Community Announcements - shoupinou
Few days remaining before the game is definitively removed from steam.
We would like to thank you all again for your support. We all learnt much thanks to this Open Beta.
As said previously, your feedbacks will be invested into existing and upcoming projects.

If you enjoyed the fast-paced destructive driving of Ridge Racer Driftopia, check out Ridge Racer Unbounded on promotion this week!
Join the Unbounded street racing gang and test your driving skills against rivals in every street and alley of Shatter Bay.

The starting line is here:
Community Announcements - shoupinou
The spin-off and first free-to-play game of the RIDGE RACER series has been made available in September 2013 with an early access on PC Steam.

We thank all the players who joined the Open Beta for their participation, support and dedication. Your feedbacks will be invested in our existing and upcoming projects to deliver you thrilling and exiting experiences.

From June 19th, all in game purchases will be disabled. Previously purchased content will remain available in-game until August 15th.
By August 15th, servers will be turned off and the game will no longer be available.
Product Release - Valve
RIDGE RACER™ Driftopia is Now Available in Early Access on Steam.

RIDGE RACER Driftopia is free racing game. Driftopia distils the Ridge Racer experience to the essential elements of driving, drifting and destruction.
Select a track, a car then a booster and enter the race!

Developed by Finland’s Bugbear Entertainment, the studio behind 2012 title Ridge Racer Unbounded, RIDGE RACER™ Driftopia distils the experience to the essential elements of driving, drifting and destruction, with upgraded visuals that make every dust mote and gleaming fender shimmer with life.

Players will be challenged to shave seconds off each other’s times as they tear up the streets and punch holes in solid concrete to reveal vital shortcuts. Beat other players’ times to climb the global rankings, level up cars and earn booster cards to get that racing edge over the competition.

With more than 20 cars and 10 tracks at launch, daily packs of booster cards and repair kits, and much more content available in-game, the drifting never has to end.


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