Dead Space 3's demo version will be available via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on Jan. 22, though a news release from Electronic Arts this morning says that a limited number of Xbox Live gamers can get access to the demo a week early.

Early access will be awarded through the site demo.deadspace.com. The news release said codes would be given out "while quantities last," up to Jan. 14, and that the early access code expires Jan. 22. An Origin account, or registering one, is necessary to get an early demo code. Oh, and you must be 13 or older, which is interesting, as this is an M-rated game.

Anyway, the demo will feature Isaac Clarke and new co-op companion Sgt. John Carver battling necromorphs on an ice planet, sounding similar to what EA showed off way back at E3 in June. Co-op play will be a feature of the demo, EA said.

The demo news accompanied this trailer, a recap of the events in the first two games. It still gets you current without giving away too much from them, but for those still playing through, I guess this gets a qualified spoiler alert.

There's some kind of preorder bonus at the end of the trailer. Skip ahead to 3:27 if you're interested in it but don't want to see the series recap.

PC Gamer
Dead Space 3 preview

This preview originally appeared in issue 244 of PC Gamer UK.

Three games in and the Dead Space series has got problems. And I’m not referring to the fact that protagonist Isaac Clarke has cleverly managed to crash-land on an inhospitable ice planet that may hold the horrible secret to the entire Necromorph space-zombie menace.

The problem is the Necromorph menace itself. Or rather, the fact that, after all this exposure in the Dead Space games, it isn’t really that menacing any more. The resurrected space-dead are still pretty ghastly, perhaps, with their spider’s legs, collapsed faces and that nasty ability to sprout tangles of gristle from the least likely of places, but we’ve been looking them straight in their oozing dead eyes for a couple of games now, and over time you can become immune to just about anything.

Example? Early on in the latest Dead Space 3 demo, I was wandering around another abandoned space hulk looking for another way to get past another locked door when a Slasher dropped down from the ceiling in front of me, accompanied by a sudden shriek of sound design. I should have leapt from my chair or watched in horror as my beard turned white and fell out, one hair at a time. Instead, I just took aim at a juddering limb and idly wondered how the thing managed to climb all those ladders with talons in place of hands.

Visceral Games have at least one decent solution to the problem of audience complacency, as it happens, but they waited until a fair proportion of the demo had passed before revealing it. For the first ten minutes, it was business as usual – and business as usual is pretty much the kiss of death when it comes to the production of startles and shocks. I was wandering around an empty ship, collecting ammo and health packs, listening to audio logs left by a deceased crew, and besting the odd toggle puzzle, when I found a door that wouldn’t respond to a smart blast of telekinesis. If the team were building up to a big fright, it had better be a belter.

Luckily, it was. It was a new kind of Necromorph called the Swarm Infector, and while it’s a piddling thing on its own, scrabbling across the floor with tiny tendrils flying, it’s capable of pulling an extremely unpleasant trick. Like the much larger Infector from the previous games, it can reanimate any nearby corpses, sending them spasming into epileptic life. They judder around for a few horrible seconds, then the gristle starts to warp outwards and – presto – you’ve got another Slasher on your hands.

It’s standard Dead Space stuff, perhaps, but combining the Infector with the series’ diminutive Swarmers has resulted in a genuinely unnerving combination. Once again, corpses can no longer be treated as mere set dressing, and there’s something new to squash underfoot.

Elsewhere, if the team has to struggle a little harder in order to scare you, the consolation prize is that Dead Space 3 still looks like an atmospheric and fiercely competent action game. Isaac has clearly been having the futuristic equivalent of Hot Yoga sessions, as he’s generally a little quicker on his feet this time around and can now combat-roll away from danger when things get bad. He’s also joined by a brand new co-op partner, in the form of Sergeant John Carver, an EarthGov super-soldier and all-round grumpy hard nut whose family has been wiped out by the Necromorphs.

Co-op play is of the drop-in, drop-out variety, and although it will open new paths through the levels and even unlock the odd additional side mission, it’s entirely optional. Inevitably, it makes the whole thing even less scary than it already is at this point in the series. Down on the frozen surface of the ice planet Tau Volantis, however, there are suggestions that the developers haven’t completely given up on creating an air of prickly tension. Snowstorms reduce visibility, while nearby science installations are covered with flapping cables and guide wires, encouraging us to waste precious ammo shooting at shadows.

Carver’s presence has also enabled the design team to scale up the enemies, chucking the duo against a vast hairy spider known as the Snow Beast, and a huge out-of-control drill. The latter has a glowing core that has to be shot out using well-timed blasts of stasis while your partner keeps you safe from the crowd of Necromorph monsters and Unitologist soldiers now gunning after you as well. The developers have yet to reveal all of the game’s new weapons and enemies, but with the head count steadily increasing in most battles, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if the firepower starts to escalate too.

If Dead Space 3 can’t always keep you quaking in your spaceboots, it should at least keep you busy. That’s not the ideal path for a survival horror franchise to take, but it’s better than the alternative – which is generally an accidental lunge towards painful self‑parody.
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In Dead Space™ 2, you join Isaac Clarke, the Systems Engineer from Dead Space, as he wakes up three years after the horrific events on the USG Ishimura. The Ishimura was a Planetcracker-class starship besieged by grotesque reanimations of its dead crew, known as “Necromorphs.” After unearthing a strange artifact known as the Marker, Isaac finds himself on the Sprawl, a giant space station in orbit around Saturn. Unable to remember how he got here and plagued with demented visions of his dead girlfriend Nicole, he must survive another nightmarish outbreak of Necromorphs as he fights his way towards an answer he hopes will end all the chaos.

PC Gamer
Dead Space 3

EA have released about fifteen minutes of in-game footage for Dead Space 3 showing a bit of single player, a bit of co-op, a giant angry drill and an even bigger monster. Dead Space 3 has moved out of the tight corridors of the first two games onto the white wastes of an ice planet. But with no close corners or closets for creatures to use as ambush points, where will the scares come from?

Low visibility storms, apparently, but Isaac isn't too fussed. He's a careful man, the kind of man that shields his face from a snowstorm even when he's wearing a full mask, the kind of man who doesn't instantly hurl up is guts right into his own helmet upon being swallowed whole by a disgusting creature. Watch all that drama in the video below.

Fake Gamers of the Week: People Saving Their Friends From The Most Sickening Scene In Video GamesIn the horror game Dead Space 2, there is... a scene. This scene.

It's the sort of scene that once you see it, you can't un-see it. Even if, say, a machine were to jam a giant metal needle into your eyeball? That would be less traumatic than watching that Dead Space 2 scene.

Fair warning, this might get a little gross. Or a lot gross.

I mean, okay, here:

Fake Gamers of the Week: People Saving Their Friends From The Most Sickening Scene In Video Games

Does that give you an idea of what I'm talking about? DOES IT??

Once someone sees this scene, once they take control over the needle, stick it into Isaac's eyeball… not too far now! Wouldn't want to drill into his brain and kill him or anything…


Once you've experienced this scene, you're changed forever. Your life can never go back to the way it was. The brightest June afternoons are cast under a pall. Open meadows have a faint sulfurous smell. Your morning bowl of Honey, Bunches of Oats seems flavorless and bland. You are a husk of a person, doomed to wander the earth without joy or respite, your restless nights haunted by eyebally nightmares.

But there is one thing you can do. You can save others from the same fate.

And so thank god for this sister, who jumps on the grenade for her brother, even though it appears that he may have already seen too much:

Fake Gamers of the Week: People Saving Their Friends From The Most Sickening Scene In Video Games

And three cheers for this girl, who despite her boyfriend's protestations, surely has his best interests at heart:

Fake Gamers of the Week: People Saving Their Friends From The Most Sickening Scene In Video Games

He may be annoyed now, but once the scene is over, he'll be able to get on with his life unscarred. He'll never know how close he came.

And high-five to Doofy Pageboy Guy, who does his best to save his Blonde Sister-Friends from sharing his fate:

Fake Gamers of the Week: People Saving Their Friends From The Most Sickening Scene In Video Games

We know so much about you, Bored Blonde Teenagers with Mismatched Controllers. But we didn't know it had gone this far. If only Blonde Sister #2 would listen to Doofy Pageboy Guy and let him protect her! Clearly Blonde Sister #1 is beyond saving. She has the dead eyes and soulless affect of one who has already seen The Horrible Eyeball Scene in Dead Space 2. But maybe her sister isn't beyond saving…

No matter how hopeless life may seem now, it's not too late to save others. Not everyone needs to see that scene. Not everyone needs... to know...


what am I doing....

why am I...

putting this image into the post...

Fake Gamers of the Week: People Saving Their Friends From The Most Sickening Scene In Video Games


(Non Dead Space Eyeball images via Shutterstock)
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alec Meer)


Dead Space is famously an Alien-inspired game about lonely survival on a spaceship/station inhabited by otherworldly horrors. No more! Now it’s a buddy action move about welding helmeted Isaac grudgingly teaming up with bloodthirsty merc and victim of nominative predeterminism John Carver. They hate each other, but I’ve a funny feeling they might come to respect and even like each other before the tale is done.

As well as the co-op focus, Dead Space 3 is rather more planet-bound and a whole lot more icy than the previous, claustrophobic and somewhat brown entries in the series. As you can see below. Yes, I thought I’d surprise you all by posting a trailer during E3 week. I don’t play by the rules, me. (more…)

The Top Ten Xbox 360 Games in Japan (That Were Never Released There)Multi-national releases are a difficult process. Not only are there linguistic and cultural barriers to overcome, but very often content or simple monetary reasons can keep a game from entering one country or another. Even so, some games are desired despite their limited availability no matter where you are. That being said, here are the top ten Xbox 360 games in Japan that were never released in Japan* (Comments are from the owner of the game store, Game Station, which sells imports in Japan).

10: Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe
"The first Mortal Kombat for the next-gen consoles. Highly sought by Mortal Kombat fans and fans of DC heroes like Superman and Spider-Man." (editor's note: Spider-Man is neither a DC property, nor even present in Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe)

9: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
"Most games based off of anime or movies are generally lackluster, however, this title turned out to be surprisingly good. Much like the Toy Story 3 game, which came it at number 11, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a fairly popular movie-based game."

8: Splatterhouse
"An entirely new game in the series. The ability to unlock and play the previous 3 games is an added bonus."

7: Mortal Kombat
"The second next-gen Mortal Kombat. Unlike Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe, which, much to the chagrin of many hard-core fans, was rated Teen due to the addition of the DC heroes, the new Mortal Kombat was rated Mature, with its staple graphic killing scenes."

6: Aliens Vs Predator
"Pretty much all Alien-based games sell well. It's best to play this game after watching all the Alien movies, Predator movies, and Alien Vs Predator movies!" (editor's note: It's really not.)

5: Silent Hill: Homecoming
"The Japanese version was cancelled just before release, so this game sells well even now. Recently, people have been buying Homecoming together with the newly released Downpour and the HD collection of the originals."

4: Dead Space 2
"The sequel to Dead Space. It looks like "game sequels never outsell the original." Still, people who enjoyed the original should enjoy this one as well."

3: Prototype
"Even people who don't regularly play foreign games often come to our store asking, "Do you have this game called, ‘Prototype?'" Mostly likely it's word of mouth from friends that's making this game popular enough for people to buy it without knowing what it's about."

2: Call of Duty: World At War
"This was the only game in the Call of Duty series that didn't get a Japanese release. Whether it's because it was released the year Activision pulled out of Japan, or because the enemies in the game are the Japanese, either way, it's a must-have for fans of the Call of Duty series." (editor's note: My bets are on the latter…)

1: Dead Space
"Dead Space is so famous that even people who don't play imported games know about it. The announcement that it wouldn't be sold in Germany or Japan was probably the best sales advertisement ever."

*All data gathered from Game Station and Game Station Online sales from August, 2007 to April, 2012.

外国人ゲームショップ店長のつぶやき"日本版未発売Xbox 360海外ゲーム売上ランキング"【よりぬきXbox 360 6月号】 [ファミ通.com]

Announcement - Valve
Save 75% off the Dead Space Franchise during this week's Midweek Madness!

Only the Dead Survive!

Shacknews - Andrew Yoon

Video game franchises--especially ones as successful as Dead Space--tend to become trilogies, at the very least. Although Electronic Arts has yet to announce Dead Space 3, the game has surfaced yet again--this time as a pre-order on a South African games website.

BT Games is currently taking pre-orders. While there's every reason to believe this is simply a mistake, IGN notes that BT Games has previously outed Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode and the Jak & Daxter HD Collection. It is reliably leaky, it seems.

Siliconera first wrote about Dead Space 3 back in September. The site claimed the franchise's main protagonist, Isaac Clarke, would return--this time to an icy planet.


Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action FigureForget NECA's official Dead Space figures, which make Isaac look like was born disfigured. Remember the Dead Space hero as he should be remembered, with this intricately-detailed, custom-made action figure.

A Korean fan the series' official Facebook account only calls "이호갑" is to thank for it, and included alongside the finished shots some images of the figure as a work-in-progress.

Even if you're not the biggest fan of the games, this is still some incredible craftsmanship to behold.

Fan Made Isaac Clarke Sclupture [imgur, via Dead Space, thanks johnsmith!]

Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure


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