Product Update - Valve
new map added: The Citadel (Team Deathmatch)
all sniper rifles now use real bullet physics (subject to further tweaking)
updated in-game HUD

Bug fixes:
- fixed sound of AK-74, Vintorez, Uzi, MP5SD, PKM, AT4, some other minor tweaks to sounds
- fixed bug with footstep sounds when running on wooden planks
- fixed bug that player was able to jump on almost vertical surface
- do not draw particles until all textures are loaded
- fixed capture point logic (when one guy was able to stall flag capture versus 2+ enemies)
- fixed bug in damage calculations (was not giving enough damage)
- final fix for auto-roll to a new game sometimes was joining high level players to newbie games
- Fix for the camera slide upwards while quick zooming.
- Fix for sound fire event not stopping when game finished
Product Update - Valve
Updated sounds for weapons
Updated ragdoll weight, better ragdoll simulation
Explosions now take into account walls properly
Fixed issues with grenades not being in sync on all clients
UAVs are now destroyed when the game starts

Bug fixes:
Fixed visibility issues
Fixed bug that some rewards were given in practice games
Fixed auto join connecting high level players to low level games
Fixed an issue with bomb on sabotage falling through geometry
Fixed skinning issues when in ragdoll mode (stretched triangles)
Fixed chat bug where /Blah would appear as a global message but not get sent out like one
Product Update - Valve
Enabled ragdoll
Updated weapon sounds
Mines will not trigger through walls anymore
Claymores are now directional (damage goes in front of the claymore)
Updated level up rewards
Added range to flags
Made flag icons smaller
/suicide is now a valid chat command
Updated End of Round screen
Added functionality for multiple people to tag the same target with the camera drone

Fix for mouse pointer appearing at the beginning of Sabotage games
Fix for an issue when screen stays black & white after sabotage game started
EOD skill now works as described
Fixed an issue when bomb dropped in Sabotage game might be left in the air
Fixed quick throw for grenades (was throwing sometimes two grenades in a row)
Fixed bug when in sabotage game players were not always getting proper scoreboard info
Fixed bug when respawn screen timer sometimes gets stuck at 0
Fixed bug when zooming in and your aim would move to the side
When joining sabotage match, the game will no longer force you to remove your RPG, server will remove it automatically for that match
Corrected location for mine and claymore placement
Fixed bug when sometimes after joining sabotage game you would see scope from previous game
Fix bug when some objects would disappear due to improper bounding box
Dropped weapons and weapons picked up by other players now have correct weapon upgrade information
Fixed Eye Spy ability
Product Update - Valve
You can now switch between camera that has aim in the middle of the screen or above center of the screen from Options screen. Be default it is set to center.
Moved SMG to Secondary slot (was in Primary)
Added collector's edition (offer will be shown to you randomly at the start of the game, also it will be available shortly in our web store)
New weapon sounds for AKS74U and Bizon
Fixed lag when new player joins the game

Bug fixes:
You can no longer change weapons while sprinting
Adjusted camera offset when switching camera left\right side
Fixed bug with footsteps playing while jumping
When in UAV Mode, the game now correctly updates game score
Fix for a problem where shooting and then changing weapons caused the light to remain. Now when you change weapons the light is disabled.
Fixed spectator mode not showing players in correct teams
Fixed bug that ping wasn't showing when in spectator mode
Fixed mines not triggering properly
Fixed big map not showing flags\enemies.
Set chat input limit to 128 characters
Fixed bug when you were able to fire all bullets at the same time
Fixed bug when scoping and firing causing a camera to tilt up
Fixed bug when sometimes player would jiggle wildly next to the wall
Don't give any rewards for team kills except for team kill penalty.
Fixed bug with picking up RPG and not being able to deal any damage
Fixed bug when crouching you can clip wall and see through it or even shoot through it
Fixed AFK timer for Sabotage games
Fixed bug that was allowing to switch weapon while placing mine
Allow to spawn UAV if it was destroyed in pre-game phase
Weapon upgrades disabled in sabotage games
Fixed bug showing 5000 GD in welcome package.
Fixed bug that player was able to jump on almost vertical surfaces
Auto join to next map will not join players to custom games anymore
Product Update - Valve
Added weapon upgrades (look in Armory, upgrades are available only for permanent weapons)
Changed accuracy in ui to spread, added recoil
Added 4 heroes (you cannot use any other gear with Hero character)
Added language selection to Options. After update it will try to automatically select your native language
New weapons added: handgun Colt1911, shotgun Mossberg, SMG P90S, sniper rifle Blaser
Changed Primary and Secondary weapons categories for SMG and SUPPORT
Airstrikes have been added. You need Laser Designator to use airstrikes.
Some scopes were improved
Added voice overs to capturing flag events, communication rose, artillery strikes
Weapon feedback improved
Particles can now cast shadows
Password protection is working for unranked games only

Bug fixes:
fix for WP balance when buying supply crates
fix water problems with fog
particles optimized for older video cards
first pass on optimizing a lag when another player joins a match
added ultra to shadows quality in options
crash fixes
Product Update - Valve
Adjusted how much XP needed for each level
Added Gold Credit rewards for leveling up
Fixed UI bugs
Product Update - Valve
Bug fixes:
Rewards for winning round, best player in team\overall are lowered
Fixed issues with font in UI
Updated PhysX, grenades\rockets should now work correctly (not fly through geometry)
Nightfall map lighting was updated, now it is darker
Product Update - Valve
Updated UI for PlayGame menu. Added Basic and Premium game creation.
Simplified XP rewards. Now showing only one XP in end of round, rather than offense\defense\tactician\etc. Updated End of Round menu is coming soon.
Updated rewards (XP was increased)
Reset stats when game starts
Show rewards in practice games (though they will be reset at the end of round)

Bug fixes:
Fixed bug with grenades
Camera fixes
Fixed bug that we were giving 20GC for kill enemy close to their flag, instead of 20WP
Product Update - Valve
Slowed down capture flag speed (should take about 20 seconds to capture neutral flag)
Added new rewards:
Kill enemy close to your flag
Kill enemy close to enemy flag
Sabotage win round by number of kills
Updated min player requirement to start the game (lowered to 6 players and 4 players on small maps)
Updated store UI
Added daily\weekly awards in My Merc section
Jump animation tweaked

Bug fixes:
fixed bug that in deathmatch tickets were decreased while game hasn't started yet
fixed bug that win\loss match rewards were not given in sabotage game
fixed bug with giving best player reward at the end of round
fixed sniper scope position
Product Update - Valve
Added Sabotage rewards (plant and diffuse bomb)
Added end of round reward for best player and best player in team
Don't show red\blue crosshair if weapon is blocked (by wall in the corner for example)
Show crosshair for sniper rifle when not aiming
Updated level up bonuses

Bug fixes:
Fixed bug that crosshair on non 16:9 resolutions was off
Removed stamina when sprinting
Adjusted UI for weapon stats (was showing incorrect values)
Fixed jumping issues: getting glued or sliding over geometry
Fixed ally player identification
Fixed bug when server was forcing armor and head gear (you were not able to remove them)
Footstep sound tweaks

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