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The Big Ten has returned! Eight different pieces of awesomeness, including our recurring events, a Fortune Card Mission, Play with the Devs (with special codes!), and more!


  • Cosmic Worldstones can drop from any enemy in the game!
  • Cosmic Terminal bosses drop double loot!
  • Doubled leveling rate for Cosmic Prestige
  • Cosmic Worldstone caches will drop from bosses and X-Defense and Holo-Sim End Chests
  • Increased chance of Doop Rune dropping


  • Shared Quests reward Omega Files and double Omega orbs
  • Omega leveling is 24% faster
  • Daily Quest from Coulson
  • Enemies can drop Omega Drives
  • Server side bonuses of XP, RIF and SIF start at 24% and increase by an additional 24% each day.


    [Note: We are still working on improvements to the A.R.M.O.R. Event. These will launch with it's updates in the future, but we wanted to give players who have been waiting a chance to earn the A.R.M.O.R. rewards.]

  • A.R.M.O.R. drives drop from bosses and normal enemies and can be exchanged with Jocasta in Avengers Tower.


  • St. Patrick's Day Powerups, festive credit drops, and Legendary pieces of Rainbow will continue to drop!


    Complete Stan Lee's Industry City Patrol mission every day for a random Fortune Card!

    Bonus loot game mode rotation where bosses drop Chests of Odin's Bounty.
    Everyone has a rare chance to receive Odin's Blessing, which gives your chests special jackpot loot!

  • Various Gazillion Devs will play over the weekend and announce their own special codes in chat that can be redeemed for potions and other goodies! And as always, there will be SPOILERS! We will be posting the schedule

    8. A BIG 10 DAILY GIFT
  • Log in everyday for a gift o f 50 A.R.M.O.R. Research Drives, 30 Cosmic Worldstones, 30 Omega Files, 10 Odin Marks, 10 Eternity Splinters, 10 Cube Shards, and a Legendary Piece of Rainbow.

    15% off all G purchases purchased in-game or on the webstore. In addition, we are once again selling our high value 28,750G Bundle for a limited time!

    We’ve created a brand new Mega Pack to get new players up to speed! Containing 43 of our 45 heroes, this pack is the ultimate way to get caught up on heroes! In addition, we’re bringing back Penta Boosts, Cosmic Mystery Boxes, Omega Boosts, Punisher’s Omega Effect Costume, Bounty Hunter Boosts, Headpool, the Odin’s Bounty Boosts and Asgardian Fortune Cards!

    And in addition, because why not, we’re bringing back the 25% off sale for bundles of Fortune Card Mk1-6 to tie in with the Fortune Favors You mission!


    Here is the schedule for the Odin’s Bounty rotation which kicks off tomorrow! Due to a pending redesign of X-Defense and Holo-Sim rewards, we have removed them for the rotation in favor of separating Midtown & Industry City Patrol.

  • Punisher's Rapid Reload cooldown reduction from Ammo Cost Reduction affixes is now hard capped at 50%. The minimum cooldown for Rapid Reload is now 7.5s (6.5s with his Unique, The Whole 9 Yards)

  • Revive on Defeat items and powers will now work properly. We still don’t recommend jumping in front of Rhino to test them.

  • Fixed an issue where some Saint Patrick’s Day items (clovers, etc.) would share the same text as Halloween items in some languages.

  • Malekith should no longer disappear in story mode. Please let us know if this continues to occur.

  • Boss indicators have been disabled for several non-boss entities that were inadvertently receiving them such as Power Cosmic Circles. Do mind them, though.

Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6AM PDT for a game update and the start of our Big Ten event!
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
A brand new version of the Saint Patrick's Day Event has come to Marvel Heroes 2015!

Lucky Clover Buffs

Lucky XP Buff - 77%!

Pick up Lucky power-ups and you'll enjoy a shining Four-leaf clover above your head and an icon on your buff bar that offers you a chance to defeat a specific boss to receive special gifts!

When you defeat that boss, you'll receive a special St. Patrick’s Day loot bonus that includes high chances at Uniques and other highly sought after loot, as well as fun and festive items! The power-up goes away once you receive the Lucky Holiday loot.

You can receive guaranteed Lucky power-ups from the first completed Shared Quests of the Day.

Additionally, St. Patrick’s day themed credit items will drop everywhere, as well as Legendary Pieces of Rainbow!

Collect three Legendary Pieces of Rainbow and craft a legendary item - the Pot of Gold of Cassidy Keep! This crafting recipe can be found under “Misc.” recipes. We’ll also be giving these pieces of Rainbow as daily gifts through the weekend!

There will be very lucky 77% XP, RIF, and SIF server side boosts for the duration of the event!

The Hot Dog recipe has been removed from the crafter.

Punisher’s Unique “The Dragon” now has the correct icon.

Runeword recipes will once again remove any Hero-specific bindings on the Uru-Forged item being modified, as intended.

Fixed an issue that prevented Magneto's metal cage from trapping the targeted player.

Fixed an issue which caused Punisher’s flamethrower VFX to show black particles.

Moon Knight’s Fist of Khonshu now properly gives Critical Hit Rating and Brutal Strike Rating, as intended.

Rogue's stolen Ice Golem power (from Iceman) now correctly displays the information about stolen powers in the tooltip.

In the Raft, Living Laser now has a smaller leash distance so he will not follow players as far if they retreat from the encounter.

Made additional fixes to hot spots lasting indefinitely.

Gambit's Dead Man's Hand will no longer fire more than 5 cards in one activation.

Doctor Strange's passives once again gain 50% bonus at max Mystic Energy.

Spider-Man's Spider to the Fly, Maximum Spider, and Colossus' Osmium Champion now show the correct amount of Critical and Brutal Rating on tooltip (actual functionality was never affected).

Iceman's Ultimate Age of Icemen, now shows the correct Area duration for his hotpost (8 sec). This was only a tooltip error and power functionality is unchanged.

Winter Soldier's Concealed Combat next rank tooltip now displays the correct amount of defense rating.

Invisible Woman's Quantum Compression now starts with 4 shield stacks as stated in the tooltip (was incorrectly starting with 5).

Living Laser Laser Shield no longer deals massive damage when reflecting missiles with his Laser Shield. The shield will absorbs missiles, not reflect them.

Hydra Hulkbusters' Reboot power reduced back to its intended damage level.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6AM PDT for a game update.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
Damage from thrown environment objects has been tripled! Use the environment to your advantage, throwing cars, exploding barrels, and even trash cans!

Fixed a bug which would cause the Currency Tab in the Character Sheet to display the wrong amount of a currency (Cosmetic only, your actual amount was not changed)

Fixed some issues with the Russian localization to support the Russian launch of Marvel Heroes 2015.

Duplicate Rhinos are no longer possible inside Cosmic Doom's Terminal. Tombstone takes the second possible Rhino's spot.

Fixed an issue which could cause some hotspot powers to hang around indefinitely. Please let us know if this continues to occur after the patch.

Fixed an issue where Jean Grey and Thor’s secondary resource bars would persist across hero changes.

Punisher’s Rapid Reload tooltip now factors in Ranged Spirit Cost Reduction

Punisher now completely resists all CC while in BattleVan (even irresistible)

Punisher's Ol' Painless can no longer be used when at 0 Ammo (must have any amount greater than 0)

Police in Hell's Kitchen have undergone firearm safety training and should no longer empty their magazines into destructible menus and sandwich boards.

Iceman’s Icy Arsenal was unintentionally dealing double damage with Weapon Focus (not shown on tooltip), which has been corrected.

Iceman’s Icy Arsenal now moves to targets when bound to Left Mouse Button.

Iceman’s Frost Nova's damage bonus versus Chilled targets now works as intended.

Iceman’s Frozen Blades no longer halts spirit regeneration as a Basic power.

Iceman’s Work of Art now halts spirit regeneration since it is not a Basic power. The 5 stacks of Chill functionality was removed previously when this power was altered from Iceman's Signature, and the tooltip has been corrected to reflect this.

Iceman’s Snowblower now has the Chill keyword and can no longer be used in hubs.

Iceman’s Glacial Wall damage now matches tooltip and explosion radius has been increased.

Iceman’s Ice Block cooldown icon in the buff window now correctly lasts 5 minutes.

Iceman’s Age of Icemen clones have collision with each other. Clone Impact damage now displayed on tooltip.

Iceman will no longer be able to slide during his Ice Block revive animation

Iceman’s X-Factor Bodysuit (slot 2 Unique) now boosts Weapon Focus stance as intended.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6am PDT for a small bug fix patch.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Omega Event will wrap up tonight at Midnight PST, and Midtown Madness will begin!

Bosses in Midtown Manhattan will drop a Midtown Madness box which contains all kinds of loot, including a chance at Midtown specific Uniques, artifacts and rings!

Midtown Fortune cards also drop from bosses during Midtown Madness. These can drop Cosmic Rings, Epic Team-Up Gear, Epic Insignias, Random Cosmic Medallions, special Midtown Uniques, and have a very rare chance to drop a Random Costume or Ultimate Upgrade Token!

The iceman cometh! Bobby Drake has arrived! One of the original X-Men, Iceman finally ice slides his way into the Marvel Heroes 2015 roster. Use his thermokinesis to blast enemies with ice beams, shatter them with melee, or summon Ice Golems to do your bidding!

Frank Castle is back! Our last starter hero to receive a 52 Review, Punisher has a brand new Primary Resource: Ammo! Spend your Ammo with a huge assortment of weapons and then use your Rapid Reload power to replenish it all instantly! In addition, Punisher has received the long awaited Battle Van as his new Ultimate! You really have to see this one.

The first three bosses in Marvel Heroes 2015 have received a revamp of their own!

Black Cat, Living Laser and Green Goblin will now feature improved AI and new powers to improve the opening of the game (as well as their appearances in various gameplay modes). It’s about time the bad guys get a review!

Our engineers have located an issue that has been present for quite some time regarding the game not properly deleting data that it had cached. This should result in improved performance over long gameplay sessions. Please let us know if your performance has improved on the forums!

Having trouble seeing bosses in multiplayer content? There is now a Boss Indicator! Head to Gameplay options to turn on this new option that places an indicator above each bosses’ head.

A new tab has been added to the Chapter Waypoint menu: hubs! A player can now easily travel to their hub of choice without finding them in their respective chapters.

The overhead health bars have been redesigned to accommodate the upcoming Title system.

Mister Hyde's Ooze Machine should now correctly shut down after you interact with the console in the Zoo One-Shot.

An issue with Nova’s Cosmic Combo that would cause the camera to detach has been fixed. Fixing this issue has the side effect of the camera no longer "locking in place" when attempted to use Blast Off

Winter Soldier's Double Time will no longer break destructible objects while stealthed or invisible

S.H.I.E.L.D. Delivery Manifests will no longer prompt for confirmation when donated to crafters.

Fixed an issue that caused Human Torch's Fiery Rejuvenation not to remove the burning status from affected targets.

The Option to display current Spirit in the overhead health bar is not currently present.

Frost Nova’s damage vs chilled targets is currently not working

Frozen Blades is a basic power that does not currently allow spirit regeneration

Construct Focus’ active effect shows the incorrect amount of DoT damage on tooltip

Glacial Wall tooltip damage is incorrectly listing higher values than actual damage

Work of Art does not apply 5 stacks of Chill as stated in the tooltip

Inspecting another player will show them as having 9,999 Achievement Points in the UI panel
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 12PM PST for the release of Iceman and Punisher's 52 review!
Community Announcements - Ryolnir

The Omega Event has returned once again!

During Operation Omega, the first time you complete a Shared Quest each day will reward double Omega Orb rewards as wel as Omega Files.

Omega Level Buffs!: XP, RIF, and SIF increase by 24% every day.

Omega leveling is 24% faster during Operation Omega. This works well with the Omega-Level buffs to experience.

Agent Coulson offers a mission during Operation Omega week. Each day, you can complete five or more waves in the S.H.I.E.L.D.
Holo-Sim to receive a reward from him. This will help hone your skills to be prepared for Omega-Level threats.

During the event, any enemy can drop a powerful artifact called The Omega Drive.


During Operation Omega, players can earn up to 100 Omega Access Files each day. Omega Access files are not random drops, they may be specifically earned:

10 Omega Access Files for logging in each day.

30 Omega Access Files for completing Coulson’s training mission each day.

60 Omega Access Files for completing the Shared Quests each day. (20 each)

The Cosmic Event is going to continue through the weekend until 3/1 at Midnight PST, at which point Midtown Madness Monday will begin. The Omega event will continue until the next patch.


Various issues with A-Sync loading have been fixed. This should result in a better experience moving through the world and loading the game in general. Please let us know how it feels.

Fixed an issue where Emma Frost's Diamond Form was not granting the intended Defense or Physical Damage to Melee Attackers.

Fixed an issue where Cap's "On Your Left" power did not scale spirit cost with additional points.

Arachne is now on the Eternity Splinter vendor (as intended).

Arachne is no longer hidden in the roster if you do not own her.
Community Announcements - Ryolnir
The Marvel Heroes 2015 servers will be coming down at 6AM PST for a game update.

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