

[New Content]
- New Map: Strand (TDM, PB)
- New Map: Northbound (CON, PB)
- New Heads: 3 Viking, 1 Saxon
- New Sword: Rune Sword
- New Shield: Snowflake Shield**
- New Shield: Gilded Snowflake Shield**
- New Helmet: Saxon Aide Helmet (Promotional exclusive)
- New Helmet: Viking Hird Helmet (Promotional exclusive)
- New Helmet: Herja**
- New Helmet: Brynhildr**
- New Helmet: Saxon Steel Helm**
- New Helmet: Aidith**
- New Beard: Tyler (Competition Winner)
- New Beard: Jenik (Competition Winner)
- New Spear: Shieldmaiden Spear**
- New Spear: Warriormaiden Spear**
- New Class: Shieldmaiden
- New Option: Historical Battlechatter
Front-Line Class

Stronger when using shields, Special Stance, Can use large Shields*

Allowed Weapon Types:
One Handed Swords
Throwing Weapons

*Larger shields reduce backward movement speed
**Only select-able in customization with Shieldmaiden DLC

- Added Vote Kick option when clicking on a player in Scoreboard
- Added progress bar to interactions
- Added text when a squadmate is bandaging you
- Added Admin Kick/Ban options when clicking on a player in Scoreboard if user is logged on to Rcon (/rcon <password> /login)
- Added new custom slots for Shieldmaiden DLC (1 free, 2 for owning the DLC)
- Added descriptions to weapon types (on mouse hover)
- Added descriptions to classes
- Reworked How to Play screen
- Moved Shield Paint Editor to top of loadout editor
- Reworked certain shield paints to avoid unintended design possibilities
- Added "Already Equipped" text to weapon categories already in use
- Added Server option to set spawn times based on game mode
- Developers now have Golden text in chat, and a few other secrets



There were no real drawbacks of choosing to play as a Warrior rather than a Skirmisher when using hunting bows. This is a problem as the Skirmisher is supposed to be the bow specialist. So, to be able to tone down the hybrid warrior build a bit while still retaining the potential of the hunting bow we effectively lowered the draw speed of the hunting bow for warriors. This was done by giving the Quick Blood perk a draw speed bonus and then lowering the draw speed of all bows to cancel this out for skirmishers. The stamina cost for firing the hunting bow has been rebalanced to take into account the lower speed for warriors and to make it interesting to the skirmisher.

- Decreased draw speed of all bows by 20%
- Added a 25% draw speed bonus to all bows to Skirmisher perk "Quick Blood"
- Increased hunting bow stamina consumption per shot to 31.25%, from 25%


Due to the two handed axe side swings having a built in charge time, the rest of the animation was playing way too fast resulting in where it to other players looked like the axe hadn't even swung before hitting. To address this, swing times for the side swings have been increased and the minimum charge up time has been slightly decreased to maintain overall balance. Dodge attacks where also swinging very fast and dealing damage very late in the animation. Dodge attack swing speeds and damage window have been toned down to remedy this.

- Decreased minimum charge time for side swings to 0.275, from 0.375
- Increased uncharged swing time for side swings to 0.45, from 0.40
- Increased charged swing time for side swings to 0.60, from 0.50
- Increased swing time for all dodge attacks to 0.55, from 0.47
- Reduced the duration where the dodge attacks deal damage by 5% off the end of the animation


The one handed axes were lacking a special trait like the swords' cleave, to make them more competetive they now do 10% extra stamina damage to shield blocks to reflect their historical signifigance in dealing with shields.

- gave one handed axes 10% extra stamina damage against shields.


To make repeated quick attacks slightly less viable and easier to defend against, attacks when the player is at very low stamina become slower. This will also reduce the rate of situations completely out of stamina and give added feedback to the player that his character is running out of stamina before it happens.

- All swing times increased at low stamina, up to 25% slower.
- All minimum charge times increased at low stamina, up to 50% slower.


Players were not receiving coins quite as fast as we have wanted, so this amount has been increased.

- Coin gains increased by 100%
- Increased coin gift amount to 5000, from 1000 coins. All founders club members have this redeemed and will get another 4000 coins from this.
- All current players receive a one time 10k coin bonus.

- Fixed an issue where the "Saxon Dogs!" and "Byrhtnoth" achievements weren't being properly unlocked
- Solved several issues where the server and/or client would momentarily freeze
- Fixed an issue where Ulfberht swords weren't dealing damage when thrown
- Fixed a crash which could occur when leaving the Loadout Editor
- Fixed a crash when using the /vote_kick text command without an ID
- Fixed a number of issues where the player character would attempt Godlike Ascension in odd locations
- Fixed a number of locations where characters could get stuck

The War of the Vikings Team
Product Release - Valve
War of the Vikings: Berserker King, all new content for War of the Vikings is Now Available on Steam!

A blade flashed. Hardacanut pawed at it, slapped against the flat but felt the edge bite his palm. He pivoted into the wielder, drove his sword up under a shield and cast the dying man down the ladder.

When Ivar the Boneless, heathen Viking king of Dublin, rampages through the petty kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, it's a chance for anybody with the courage to master their own fate.

Hardacanut the Berserker must prove himself worthy of Ivar's elite warband by carving a path to victory at the head of his own unruly band of warriors and freebooters. Young Ecbehrt of Bamburgh, a young English earl, yearns to escape the schemes of his king and flee into a wider world, but the Vikings are coming and war is in his blood.

Meanwhile, two ruthless women refuse to accept their place in what's supposed to be a "man's world". Princess Ymma, amateur witch, will do anything to become a queen. Lathgertha, king Ivar's axe-wielding sister, needs to take the head of a chieftain in battle in order to join the shieldmaiden Raven Sisters.

In the Dark Ages, anything is possible as long as you have a sword in your hand and warriors at your back…

Upon purchase, this book will be downloaded to the Steam folder on your computer in three formats: epub, mobi and PDF. To read the book on your mobile device, transfer the epub or mobi file to the device and open the file in your ebook reader app. Enjoy!

Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings dear Vikings (and Saxons)!

Today we are proud to bring you our release version of War of the Vikings. We have never done Early Access before, it has been a long and challenging process and ultimately it has had amazing results on the final game. This could not have happened without you, dearest players, and we will be forever grateful for all the assistance, feedback, testing, thoughts and efforts you have invested in this project. Thank you.

We will of course continue to support the game with new content, bugfixes, optimization and more.

Patch Notes: Version 1.0

Welcome to War of the Vikings 1.0!

- Added Map: Stronghold (PB, CQ)
- Added Map: Icefloe (Arena, TDM)
- Added Map: Ravine (CQ, PB, TDM)
- Added Map: Tide (Arena, TDM)
- Added Map: Ruins (Arena)
- Unlocked DLC Bonuses: Strategy Guide, Soundtrack, Artbook
- Increased XP Requirements for later ranks
- Updated Credits
- Removed Early Access icon(!)
- Reset all custom loadouts and shield paints
- Wiped progression*
All players above rank 10 have been reset to 10, all players below will keep their current rank. Coins have been reset (DLC Bonuses re-added)
- Added Video Setting: Extreme
- Tweaked overall Video Setting variables to better match expectations

- Fixed an issue with announcements not showing in Russian
- Fixed several server and client crashes

The War of the Vikings Team
Apr 4, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

Update 0.9.9 (wow, that is seriously close to launch!) is now live and ready to download.

This update brings you memory optimization, bugfixes and experience changes.

Full patch notes here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/234530/discussions/1/540738050938396036/

The War of the Vikings Team
Mar 24, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

Our latest Early Access update is now live, see patch notes below.

Changelog - Beta 0.9.7
- Added Spoils of War screen at end of rounds
- Added missing maps to Server Browser filter
- Added First win of the Day bonus (300 coins)
- Added sounds to a number of new events
- Spears now charge attacks when strafing if using Attack with Keyboard

- Fixed an issue where shields were not properly blocking some attacks
- Fixed a UI scaling issue
- Fixed several issues where sounds of the wrong language were being played
- Tons of performance optimization across both servers and clients:
This has resulted in a large patch due to the amount of changes made.
- Fixed an issue with PDX OS and re-enabled it
- Fixed an issue where Renown goals were not properly saving
- Temporarily disabled Pitched Battle on Forest due to an issue

Please see this thread for discussion & assistance with any issues.

The War of the Vikings Team
Mar 4, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Dearest community!

Our biggest update to date is now live and ready to download. Servers are still being patched and will become available during the day.

This update brings you tons of new content, all special edition & early access unique helmets, fresh balance, bugfixes and lots more!

See this thread for full patch notes and more information.

The War of the Vikings Team

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