Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher

Hi Wizards!

Exciting news to share today! Today we introduce a huge re-vamp (totally no reference to Vlad there) of our spell system as well as release some exciting new DLC! First of all watch the below video and then read on for the full breakdown of what you can expect to see in today's update!

Free Spell Update
- Improved Spell System and Effects. There are now even more spell combinations to make use of, most of the existing spells have had a graphical overhaul.

- Added Steam and Ice as Individual Elements. Just as it was in Magicka 1 these will take up one slot in the element queue:

  • Steam is made from Water and Fire
  • Ice is created from Water and Cold

- New Element! Poison! As above, this will take up one slot in the element queue. Poison is created from Death and Water.

- Added Poison State. When poisoned, the target will take damage over time. Damage done is dictated by the target's total health and the amount of Poison applied, the target will also become slowed. The poisoned state can be extended by applying more Poison to the target. The poisoned state can be removed by applying the Life element.

- Changed Ice Projectiles. Pure Ice is now a channeled spell, while Ice + Earth will work as it did before the change.

- Changed Projectile Charge Time. Earth and Ice + Earth have had their charge time reduced, meaning they will reach full effect faster. Damage for these spells has been re-balanced to work with this change.

- Re-balanced Mines. Mines now deal more base damage and reach their full damage faster.

- Changed Earth and Ice armor to also Reduce Push Received. When using an Earth or Ice armor, you will now also be more resistant to push effects . The amount of resistance depends on the amount of elements used when creating the armor.

- Changed Pure Shield. Duration has been increased, and will decrease faster when taking magic damage.

- Re-balanced Barriers and Elemental Walls. Physical barriers (Earth and Ice) now have a longer duration. They have also received a buff to the amount of damage they do when imbued with other elements.

- Overhauled the Challenge Experience. Reworked the challenge menu and added leader-boards.

There are also two bugfixes included:

- Mine Damage on Clients Fixed. Fixed an issue where clients mines would always deal damage as if they were fully charged.

- Fixed Sometimes not Getting Achievement for Completing Campaign. This issue should now be fixed and you should be able to get the achievements.

New DLC!

The Magicka 2 Gates of Midgård Challenge Pack ($3.99) A set of three new Challenge Maps, perfect for sampling new spells

The Magicka 2 Three Cardinals Robe Pack ($4.99) A stylish new selection of wizard-wear (not stain resistant; highly flammable; do not eat). Three robe and item sets are included, each with their own theme.
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher

For full details on how to take part in this community-run tournament check here:
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
In the next 15 minutes or so servers will come down to deal with these pesky "Dirty Rat" errors people have been getting.

Downtime shouldn't be longer than 20 minutes. Thank you for your patience!
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
Hi folks!

Servers will come down for patching at 11:00 CEST, just under 1 hour from now. Patch notes are below!


- Gear selection now saves correctly while entering a game.

- Display the “Match Point" message only once in Team Deathmatch.

- Correct spectator messages in Team Deathmatch.

- Fix for rare crash when a player disconnects from a Team Deathmatch.

- Fix for a rare Revive bug in Team Deathmatch.

- Fix for annoying spawnpoint bug.

- Fix for loud iCraft imp death sound.


- Less intrusive forfeit UI.

- If a player is AFK, a confirm forfeit is triggered automatically.

- Ping on map works as expected even when HUD interaction is turned off.

- HUD interaction can be turned on/off in the settings screen.

- Keybindings for show score screen and select Magicks.

- Changed z-layers of some HUD elements so they end up on top of floating unit names.

- Proper z-layer for custom match Leader icon.

- Now possible to report more than one player at end of round screen.

- Correct positioning of portraits based on team and team slot.

- Scoreboard now sorts by score and fallback to sort by team/slot.

- Less intrusive Emote button in the front-end.

- Removed back to menu button from training grounds (no-one used it!).


- New craftable Melee weapons.

- New craftable Ranged weapon.

- New craftable Robe!
Community Announcements - TotalyMoo
Here's the patch notes for todays update!

* New Gamemode - Team Deathmatch
Very simple rules: 2 teams of 4, no respawns, first team to win 3 round, wins the match. (Similar to Duel.)
Rate of focus gain is increased and players maintain focus between rounds. Super intense.

* Queue to multiple 4 vs 4 game modes
There's checkboxes (all filled in by default) that enable you to select which 4 vs 4 gamemodes to queue to.

* New crafting recipies
New Ranged Weapons, Trinkets, Imps and really cool Staffs.
You can also purchase scrolls for magicks you already own.

*Quick Select Magicks
Holding a customizable key (default space) brings up a full menu of all magicks, select the ones you want quickly. Hence, quick select.

* Zoom in the Mastery Tree
Mouse scrollwheel zooms in/out in the mastery tree for easier navigation and discovery. Zoom!

Minor things:
* Levels of all players are visible in the score screen ingame.
* New epic loot in the treasure chest.

And a bunch of Bugfixes and minor tweaks of course. No game balance changes.
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
G'morning all!

Quite some changes coming in today, I'll cover the basics here and then Nisshagen has posted some insights from a game design perspective here:

    Big Stuff
  • Added a means of tracking/dealing with "problem" players.
  • Crafting!
  • Server merge. In order to optimise the matchmaking experience we have done some big changes to the server infrastructure. Now there will be two core regions to choose from, US and Europe.

  • Forfeit UI now hidden when match is over.
  • Forfeit automatically if you're AFK.
  • Fixed issue with numbers appearing connected in custom match player amount indicators.
  • Fix for fire mage skin name being too long.
  • Player should now be properly pushed away by appearing troll even when standing next to troll door.
  • Fixed goblin shaman killing self when no line of sight and firing into a wall.
  • Removed overlapping forfeit text, removed forfeit from duel.
  • Duel portraits don't overlap with the timer anymore.
  • Added button sounds to crown and experience buttons.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (RPS)

The release of Magicka 2 is today’s freshest wizard news, but Magicka: Wizard Wars [official site] exited Early Access and impressed Adam just two weeks ago. It’s a multiplayer, free-to-play spin off from the main series and “a smart piece of design”. We’ve got 5000 starter packs to giveaway, including everything you see in the image above.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
Hi folks,

Servers will come down at 13:00 today, patch notes below!

* Barriers
- Added small decal for Earth Barriers.
- Ice Barrier HP increased from 150 to 500, increasing its lifetime.
- Ice Barriers are now immune to Cold and Water damage.
- ED now spawns half as many barriers as EDD. EDX remains the same.

* Mines
- Are now ignored by Lightning Bolts.
- EW/ES now spawns half as many mines as EWW/ESS. EWX/ESX remains the same.

* Storms
- Damage unified among different Storm sizes. The amount of elements now only controls size, ergo EFF is larger than EF but deals the same damage.
- Damage changes: EFF increased from 40 to 80, ERR increased from 35 to 45, EQQ changed from 25 push to 30, EA changed from 100 to 80, EAA increased from 75 to 80.

* Beams
- Life beam base "damage" changed from 300 to 250.
- Steam base damage increased from 40 to 90.

* Lightning Bolts
- Life lightning base "damage" increased from 65 to 75. (AAW now also heals)

* Projectiles
- Steam base damage increased from 100 to 170.

* Spray
- Steam base damage increased from 225 to 250.

* AoE
- Steam base damage changed from 150 to 125.

* Midsummer's Blessing
- Duration changed from 10sec to 4sec.
- Initial Delay changed from 2sec to 0.5sec.
- Heal amount increased from 110HP/sec to 375HP/sec.
- Fixed some sound issues.

* Fire Tornado
- Changed duration from 12sec to 8sec.
- Velocity changed from 6m/sec to 3m/sec.
- Turn time (time it takes before it starts to turn) changed from 2.5sec to 1.5sec.
- Turn speed (time it takes for it to complete a turn) changed from 0.5sec to 1sec.
- Range increased from 1.5 to 2.
- Damage tick rate changed from 0.4sec to 0.5sec.
- Fire damage increased from 35 to 150.
- Magick damage changed from 35 to 0.

* Tidal Wave
- Earth damage increased from 30 to 65.
- Magick damage changed from 30 to 0.

* Conflagration
- Damage changed from 500 to 450.

* Frost Bomb
- Direct hit damage changed from 110 Cold to 110 Cold.
- AoE damage changed from 150 Cold to 100 Cold.
- Range changed from 5.5 to 6.

* Revive
- Revive and heal amount changed from 750HP to 500HP.

* Displace
- Min range changed from 20m to 40m.

* Raise Dead
- Added follow state for zombies when no enemies are near.
- Changed deterioration-damage-rate from 1sec to 2sec.
- Deterioration damage unchanged at 50.

* Water
- Movement speed penalty/bonus changed from -25% at 0 Affinity to -20%, and from +25% at 100 Affinity to +20%.
- Removed all AoE range modifiers. (Self cast, barrier/mine explosions, projectile explosions)

* Cold
- Removed all AoE range modifiers.
- Cold base resistance penalty/bonus changed from -50% at 0 Affinity to -35%, and from +50% at 100 Affinity to +35%.

* Lightning
- Removed self cast AoE range modifier.
- Reduced Lightning Bolt max length penalty/bonus from -30% at 0 Affinity to -20%, and from +30% at 100 Affinity to +20%.
Community Announcements - TotalyMoo

Greetings Wizards!

Tonight at 18:00 CEST we'll be streaming some Magicka 2 co-op from the Paradox office, for your enjoyment!

As it's a live format we will of course be taking questions, bantering about developing the game and showing you what to expect at release tomorrow (May 26th).

Join us here:
PC Gamer

Here we are again with more free stuff to give away! This time the folks behind the free-to-play  Magicka: Wizard Wars have kindly given us 5000 Steam keys for some in-game goods. Here's what you can win:

  • 3 Treasure Chest Keys (used to unlock Treasure Chest Loot beyond the free rewards each day)
  • A 24-hour XP Boost 
  • 5,000 Gold Crowns (used to unlock gear, trinkets, and more)

To enter, just fill out the form below. As usual, instead of a 'first come, first serve' format that would be over in a snap, this giveaway is a raffle. Tomorrow morning, 5000 entrants will be randomly selected from the total and emailed their keys.

If you win, you can redeem your key on Steam by installing Magicka: Wizard Wars (it's free) and then hitting 'Activate a Product on Steam' from the 'Games' drop down menu. Only one code will work per Steam account. Good luck!

Update: The giveaway has ended and the keys distributed!


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