Community Announcements - GM_Larek

Dear soldiers of A.V.A,

We are almost there!
Get ready to enter the fantasy world with a brand new collection of exclusive weapons!

Check out A.V.A.’s new FANTASY themed Fortune Stars now!


What is Fortune Stars?

Fortune Stars is a new selection of weapons available in the Fortune Stars section in-game!
Fortune Stars guarantees a win with every play, and that every win will be a beautiful weapon that simply cannot be found anywhere else!

Weapons available in Fortune Stars:
  • MP7A1 Night Flier
  • Mosin-Nagant Dragon Roar
  • SR-2M Rune Master
  • M14 Golden Lord
  • F2000 Aqua horizon
  • OTS-03 Alien Insect
  • AMD65 Ruin
  • SV98 Golden Soil
  • M1921 Anne Bonny
(see pictures at the bottom of the news)

Please note that player who already have the M1921 Anne Bonny from the previous season already have 1 Star in the Bonus Route!
You will therefore only need 1 more spin to get the first bonus!



Bonus items

Spin the Fortune Stars 2 times and get the Tri Crystal Edge as a bonus!

Spin the Fortune Stars 3 times and transform your character into Lily, Lady of War!

Spin the Fortune Stars 6 times and get yourself a fantastic MTE-224 Bloody Rock on top!

Spin 9 times and claim all the weapons, including the amazing Dual TMP Icy Fort!
That's 12 permanent weapons and an exclusive character in only 9 spins!


Please note that player who already have the M1921 Anne Bonny from the previous season already have 1 Star in the Bonus Route!
You will therefore only need 1 more spin to get the first bonus!

Also, please know that some Special Tiered Spenders will also be available!
Stay tuned for more information! 

Of course, you can also redeem free items in the Monthly Loyalty Program!



How does it work?
  • Log into AVA
  • Head to the Fortune Stars section
  • Spin and win!


Why play?

Fortune Stars weapons are completely unique. These gorgeous designs will never be available anywhere else so this is your only time to grab them! 

Keep in mind that many of the spins involved grant you even more weapons and bonus items! Spins 2, 3, 6, and 9 all have additional goodies to sweeten the deal!


How much does it cost?

Each spin is 2499AP and wins you an exclusive permanent weapon. 


Fortune Stars
Start: June 9th 2015
End: July 21th 2015

You have only 6 weeks to get all the goods so do not wait!

Your AVA Team

Community Announcements - GM_Larek


Challenge your skills in this new brand map!
  • Play solo or coop (2 players) through an entirely new map
  • Wield heavy weapons: Mini-guns, RPGs, and Grenade Launchers
  • Fight swarms of enemies: Soldiers, demons, zombies and more
  • Unleash Over Rider’s new bullet time power
  • Parachute into combat
  • Battle a gorgeous and deadly psionically enhanced end boss
  • Win amazing new loot including the Over Rider Mask and Storm Kukri


Name: Over Rider
Type: Scenario
Modes: Easy/Normal

Over Rider Rewards

Easy Mode
Kukri Over Rider
100 euros
M67 Over Rider (1 day)
Smoke Grenade Over Rider (1 day)
M67 Grenade (1 day)
M116A1 grenade flash Ⅲ (1 day)
M18 RED smoke grenade II (1 day)
M18 Gray smoke grenade II (1 day)

Challenge mode
Kukri Over Rider
Kukri Storm Over Rider
Over Rider Mask
100 euros
M67 Over Rider (1 day)
Smoke Grenade Over Rider (1 day)
M67 Grenade (1 day)
M116A1 grenade flash Ⅲ (1 day)
M18 RED smoke grenade II (1 day)
M18 Gray smoke grenade II (1 day)

Note: the 1-day items do not stack over 30 days

Quick Match

Permanent American Flag Mask
Permanent American Flag Grenade (skin)
Permanent Apple Pie Grenade (skin)
Permanent bamboo Leaf Grenade (skin)
Permanent Kiitti Mask
50 Euros


Other Changes related to maps
New version of Hellhound - Demolition is now available
Pyramid now also available without (AI)

A new season of Fortune Stars is starting with the theme "Fantasy"

The following weapons are waiting for you in the Fortune Stars section:

MP7A1 Night Flier
Mosin-Nagant Dragon Roar
SR-2M Rune Master
M14 Golden Lord
F2000 Aqua horizon
OTS-03 Alien Insect
AMD65 Ruin
SV98 Golden Soil
M1921 Anne Bonny

And as always new bonus items are also available! The more you spin, the more you get!
2 Spins Bonus: Tri Crystal Edge
3 Spins Bonus: Lily, Lady of War
6 Spins Bonus: MTE-224 Bloody Rock
9 Spins Bonus: Dual TMP Icy Fort

Check our SEPARATE NEWS for more information on Fortune Stars Season 2!


New Box in the Capsule Shop

Over Rider Box

Test you luck and win some unique items in this brand new Ticket box!
Available for 5 Red Tickets or 25 Blue Tickets.
Content of the box: Secret - Discover for yourself!

New items available in store

Rx4 Medusa (perm) available for 180 Red Tickets
Galil MAR Choromenon (perm) available for 230 Red Tickets
DSR-1 Dark Angel available for 250 Red Tickets


New Euro Bonus item: Diablo Mask
Diablo Mask (1D) + 3 000 euros available for 99AP
Diablo Mask (3D) + 6 000 euros available for 199AP
Diablo Mask (7D) + 31 000 euros available for 999AP
Diablo Mask (15D) + 56 000 euros available for 1799AP
Diablo Mask (30D) + 100 000 euros available for 2999AP

Permanent Euro weapons are now also available for AP

Other item changes:
A.V.A. Train Booster renamed AI Infiltration Booster
A.V.A. Train Battle Support renamed AI Infiltration Battle Support

The Mach Turtle has been rebalanced (before>after)

It is now possible to sell some duplicate items for euros (limited number of weapons)

In-game changes

Channel changes
EU/NA PvP2 / Level 1 ~ 5 Channel and Level 1 ~ 10 Channel have been removed
PvP Channel 1 (EU/NA) is now called PvP Channel
The Beginner button has been removed
Quick match is now available in-game
Players are moved to Quick match at the end of the Tutorial

Other changes
The Hanami box has been removed from the Capsule store
The Hanami Package has been removed from the store
The Car Package has been removed from the store
The Talisman Package has been removed from the store
The number of Capsule Vouchers needed for the FR-F2 Legend Capsule has been adjusted (1>2)
Euro Bonus items other than Diablo Mask have been removed
Xigncode update

Fixed issue
An issue where the Escort ranking of Clan Championship was not displayed has been fixed
The zoom function of the SG552 Commando has been modified
An issue in the French version where players could not create an Escort map has been fixed
Issues with the AK47 Blacksnake have been fixed
Missing animation on the M4A1 Asa Thor has been fixed

Have fun!
Your A.V.A Team
Community Announcements - GM_Larek

Dear A.V.A soldiers,

Lot of new exciting content for you this month!
Check our patch notes below!

Permanent weapons are back!

The long awaited Permanent Weapons are back in the store for in-game euros!
Ranging from 15 000 euros to 70 000 euros, find the perfect weapon to match your playstyle from the 90 permanent weapons currently available (more to come in future updates).

3 New Boxes available in the Capsule store

Blaster Box
The best of the best is available for 999AP!
Possible Prizes: Corvus III Blaster (perm), X-plorer Blaster (perm), Firebird Blaster (perm)
PPsH Dao (perm), FR-F2 Sumire (perm), ASW.338 Jornungand (perm), Kriss Houou (perm), Arisaka (perm), M40A5 White Tiger (perm), Hot Roader12 (perm) or 10 Red Tickets

Famas Felin Box
Try your luck and you could win the exclusive Famas Felin for only 200AP!
Possible Prizes: Famas Felin (perm) or 1 Red Ticket

Uchigatana Box
From feudal Japan comes the Uchigatana, the Samurai's striking blade of choice for only 5 Red Tickets!
Possible Prizes: Uchigatana 1 Day, 7 Days or Permanent

New items available in store

R4 Chester (perm) available for 200 Red Tickets

XM2010 ESR (perm) available for 58 000 euros

M18 Smoke gray III available for 1 900 euros (7Days), 2 900 euros (15Days) and 4 900 euros (30Days)

M18 Smoke gray II (left) vs M18 Smoke gray III (right)

In-game changes

Changes for new players
Initial amount of euros has been increased from 30 000 euros to 50 000 euros
Tutorial rewards have been changed: 10 000 euros / 10 000 euros / 10 000 euros + Exp+100% (7days)
New rewards for each day of gameplay for new players (see below)

New rewards for each day of gameplay for returning players (see below)

Note: Returning players are users inactive for 28 days

Other changes
The Thor box has been removed from the Capsule store
The Folding Knife box has been removed from the Capsule store

Known issue
Death Valley
Death Valley is currently impossible to perform as too many enemies will spawn during the first seconds of the map. We are aware of this issue and it will be patched in the upcoming content update.
M4A1 Asa Thor
We are aware of a missing lightning animation on the M4A1 Asa Thor. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming content update.

Hope you have fun!
Your A.V.A Team


Community Announcements - gm_haruki

New content of this patch:

New mode - MEGA MODE: Unleash a new Mayhem in this special annihilation mode! Jump into Blind Eagle and fight the hordes of enemies relentlessly. You will find a unique level-up system plus the possibility of gaining game points. Use this game points to spawn some reinforcements for your team or to get yourself one of the in-game heavy fire weapons: GM94 Grenade Launcher, M202 Rocket Launcher and M134 Mini Gun. The fun is already served. Enjoy!!

New capsule boxes: Thor Box*, Raging Judge 28 Box** and Raging Angelo Box***.

New starter pack: restricted to 1 per account. Do not pass this chance of trying a bunch of cool weapons for only 499 AP. In the in-game shop you will find this starter pack featuring wonders such as: Kar 98k Raijin (15D), AK47 Lion (15D), MAGPUL PDR Witch (15D), Red Skull (15D), MK.23 Red Line (15D), Pumpkin Grenade (15D), Red Slasher (15D), Ahmed (15D), Vasily (15D), Ginny (15D), a full set of 14 Armour (7D), Double Up (7D) and Smart Aim (7D).

New 9 AP shop items

* New capsule box: Thor Box

Try your luck with this amazing box. Each capsule costs 599 AP and will render one of the following weapons permanent or a 30-day version: CZ Scorpion Evo 3 Cosmic, M14 Cosmic, Ballista Cosmic, MP7A1 Roswell, FG42 Roswell and Mosin Nagant Roswell. The jackpot features a very juicy new M4A1 permanent: the M4A1 Asa Thor.

** New capsule box: Raging Judge 28 Box

Is pistols that you love? Then try with this capsule box filled up with lethal permanent models. Each capsule costs 10 Red Tickets. The jackpot features a permanent Raging Judge 28 but you may also obtain: Mauser C96 MP, Walther P38, FN57, Python 357, Luger P-80, Berreta M93Ra, Colt SAA, Auto9, Winchester M1887 and S&W M29. If you do not get any pistol, you will still get 10 Blue Tickets.

*** New capsule box: Raging Angelo Box

Love pistols but want to try your luck with Blue Tickets? Then this is your box: each capsule costs 25 Blue Tickets and will give you the chance of obtaining the permanent jackpot, Raging Angelo, 3.000 in-game euros or one of the following permanent models: SW 1911, Super Red Hawk and HK45 Tactical.

Euro Booster +100% applied in Demolition Random, Breach Random and Escort Random.
An issue making the Rx4-Raffin, CZ75 and Dual uzi unavailable in the in-game shop has been fixed
Cherry blossom effect added to the lobby
Xigncode update
Clan marks are now appearing correctly.

Enjoy the new content, soldiers!!

Your A.V.A Team
Community Announcements - GM_Larek

New Content of this patch
- Fortune Stars section has been added: 9 exclusive weapons are waiting for you!*
- New weapons in the shop: SPAS-12 Catena (perm - 200 RT), AR-57 (3/7/15/30 days)
- New Capsule Box: St Patrick Box. Test your luck to win the Beer Stein permanent skin**
- (AI)Aslan map has been added


Fortune Stars

9 Fantastic weapons and 4 extra bonus are waiting for you in game!
Collect them all and get yourself the amazing AK47-Dragon!
See our Fortune Stars News for further information!


** New Box in the Capsule Store: St Patrick Box
For only 1 Red Ticket, get the a chance to win a permanent Beer Stein grenade skin or one of these 7-days skins for your grenade: Eva Doll Grenade, Pike Bomb, Bamboo Leaf Grenade
(Note: these skins are for the M67 grenade - You will need the master item to equip them)


In-game changes

Removed items
Train Box has been removed from the Capsule Shop
Golden Year Box has been removed from the Capsule Shop

Other changes
The observer top view map visibility has been improved
The sync. between the shots fired and the ]impact being displayed has been improved
It is now possible to delete (sell for 0 euro) duplicate items obtained in the Train Mode (e.g. Desert Eagle Black Edition, MX-01 Saw Aquila, Eisbeil Aquila)
Shader optimization has been implemented to increase frame rate
New players will receive an Iyan set (9 days), Flash Grenade (30 days) and Smoke Gray (30 days) in addition to the usual training weapons

The accuracy and range of the M1897 Painkiller have been increased

The channel congestion icon has been changed


Fixed issues
An issue where it was possible to sprint while reloading has been fixed
An issue where a mask would still appear in the store when "hide mask" is ticked has been fixed
A graphical bug with the AK47 Glaucos has been fixed
An issue with the mobility of the Assault Kobra has been fixed

Known issues
The ACOG x4 is showing as white on some weapons (SA58 and associated skins, FN2000 and associated skins, AK-12 and associated skins, AK-107 bis, AK74M, M14 Fullmoon...)
Issue with the 9AP shop appearing empty
"Gift option" in the Casule Shop will be removed
The Fortune Stars icon does not appear immediately and you will need to enter a channel (e.g. PvP) for it to appear.

Please know that a hotfix for these issues will be performed in the upcoming days.

Have fun,
Your A.V.A Team

Community Announcements - gm_haruki

New Content of this patch
- New weapons in the ticket shop: MP5K Vespa (230 RT), SR-3M Qilin (220 RT) and Tai-chi Sword (100 RT)
- New weapons will be available in the Web Mall: Socom Red Line and Beretta 92 FS Red line
- New Capsule Box: Golden Year Box for 20 RT per Capsule. Test your luck to win the M4A1 Carbon or one of the 3 “Bighorn” weapons*
- The “Golden Year” Package has been added for 500 RT**
- The 7 days version of the Kel-Tec KSG has been added for 10.500 euros
- Chance to obtain the Glock21c Success as a reward when completing your daily quests.

Glock 21c Success

* New Capsule Box: Golden Year Box

Try your luck in this capsule box to get amazing goodies! You can win either 10.000€ , a Lamb grenade, one of the new Bighorn weapons: Remington870 Bighorn, K-2 Bighorn and TPG-1 Bighorn (all perm), or even the big Jackpot: a M4A1 Carbon. Each capsule will cost you 20 Red Tickets.
[size=9]Note: Please know that the Train Box and FR-F2 Legend Box are still available.[/size]

** New Pack: Golden Year
Get the Remington870 Bighorn, K-2 Bighorn and TPG-1 Bighorn (all perm) for only 500 RT!

M4A1 Carbon

In-game changes

- Changes to the way the channel list is displayed have been implemented
- The item description window in the store can be toggled On/Off
- It is now possible to zoom-in on your character, even in the inventory
- The current buffs equipped (such as EXP Booster or Euro Boosters) are now visible on the left side while in the menu (lobby, store, inventory…)
- Items that are limited to one purchase per person are now clearly listed in the store
- Armor and weapon stats and information are now better explained

bonuses now more visible

- The time allotment for clearing the 3 checkpoints in Breakthrough Mode has been applied to Escort Mode
- Start Zones have been added and 3 seconds timer has been implemented at the start of a map (Demolition mode). It is not possible to damage allies during this timer
- Some of the extra magazine related skills have been removed (Passive Ammo Bonus from Skills)
- Changes and Balance Adjustments to M1151 GC Nestor Skin Group: the Skin group of the Flash Grenade II has been changed to Flash Grenade III and the balance has been adjusted to match the new category

3sec. timer

removed skills

skills added

Gameplay changes
- Semi-automatic snipers can been disabled on the map Sniper Gallery (if no bolt action snipers are equipped, only pistols can be used)
- Sniper moving speed has been reduced when zooming while the damage dealt by snipers has been increased
- Shooting Posture Calibrator: this feature, only available for the first 30 days after creating a character, is an auxiliary HUD that enables user to aim for headshots
- A stability meter is now visible on the right while zooming with a sniper

stability meter

Spectator mode

- Unequipped weapons are now displayed when in Spectator Mode/Ghost Mode
- A message transmission delay has been implemented while in Spectator mode

The following items have been removed
- Primary ammo B and Secondary ammo B have been removed from the store (the Primary ammo A and Secondary ammo A are now available in 1/7/30 days versions).
- The Brazil package, Freedom package and Independence Day package have been removed from the store
- Coupons have been removed from the in-game currency and the Coupon items have been removed from the store
- The Talisman Box has been removed from the Capsule Shop
- Field Manuals have been removed from the store

Fixed bugs
- Helmet Hit AP Deduction has been fixed
- Some error in the specification of custom parts' descriptions have been fixed
- Other fixed bugs will be added later

Known issues
The map E-boat is currently under construction and should be back soon.
The AK47 Black Snake is not shown to other players while playing even if the owner sees it in his own screen. Also, there are some issues with the icons that get displayed when killing with this weapons.

Grenade information chart
Now you can equip three flash grenades or three smoke grenades at the same time if you want. Besides, if you are playing with the pointman class, you will be able to equip a total number of six smoke grenades.

However, you will only be able to equip ONE damage grenade in your inventory per game; unless you also have a pumpkin grenade (in this case, you can use a damage grenade plus a pumpkin grenade plus another type of grenade of your choice)

Have fun,
Your A.V.A. Team
Community Announcements - gm_haruki

New Content of this patch:

New Map: this patch brings to you Fox Hunting in [AI]mode, both in Easy and Normal.
Each new time you access the lobby you will find a default open room, [AI] Cold Case Normal.
New weapons in the ticket shop: AWM Naga, S&M M500, Spectre Tauben*.
New Capsule Box: Talisman Box**.
A complete new set of new packages in the in-game shop: Leopard Package and Talisman Package ***.
You can obtain now a new permanent reward for the Match Roulette: a random Lamb Doll, (permanent skin for the M67 grenade). This replaces the Harpoon Knife, which is still bugged. We do apologize for this issue but a fix for this weapon will have to wait.
The Mega Capsule Season 7 has been removed.
New community weapons: with the last patch we released the creation of Anapshock, the FR-F2 Legend, and now we bring to you the other two winners of that competition. The SA58 Para Wildflower, designed by chris.truett, and the SR-3M Flash, designed by Thelastjorel. Both of them will be soon visible on the Web Mall, so stay tuned!

* New weapons in the ticket shop:

AWM Naga (Permanent): 200 Red Tickets
S&M M500 (Permanent): 120 Red Tickets
Spectre Tauben (Permanent): 220 Blue Tickets

** New Capsule Box: Talisman Box:

Try your luck in this capsule box to get 10.000€, one of the new Talisman weapons: Ballista Talisman, M4A1 Talisman, MP7A1 Talisman and Togarev Talisman (all permanent), or the big Jackpot: a Barret M82A1. Each capsule will cost you 10 Red Tickets.

*** New packages inside the game:
Vasily, Ginny and Ahmed are getting exotic! Have a look at some of the Leopard Packages brought to you for this season. All include a permanent leopard skin, plus other cool timed items, including the new White Tiger Mask.
Each package has a cost of 2999 AP.

We also have for you a Talisman Package, if you want to get all the Talisman weapons in its permanent version at once, plus the charismatic new Lamb Doll. This package has a cost of [color=red]500 RT[/color].

[size=18]NA MAPS BUG FIXED! The bug that prevented the launching of certain maps of NA has been fixed.[/size]

Enjoy the new content, soldiers!

Your A.V.A Team
Community Announcements - gm_haruki

New Content of this patch:

New Maps: enjoy your games in your amazing new maps. You have Casablanca for Escort lovers and the new Train, for those who prefer some Cooperation mode (for 1 and 2 people). Also, we bring to you the Normal mode of Death Valley. Enjoy!
On a side note, we have also added: [AI] Dual Sight (Easy/Normal) and Battle gear: Blood (Easy/Normal).
Introduction of the Breach Mode: the Breach mode, featuring the maps Rising Dust Night, Storm Blitz, Casablanca and Scorpion, brings to you the good action of Escort reducing the time of getting the RPG7 and presenting you with different passing points of the tank. The tank now shoots shells from the main cannon, the mounted MG was removed. Try it out!
New weapon in the ticket shop: PP2000 Galaxy, M14 Battleship, 99SR Crete Varyagas and F2000 Scandium*.
New Capsule Boxes: Train Mystery Box** and Legend Box***.
New season of the Mega Capsule: this time, the Cyber theme brings to you a cool set of new modern wonders for you to use. Stay tuned for the incentives, bonus and great prizes for spinning, better than in previous seasons!
A complete new set of armour: try the 14 series: SH-14 Special Helmet, SA-14 Special Armor, SP-14 Special Joint Protectors, SD-14 Special Camo, SG-14 Special Gloves and SB-14 Combat Shoes. You may find them in the in-game shop for different day durations. Sum those elements to gear up and get amazing bonuses!
AVA Train Play Booster and AVA Train Battle Support items available for you in the in-game shop, for those of you who require an extra push in the Train missions.
New items in the 9AP shop
The Sport Box in the Capsule shop has been removed.

* New weapons in the ticket shop: PP2000 Galaxy (perm): 250 Red Tickets
M14 Battleship (perm): 230 Red Tickets
F2000 Scandium (perm): 240 Blue Tickets
99SR Crete Varyagas (perm): 180 Red Tickets

** New Capsule Box - Train Mystery Box:
Try your luck with this box that had a great reception in its past edition. Each capsule costs either 5 Red Tickets or 20 Blue Tickets and give you the chance to win amazing permanent or timed items! The thing is, no matter what currency you use, you will have exactly the same chance to win those items!!

*** New Capsule Box - Legend:
Back in the days, there was a design competition in the forums and the player Anapshock won in the sniper category with his amazing prototype FR-F2 Legend. The development team brings to you finally his design for you to obtain! 200 AP per capsule!

Fixed bugs:
You can now use your XCR Ignis again. The weapon has been fixed.
You can also use the MK3A2 grenade and the pumpkin grenade. These two have also been fixed.
You can launch FFA Breakout again.
The bug that prevented modding the SVDM Fullmoon has been repaired.
The Tank Field Manual will not crash anymore the game when trying to exceed the 15 day limit.
The blackscreen issues in Fullscreen and low resolutions have been repaired as well.
Users with Windows 8 or 8.1 can now launche the game without problems.

New bugs - To be fixed soon:
The map Sniper Gallery does not work for EU. It does work for NA though.

Enjoy the new content, soldiers!

Your A.V.A Team
Community Announcements - GM_AVA
Dear soldiers,

You read it correctly. Steam Trading Cards are now available for A.V.A! ːginnyː

From now on you can earn trading cards by playing A.V.A. You can look up your eligibility for card drops on your badge progress page on your steam profile.

With a full set of A.V.A trading cards you can craft a badge and earn avasome profile backgrounds and emoticons! Check out GM_AVA's profile for a quick preview!

How to check your card drops for A.V.A:
Go to your profile, click in the upper right corner on your Steam level or badge, look for "A.V.A - Alliance o Valiant Arms" and click on it. On the next page you will be able to see your remaining card drops for A.V.A and by clicking on "How do I earn card drops?" you can learn how to earn more card drops.

Now its time to jump on the battlefield and play for your new A.V.A profile swag! Happy hunting! ːpriestː

- Your A.V.A Team
Community Announcements - gm_haruki
Hey everyone,

During this last days, a Dragon Nest Mission was running and the main person under the mission at the time was Ahmed.

Ahmed was able to retrieve one of the weapons yesterday and during the night while the dragon was sleeping he successfully retrieve a good number of weapons to bring up to A.V.A. so as this Dragon Nest Mission came to an end, we are now introducing the brand new 6th Mega Capsule, Dragoon.

[size=18]The 6th Mega Capsule weapons:[/size]


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