Product Update - Valve
May 23, 2012 UPDATE
Game: Fixed bug with incorrect weapon displaying on other players after joining game
Clans: you can now have 2 symbol tag (and maximum is 4 symbols)
Clans: Show proper error message when you don't have enough GC to buy clan slots

May 24, 2012 UPDATE
New 64 player conquest map: Suhar Valley
Two new packages have been added: [DEV] Kewk package and Bad Ass package. Check them out in in-game store
Knife for melee has been added
Crossroads redux map has been removed

Bug fixes:
Fixed rendering bug after changing resolution in main menu, your character wouldn't be rendered properly
Clans: fixed bug that you were able to create a clan with empty space in clan tag
Clans: fixed bug that you were able to create a clan with empty clan name
Clans: GC rewards are not eligible for guild donations. Players who have no bought GC from the store are unable to donate to the clan reserve.
Fixed bug with missing grass on some levels
Crash fixes

May 25, 2012 UPDATE
Bug Fixes:
fixed bug that berserker ability might be triggered when you are out of battlezone area or in enemy's spawn area
fixed bug that weapon attachments from current weapon were affecting UI stats of not purchased guns
Suhar Valley fixes
crash fixes
Product Update - Valve
May 3, 2012 UPDATE
Optimized memory usage even more
Optimized video memory usage
Updated level up rewards
Fixed crash if exiting game after using voice commands
Fixed bug that Killstreak rewards and other rewards except for Kill were not displaying (you still were getting XP\WP)
Fixed an issue that game wasn't working on some AMD video cards
Various level updates
Product Update - Valve
All levels except for Crossroads and Crossroads Redux were switched to a new terrain system (better performance).
Fixed bug when prices of explosives\items\abilities were not updated properly.
Updated level up rewards.
Fixed bug that not all of them were displaying correctly.
UI fixes.
Daily/weekly rewards disabled.
In conquest each kill will decrease enemy's tickets by one.
Updated Tips Of The Day.
More memory usage optimizations.
Product Update - Valve
April 17, 2012 UPDATE
-Burning sea is now using the improved version of terrain
-Fixed a bug where you could run into invisible objects on lower quality settings
-Crossroads Fixes
-Citadel Fixes
-Fixed shotgun spread bug when crouching
-Memory usage optimization, should fix some problems with crashing
Product Update - Valve
April 16, 2012 UPDATE
-Crash fixes
-Updates to Burning Sea
-Updates to Citadel
-Optimized textures
-Large update to Eastern Fall's detail settings
-Fixed bug with grenades disappearing when quick throwing
-Moved friend popup to left side

April 13, 2012 UPDATE
-TPS camera fixed when switching between FPS\TPS
-Ragdoll was improved
-Camera positions changed for TPS mode
-Quick switch will now automatically select your secondary weapon after respawn

April 11, 2012 UPDATE
-UAV and Laser Designator now work in FPS mode
-New respawn screen, you can now switch between FPS and TPS modes
-Spread will now increase by 150% while berserk is active
-You can switch to another weapon right after throwing a grenade (No more delay!!)
-Useable items such as the UAV are now activated by using your fire key instead of E
-Attachments now have level requirements like all other items
-Picking up weapons in FPS mode is temporarily disabled

April 9, 2012 UPDATE
-Recoil updates
-Fixed crash due to animations limit
-Conquest maps hosted by server for levels 10+ now have 200 tickets instead of 100, also increased time limit for these matches to 30 minutes.
-Improved loading speed of web page on welcome back screen
-Updated damage indicator
-Fixed health desync
-Speed and health regen adjustments

April 6, 2012 UPDATE
-Removed slowed down for ADS for sniper rifles
-Decrease time to next round to 10 seconds
-Multi threading support was improved (faster loading time of main menu, levels)
-Updated collector's edition text
-Fixed supply crates not showing correct info
-Fix interference between hold breath & sprint when sniping
-Fix for shooting anim speed
-Fixed memory leak in physics
-Added loot boxes (inventory)
-Faster moving, slower health regen
-Laser: narrower and put range limit at 40m

April 5, 2012 UPDATE
-Performance optimization's
-Fixed crash due to video memory leak
-Fixed crashes when launching the game
-Recoil\spread tweaking
-Player speed tweaking
-Added 64 player options for crossroads, burning sea, citadel (premium accounts only).
-Optimization's to Burning Sea
-Small layout change on Citadel
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed missing collision on Jungle ruins
- Moved spawn points away from flags on burning Sea
- Updated recoil code – easier to fight recoil and acquire targets
- Updated recoil pattern
- Lowered recoil “ceiling”
Product Update - Valve
- New Updater: that compresses archives to help reduce the total size of the game.
- Mystery Crates are BACK!
- Fixed a bug (Really this time!) with high level players getting put into low level games.
- If your item has less than a day left of rent time, it will now show hours and minutes left.
- Fixed crash when game finished.
- Welcome back screen now shows how much time left until next daily reward.
Product Update - Valve
- Updated sounds for a number of weapons
- Fixed Sabotage games requiring only one player on each team to start
- Players can now ‘cook’ mines longer
- Updated HUD to make pop ups less obtrusive
- Reload animations now play properly
- Fixed issue with players being able to switch weapons while running, only to have switch occur after they stopped
- Fixed chat after the player dies
- Fixed reticules so they don’t go beyond the screen
- Brand new UI – home screen, equipment screens, unlock loadout screens, and a few others
- New performance optimizations (triple buffering when VSYNC is on)
- Achievements!
- Fixed Battlezones reaching too far on maps
Product Update - Valve
new map added: The Citadel (Team Deathmatch)
all sniper rifles now use real bullet physics (subject to further tweaking)
updated in-game HUD

Bug fixes:
- fixed sound of AK-74, Vintorez, Uzi, MP5SD, PKM, AT4, some other minor tweaks to sounds
- fixed bug with footstep sounds when running on wooden planks
- fixed bug that player was able to jump on almost vertical surface
- do not draw particles until all textures are loaded
- fixed capture point logic (when one guy was able to stall flag capture versus 2+ enemies)
- fixed bug in damage calculations (was not giving enough damage)
- final fix for auto-roll to a new game sometimes was joining high level players to newbie games
- Fix for the camera slide upwards while quick zooming.
- Fix for sound fire event not stopping when game finished
Product Update - Valve
Updated sounds for weapons
Updated ragdoll weight, better ragdoll simulation
Explosions now take into account walls properly
Fixed issues with grenades not being in sync on all clients
UAVs are now destroyed when the game starts

Bug fixes:
Fixed visibility issues
Fixed bug that some rewards were given in practice games
Fixed auto join connecting high level players to low level games
Fixed an issue with bomb on sabotage falling through geometry
Fixed skinning issues when in ragdoll mode (stretched triangles)
Fixed chat bug where /Blah would appear as a global message but not get sent out like one

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