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Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
The big thing for this week, we have reworked how the rewards system work!

Different game modes should now give similar rewards over time. We've also added time-based rewards, players should get a minor reward for playing even if they are unsuccessful. We've also removed the damage/heal bonus rewards systems since the implementation was too exploitable. The bonuses may return in the future, the concept is sound. Random crystal drops have also been removed.

Downtime will be at 13:00 CET

Patch Notes:

- Disabled all displayed rewards except total score/xp/crowns (No more having to repeatedly "skip" stuff)
- Added time_bonus to game modes
- Damage/Heal bonuses removed (for now)
- Game mode specific end of match rewards
- Removed random crystal drops

Status Effects
-Cancel active wards when frozen.
-Fixed single Cold wards not protecting against Chill if already Chilled when casting the ward

Tweaked imp-ring frontend anims and added a few more variations.

-Fixed revives sometimes messing up round wins/score in Duel

- Added Caps Lock indicator to the login screen.
- Fixed comparison color coding in store/weapons/stats.
- Re-binding enter key is no longer allowed.

Changed the name of Acolyte's Staff to Warlock's Staff for consistency with the Warlock's Robe.

- Fixed tactical dragon strike occasionally dealing out extreme burst damage
- Fixed a client crash in the lobby when hovering with the cursor over players.
- Fixed a client crash in the training ground when killing Timmy.
- Fixed: Stuck in wait for server response on change password.
- Invalid user names should now give correct error message at log-in.
- Made sure that death screams and body-fall-to-ground sounds don't trigger when a player is gibbed.
- New validation and error feedback for 'new password' dialog
- Reseting password in game will now allow you to use the new password to log-in afterwards without having to restart the client.
- Sounds when entering spawn points is now properly treated as sound effects for volume purposes
- Truncating long keybind names on in-game gui
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
Duel Mode is back!

We just added the ability for you to choose between playing the classic Wizard Warfare 4v4 game mode or the new revision of our 1v1 Duel Mode. Many, many awesome changes went out in today's patch. For full details see below:

Big Stuff
- Duel Mode is back! Taking into account community feedback from the first version we released we have made some tweaks and changes. Format: 1v1 (only two needed to queue), first to 3 wins is the overall winner, all status effects and health etc resets between rounds, you carry over your Focus between rounds.
- Anti-Cheat. We have added a new anti-cheat system (Easy Anti-Cheat), you will be prompted to install it when you start M:WW for the first time post-patch, please follow the on-screen prompts. In the rare event that your antivirus picks it up as a threat please be sure to flag it as safe. Any issues resulting from installing this function can be posted on our bug/tech issue forum, we will have support staff (and a member from the company assisting us with the solution) there to provide advice.
- Multiple Game Modes. You can now pick between 4v4 Wizard Warfare or the 1v1 Duel Mode as you see fit.
- In-game Feedback Removed. We felt that this wasn't really bringing us anything that we didn't already get from the excellent discussion at the forums. Please direct any feedbacky type stuff here from now on.

- The feedback button has been replaced with a support button, click that to begin your tech issue resolving adventure!

- Game Mode Selection Screen. Well, if you have more than one game mode to choose from it pays to have a way to do so, right?
- New Friends List. A list, with friends!
- New UI Framework.

- Tornado and geyser now give kills/score to their owner if the victim dies from falling damage.

Changes to Haste Magick
- Haste reworked to be more responsive.
- New animation for casting Haste.
- Cast time decreased from 0.4sec to 0.2sec.
- Now casting Haste doesn't clear your current movement destination. You just keep on runnin'.

Changes to Ice Barriers
- New casting animation.
- Cast animation duration changed from 0.5 sec to 1 sec
- Ice Barrier damage increased from 125 to 250 ice damage.

- General tweaks, changes and tidy-ups across Element Affinity descriptions, Magicks etc.

- The Drop Timer for Chill (the time it takes after taking Cold damage before you start to lower your Chill value) has been increased from 0.5sec to 0.55sec.
- Cold AoE damage changed from 50 to 35.
- Cold Spray damage increased from 50 to 55.
- Cold Projectile Magnitude 1 damage changed from 1-40 to 1-75 and Magnitude 2 from 1-100 to 1-110.
- Cold Beam damage changed from 20 to 30.
- Cold Barrier Bombs damage changed from 200 to 50 (These were the ones most affected by the old system, should be pretty close to their strength before the reworking of the system).
- Cold Mines damage changed from 200 to 50. (What ^ said)
- Cold Storms Magnitude 1 damage changed from 50 to 40 and Magnitude 2 from 35 to 25.

Status Effects
- Chill now passes over to Frozen if the chill level is bigger or equal to 250 (before you had to be at 251 for it to happen).
- Wet damage multiplier fix (multiplier was applied several times).
- Add initial Cold damage to Chill Level, previously the first tick was ignored.

- Teams now internally balanced before the start of game. In order to create better matches the system will make extra efforts to balance combined ELO across the teams, i.e if the pool of 8 players is 2 awesome Wizards and 6 average Wizards there will be an awesome Wizard placed on each team.

- Graphic quality sub settings will now properly affect the 'quality preset' and set it to "Custom" accordingly.
- Melee attacks will now be properly interrupted when players are launched in the air or pushed.
- Fixed Sudden Death message in Wizard Warfare appearing when one team still has tokens.
- Removed the option to map the left and right Windows-keys.
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
We will be having a little downtime at 13:00 to add some more awesome content to the game!

This week we kick up the customisation level another notch by implementing the ability to deck your Wizard out with some magical bling!

Rings will be added to the store for your purchasing pleasure. For a fistful of gold crowns you get yet another method to tweak your Wizard's specialisation. Wanted more "whack!" in your rocks? Need more "fwooosh!" in your fire? We have you covered!

As always, enjoy!

Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher

Sooooo, you know you've released a big patch when you reach Steam's 8000 character limit on an announcement, but anyway, on to the fun stuff!

Matchmaker arrived today! Now instead of players being matched on a "first to queue = first to play" basis the system will attempt to match players of a similar skill level. Please note - initially you may not see a huge effect, but as our player numbers increase the system will really begin to work it's magic(k)!

Following that there was a whole slew of bugfixes and balance changes, particularly lightning had some reworks.

So, with space constraints in mind, rather than list the notes here in all their glory I will instead direct you to our forum where you may read them at your leisure: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?762875-Patch-Notes-for-18th-March-2014

Whilst you are there please do feel free to jump into the many discussions with the rest of our awesome community!


Mar 11, 2014
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
Check your Magicks tab now for the newly-added "Geyser"!

This Tier 1 Magick flings your opponent into the air, dowses them in water and then drops them back down to earth with a bump. A handy tool to get you some breathing space, or perhaps the start to a devilish combo? You decide!
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
Hi folks!

This weeks patch is primarily a pass on bug-swatting, these changes should go a long way to making the overall experience much smoother and as a result, more fun! There were also lots of balance changes!

You can, as always, discuss the patch notes on our official forum here: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?759963-Patch-Notes-for-4th-March-2014&p=17006091#post17006091

So...."Totes check the deets below!" (NDKarlsson made me say that, apparently that's how the cool kids talk.)

NOTE! You will see some new "item bundles" added to the store. In their current iteration you can buy a bundle if you own one of the items in it and will NOT receive a reduction in price to take into account the item you already have. As it stands there is no message to inform you of that fact, so take care.

- Fixing team assignment code for party splits in DUEL mode.
- Handling faulty game configurations sent from GS to MM - Will now not cause assert.
- Fixing root cause of missing time_in_queue as well as faulty error logging.
- Adding additional guards and log faulty condition.
- Fixing MM crash bug - Uninitialized value guarded against.
...Tried to make this funny...I got nothing.

Training Ground
- Fix for getting permanently stuck in "joining" in the training ground. Timmy is pleased!

- Game server crash fix (lolcat population decimated). No, you may NOT "Haz cheezburger"!

- Nature's call imps can no longer be multiplied indefinitely. After a "birds and the bees" talk our toilet-dwelling friends should be much more responsible in their reproduction.
- Tornado pull physics fix.
- Made sure that Tactical Dragon Strike's idle sound exits properly on deselect and cast. (Although, we loved that sound effect so much we had to use it again! Look out for "Flappy Dragon-Crush Pocket Lite Clash Saga" coming to an App store near you soon!)

Spells Changes/Balance
- Decreased initial spray damage burst dramatically.
- Decreased self shield cast time (to enable quicker immunities when chilled).
- Decreased Cold spray base damage.
- Reduced lightning wall zap spam.
- Separated Chilled movement and spell-casting speeds - IE you will walk slower but still be able to cast spells reasonably quick.
- Nerfed water walls somewhat.
- AoEs, projectile AoEs and barriers now check for Water affinity to affect Steam/Ice damage.
- Shield affinity now affects the amount of mines that spawn.

- Show a 'loading...' notification in gear, magicks and store until inventory is fully loaded from backend.

Store UI
- Bundles tab, categories in dropdown menu, redeem tab, offers have different sizes based on category.

- Shortened Exotic Blade's ability animation time, now only deals a single attack. -500% to style. +100% to "not getting killed whilst swooshing your sword around in the air".
- Weapon projectiles now deal earth damage instead of ice.

Status Effects
- Made frozen players immune to everything except earth, cold and magick damage.
- Lightning now only removes the wet status after a certain damage threshold in order to improve the wet + lightning combo. Trance is pleased.

Bug Fixes
-Spawnpoints are now counted as SFX in the volume controller.
-Store reworked. This should fix the issue of not being able to buy items, even though the client tells you you're eligible for them. We don't want to be like this disreputable salesman!
-Fixed crash when joining and having changed gear.
-Changing password should now work again. Death to slugs!
-If the connection to a login server fails at connection time, the client should now keep looking for a new server. Hopefully reducing slugs somewhat.

Improvments to Escher's Banhammer
-Accounts that are banned are now actually not allowed to log in.
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher

We aim to bring the servers down at 13:00 CET for patching, changes are below!

Big stuff
-So. First of all, 4v4, it's back! We have gotten some awesome data (and feedback) from the Duel Mode testing and feel we are in a good spot to rotate in the Wizard Warfare mode again, have fun!

-Secondly, "practice makes perfect" is the old saying, not having a practice area made the quest for perfection that much trickier, so we added one! We know this has been a popularly requested function and now we are happy to say you have your own peaceful nook in which to practice incinerating defenseless targets (as well as imps), our training dummy "Timmy" is keen to make your acquaintance! As with any new feature, we are keen to hear your feedback!

- Slightly smarter. Just slightly.
- Increased Z tolerance for AI positions to avoid debug spam when they are launched in the air.

- All purchasable store offers icons scaled on hover.
- Lock checkout with crowns confirm button if not enough crowns or level.
- Proper server in-game currency purchase validation.

- Allow moving camera further down than up to fix unfair perspective.

- Fix for NPC not being knocked down properly. "You apply beatdown to NPC, it is super-effective" Or rather, it's now as effective as it should be.
- Fixed bug with activated graphics not despawning.
- Many many smaller bugfixes.

- Water storms are now destroyed by fire, and cold storms are now destroyed by water.
- Improved variance inside grid cell for grid based magicks (meteor, hail).

- Double triggered sound on projectiles fix. "Pew-pew" has now become "pew". So a 50% reduction in overall "pew-ing"
- Bugfix for vendetta dagger projectile hit.
- Rock projectile is restored. Sorry for the inconvenience!
- Clean up. Unused elements are gone.
- Corrected the footstep sound to make it more accurate.
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher
If you want some Magicka action even when you are away from the keyboard then you should check out the Magicka: Wizard Wars Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win a copy of the recently release Magicka Novel!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WizardWarsGame

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magickawizardwars
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher

Tonight myself (Escher) and Nisshagen our Lead Game Designer will be hosting a live stream from Paradox Towers (or well...tower). We kick of at 20:00 CET at twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive.

Expect the normal Q&A and gameplay and an extra-special giveaway.

See you there!
Community Announcements - [Pdx] Escher

You should all within the next few minutes see the results of this week's update in your "Magicks" tab. This new Tier 2 Magick can be used to blast your unfortunate opponent with a fearsome gout of fire. Feel the burn!

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