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You may have noticed recently that this Steam hub is now called "Age of Conan: Unchained OLD". Previously we had two different hubs, one for the EU and one for the US.

In order to bring our community together, this Steam hub will be dismantled at a later date. Please make sure that you go here --

And download the client from this hub instead. This will add it to your games library, and you may safely remove the Age of Conan: Unchained OLD entry from your library (if it was even there).
May 19, 2016
Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)


“It is only the promise of death that makes life worth living.”
― Robert E. Howard

From atop the tallest peaks sound the drums of war, Hyborians. Their thunder rings across our lands, the clash of steel resonating deep in our souls.

Eight years ago, Age of Conan was unleashed upon the world. We sincerely thank everybody who made our 8th Grand Anniversary possible! Here’s to another amazing year, and many more to come!

FREE REWARD: Zingaran Swamp Beast

Beginning on May 20th and through May 29th, anyone who logs into Age of Conan receives an exclusive Zingaran Swamp Beast pet in their Claim Items window. There’s no cost; simply open your Claims and get your free pet!

You can even fight the beast in the new Pit Master’s Arena once you reach rank 1 with the Gladiators faction!


NEW: Hoard of Hoards

We heard you like Hoards, so we put Hoards in your Hoards so you can Hoard while you Hoard. The Hoard of Hoards combines all 5 existing Hoards into a single convenient package, all at a lower price!


LAST CHANCE: Augmented Advancement & Eternal Bloodshed rings

All good things must come to an end! This is your final opportunity to purchase Asura and Dagon’s Bands of Augmented Advancement and Jhil and Kali’s Bands Eternal Bloodshed from the Item Shop before they’re removed on May 26th. Don’t miss out!


COMING SOON: Membership Revamp

We’re hard at work on a new Membership Rewards program in Age of Conan and a slew of new rewards for signing up. Once we’re ready to launch this new system, we’ll be cooking up a brand-new membership offer to go along with all the changes. Stay tuned for more!

 Thank you all once again for being a part of Age of Conan. We’ll see you all in-game!
-The Age of Conan team
Apr 13, 2016
Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)


Rejoice, warriors and rogues of Hyboria, and revel in the bloodshed of your enemies!  The arena is here, and with it comes new challenges for you to conquer!  In addition, the new Hoard of the Gladiator filled with exotic creatures and mounts is available in the Item Shop!


The Pit Master’s Arena is now live and available to all players, free of charge!  The arena is found within the Field of the Dead. Combat exotic creatures from around Hyboria using pets you’ve collected in past adventures.  Each pet unlocks a unique encounter, and pets of increased rarity yield even more perilous challenges!  Alternatively, enter the arena as a Pit Fighter and prove your PvP supremacy over your fellow combatants!


The arena features a slew of new rewards, including new pets, powerful necklaces, and unique faction-specific mounts! Discover four all-new Rune Stones through the arena, providing effects such as additional Constitution, protection bonuses when critically struck, or a surge of power when low on health. Slake the soil with the blood of the unworthy!


The brand-new Hoard of the Gladiator contains a plethora of never before seen pets and mounts.  The mightiest of these pets fight by your side in battle, while the legendary mounts, the Bloodstained Ursine Patriarch and Melanistic Vaaghasan, carry you into the fray and sow fear into the hearts of your enemies!

This new Hoard is phasing out the Hoard of the Afterlife.  This is your last week to purchase the Hoard of the Afterlife before it’s removed from the store!  Don’t miss out!
Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)
The Pit Master's Arena is now live! Fight exotic and deadly beasts for fame and fortune within this Cimmerian Arena, or challenge other players to prove your dominance!
You may locate the Cimmerian Arena in the Field of the Dead. Quests leading you to its location are available from Isolde in Conarch Village.

The interface is updated to better organize your social options! The "Companions" tab is now named the "Other" tab, with subcategories for "Mounts," "Pets," "Paths," and "Social" found within!

We hope you'll enjoy the arena as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

  • Ursa Major is now a swift mount.
  • Ursa of Solstice Past is now a swift mount.
  • Khitan characters can now correctly summon Companion: Ancestral Spirit.
  • All expansion pets now have a normalized cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Khopshef Province - Rebuilt a collapsed pier.

  • Spell fatality chance no longer believes it is 100 times strong than it actually is.
  • Under Combos & Special Abilities, the old "Companions" tab has now become the "Other" tab and has been moved to the right of "Perks."
  • The "Other" tab is broken up into four categories: "Mounts," "Pets," "Paths," and "Social."
  • All mounts, pets, and paths can be found in the category that shares their name. The "Social" category contains all Dances, Social Abilities, and Unlimited Morphs.

  • Increased Strength and decreased Combat Rating (Fire) on Boots of the Eternal Blaze.
  • Changed the appearance of Boots of the Eternal Blaze to correctly match the rest of the set.

  • Barbarian stances should now correctly have one and only one overhead effect each.

Conarch Village
  • The Shadow of Vanaheim - Fixed an issue that could cause Hakan the Shade to not spawn in Fort Storisbjorn.

  • The achievement "Neutralize the Calvary" will now be properly awarded if completed while in Fort Storisbjorn.
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent players from receiving credit for the "Not As Easy As It Sounds" achievement.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Blood-Steel Agile Ice Bear and Prime Blood-Steel Ice Bear to block each other from incrementing the "Mounted" achievements. Players that have both mounts can summon them again to receive credit they may have missed.
Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)

The Kickstarter for the Robert E. Howard's Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of tabletop roleplaying game by Modiphius had a flying start and reached its goal within hours!

As the campaign continues it is growing rapidly, more and more stretch goals are being announced and a host of awesome books are added.

Today we are excited to announce an exclusive Age of Conan cross-over book for the tabletop roleplaying game! Have you always wanted to play some of the great adventurers from Age of Conan in a tabletop setting? Now is your chance!

Click here to see the announcement of the book.

The Age of Conan sourcebook will be unveiled as a Stretch Goal within the Kickstarter which is due to finish on March 20th, though Modiphius have confirmed they will publish the book in 2017. Please read the different pledge levels carefully, as the higher pledges (Hoard of Yezigerd and Secrets of Mount Yishma) will receive all Stretch Goal books in print whether their goals are reached or not. Those with PDF Subscriptions will also be guaranteed to get the book when it comes out in PDF.

Also remember that anyone who joins the Kickstarter and pledges $15 and above will get the Age of Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of Pack. This contains 5 XP Potions (double XP gain for 12 hours) and four powerful starter armor sets (Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Marauder and Pirate) which can be claimed in Age of Conan.

The sourcebook for the Conan roleplaying game will be written with assistance from Funcom’s own Age of Conan team! It brings many of the unique locations, characters, creatures, monsters, and equipment from the computer game to the tabletop.

It offers expanded character generation rules with brand new backgrounds based on classes in Age of Conan, allowing players additional options such as even more dangerous magical powers.

The book will be a full-color hardcover lavishly illustrated with concept and original art from Age of Conan. It will have 112 pages.

The Age of Conan sourcebook will contain secrets and background on some of the most exciting adventures and locations in the game:

Tortage is one of the largest Barachan Isles off the coast of Hyboria. It is a den of smugglers, thieves and pirates. The players in Age of Conan start their journey here and in the tabletop roleplaying game anyone can delve deeper into the mysteries and conspiracies of the corrupt viper's nest.

The Iron Tower is a mighty prison in the Aquilonian capital city of Tarantia. It is a challenging dungeon in Age of Conan, where nothing is as it should be. It is filled with corrupt guards, devious infiltrators, crazed prisoners and even darker forces lurk beneath the surface.

Ymir's Pass lies between the barbarous lands of Cimmeria and the kingdoms to the south. It is a treacherous path through the mountains, where followers of the self-proclaimed bandit king Atzel, Frost Giants and Vanir raiders roam. Rumor has it that the oldest of the god Ymir's children, the Frostfather himself, dwells here.

Funcom is excited to be working together with veteran tabletop roleplaying game maker Modiphius, and we are thrilled that their Kickstarter has been a great success!

Join the Kickstarter together with thousands of other Conan fans from around the world and get your hands on the awesome Age of Conan RPG book!

Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)

Hey everyone!

My name is Romain Amiel, but you may know already know me as Tilty. I'm the "new" Game Director for Age of Conan, stepping in for Matt.

I'm actually not that new to the project, I was one of the Gameplay Designers of AoC starting in 2007 when I first joined the team. Back then I worked on the content for the 1 to 20 level range, I particularly enjoyed setting up the events happening in the Volcano, or creating the city life in Old Tarantia. Soon after launch I worked on the Treasury of the Ancients and revamped Black Castle, before moving to Ymir's Pass where Joel and I spent a few months designing and implementing the zone. During that time one of my fondest memories was working on the associated dungeon, the Amphitheatre of Karutonia. They asked for an epic looking fight involving the Frost Father, and they got it!

I then moved on to Rise of the Godslayer where I worked on the monster population of the playfields, establishing their behaviors in and outside of combat. Being a fan of grouping in any MMO myself, a large part of my focus during that time was also spent designing the 12 expansion dungeons, going from traditional to... more unusual. An interesting bit of trivia: I was asked to design a dungeon that made use of our emote system, and this is how the Celestial Necropolis came to be. This was a really interesting challenge which raised several new issues for us to consider. We needed to create a new language as part of the fight that allowed the player to quickly understand what emote to use and when. We then had to make sure that player learned and understood that language prior to engaging the boss for the first time. And of course we needed to make sure that everything still made sense within the rules of the Conan universe. It may have ended up being somewhat a polarizing dungeon, but given the "theme" set on this dungeon, I think it turned out pretty cool!

While we're on the subject of controversy, I'm also the guy "responsible" for the Enigmata of Yag! This was intended to be the last and hardest dungeon of RotGS and I was challenged to write a design that was like nothing that was ever done before, in a most unique location... simple! I started with the idea that the players would actually not be fighting the boss. The design evolved from there to keep things interesting and get all players constantly engaged. This may have ended up with a few curses thrown my way (with a keyboard or two...) during some of the internal playtests... but it was all worth it!

And that is it for my introduction, I'm still in the process of catching up with the status of the game and figuring out the plans for the future. Once everything is sorted out I'll get into more details about what we have planned for 2016 in AoC, but in the meantime I'll leave it to Andy/Odonoptera to give us all a recap of what 2015 brought to the game!

Talk to you guys soon!

Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)

Hey, folks! I’m Community Manager Andy “Odonoptera” Benditt, and we’re going to be taking a look back at what we’ve accomplished in 2015, and also take a gander towards the horizon in this new year.

Starting with February 2015, we released a comprehensive achievement system that provides incentives to go about your daily business, try something new or unusual, or return to an area you haven’t visited in a long time.

In April, thanks to your feedback and comments, we were able to expand and improve upon this feature, and now there’s a huge list of things to strive for. We also added the Panorama achievements to the game, which let you explore some of the gorgeous backdrops and landscapes Hyboria has to offer--from a new perspective!

We also want to thank the community for all the videos we’ve seen pop up that show these vistas off. You’re doing good work, everybody!

May saw us celebrate our 7th Grand Anniversary celebration, as well as marked the release of the Shadows of Vanaheim scenario pack! We were happy to release an adventure that expands on the stories that Hyboria has to tell. We also learned a lot from the feedback you provided regarding this content release, and we’re going to apply that for our future releases. This world is steeped in lore and history, and there are still so many untold tales from unvisited factions and nations that we want to share with you.

October heralded the release of the Palace of Cetriss raid encounter series as well as new Halloween event content that ran alongside previous years’ festivities. We’ve enjoyed keeping track of your progress through Tier 6 raids from our official forums, and congratulations to all those who conquered the palace!

Now, moving forward: We are still committed to new updates and content releases. The arena system is being diligently worked on, and the raid search feature will be introduced. We are still in the process of a full review of our membership system and payment models, and we can’t wait to finalize and share these details with you all.

There’s also the subject of the brand-new Conan title that we’ll be releasing details on later this month. A couple of astute players already may have sniffed out a trail. . .

Stay tuned for more soon!

Thanks for reading, everybody!

Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)
Celebrate the end-of-year festivities by taking advantage of a raw opportunity to stock up on Funcom Points! Starting today and lasting through the end of 2015, you will earn additional FREE Funcom Points with the purchase of any available tier. Don't you miss out!

Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)
Funcom and Conan Properties Enters New Partnership

Hi all,

Above you will find a link to our forums which contains a press release announcing that Funcom and Conan Properties, the owners of the Conan intellectual property (IP), have entered into a new partnership and that Funcom will be announcing a new Conan game in January 2016.

What does that mean for you all in Age of Conan? Moving forward, one thing we want to make clear is that we are committed to the continued development of Age of Conan into 2016 and beyond. We are all excited to be gaining a Game Director and expanding our development team in the near future! The development of the new Conan game will not interrupt any development on Age of Conan.

The new project will be produced by a different team within Funcom; the current development of Age of Conan will not be impacted. The PvE and PvP arena system will come to fruition. The raid finder will be unleashed. We are evaluating our membership system at a fundamental level, working to increase overall convenience and accessibility for rookies and veterans alike--including Khitai access for owners of RotGS. We hear you!

Thanks for reading, and please look out for the announcement of the new game in January next year.
Community Announcements - Community Manager (Odonoptera)

Come celebrate the holidays with 12 Days of Deals!! Every day from December 14 through December 25th, there will be a special deal on one top-selling item* in the Item Store.

Each deal is only available for one day, so don’t miss out! Make sure you follow @Funcom_Conan on Twitter to see the daily deal, or log in to the Item Store to check in.

Happy Holidays!

*Content addons such as Expansions & Scenarios are not included in this offer

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