Community Announcements - Akos
Thank you guys for being with us for a truly historic day in the Zen timeline! We are out finally!

The hard work starts now, keep reporting issues you find, or suggest tweaks that would make the game better. We are in for the long haul with Pinball FX3, hope you can tag along for the ride!

Every Zen employee right now:
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

Bing bang bong, let’s pin it on. Today brings the launch of Pinball FX3 [official site], a update version of Zen Studios’ pinball platform which boasts updated graphics and multiplayer features including user-created tournaments. As is customary, Pinball FX3 is a free download with one table included then Zen sell dozens of extra tables as DLC. For those who balled pins in FX2, most — but not all — of its DLC tables carry over into FX3 and are prettied-up. New Jaws, Back to the Future, and E.T. tables have launched as DLC alongside FX3 too. (more…)

Community Announcements - Akos
Come chat with us tomorrow about pinball, the future, Pinball FX3!

Community Announcements - Akos
Great Scott!

Back to the Future™ Pinball will release with Universal Classics™ Pinball next week for Pinball FX3 on PS4, Xbox One, Win10 and Steam, and for Zen Pinball on iOS, Google Play and Mac!

Take a look at the trailer below, and help Marty and Doc restore the space-time continuum in this crazy pinball table!
Community Announcements - Akos
Join us on September 21 as we journey to Hill Valley and play Back to the Future™ Pinball, releasing September 26 with the Universal Classics™ Pinball pack! Join Akos and table designer Peter ‘Deep’ Grafl for an early look and some inside info on the table!
Community Announcements - Akos
Join us today at 10 am PDT - 1 pm EDT - 6 pm GMT - 19:00 CEST! Pinball FX3 Q&A and meet Peter 'Yoyo' Horvath, designer of Alien: Isolation, Fallout, and E.T. - the Extra-Terrestrial™!

Community Announcements - Akos
We are proud to announce that Pinball FX3 will be coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam on September 26! Import your pinball collection over FREE OF CHARGE and try out the new Challenge modes and Multiplayer features! Join the biggest, most community-driven pinball experience ever!

Don’t forget to wishlist us on Steam to get notified of the release on September 26!

Check out the trailer here!
Community Announcements - Akos
We’re gonna need a bigger boat! Jaws™ Pinball is coming to Pinball FX3 soon for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10, and Zen Pinball on the App Store and Google Play! Check out the trailer here:

Tune in for an exclusive look on Twitch today at @10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 7 PM CEST
Community Announcements - Akos
You can get an exclusive look at the new Jaws™ pinball table, coming with the Universal Classics Pinball™ pack to Pinball FX3!
Tune in as we talk more about Pinball FX3 and play some hotseat multiplayer on the brand new table with our special guest, designer of the table David ‘ndever’ Szucs! We’re gonna need a bigger boat! Join us on August 31 @10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 7 PM CEST
Community Announcements - Akos
We are happy to confirm the Pinball FX3 table roster and cross-platform features! Be sure to check out the Zen Blog for all the details:

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