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Product Release - Valve
War of the Vikings: Berserker King, all new content for War of the Vikings is Now Available on Steam!

A blade flashed. Hardacanut pawed at it, slapped against the flat but felt the edge bite his palm. He pivoted into the wielder, drove his sword up under a shield and cast the dying man down the ladder.

When Ivar the Boneless, heathen Viking king of Dublin, rampages through the petty kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, it's a chance for anybody with the courage to master their own fate.

Hardacanut the Berserker must prove himself worthy of Ivar's elite warband by carving a path to victory at the head of his own unruly band of warriors and freebooters. Young Ecbehrt of Bamburgh, a young English earl, yearns to escape the schemes of his king and flee into a wider world, but the Vikings are coming and war is in his blood.

Meanwhile, two ruthless women refuse to accept their place in what's supposed to be a "man's world". Princess Ymma, amateur witch, will do anything to become a queen. Lathgertha, king Ivar's axe-wielding sister, needs to take the head of a chieftain in battle in order to join the shieldmaiden Raven Sisters.

In the Dark Ages, anything is possible as long as you have a sword in your hand and warriors at your back…

Upon purchase, this book will be downloaded to the Steam folder on your computer in three formats: epub, mobi and PDF. To read the book on your mobile device, transfer the epub or mobi file to the device and open the file in your ebook reader app. Enjoy!

Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings dear Vikings (and Saxons)!

Today we are proud to bring you our release version of War of the Vikings. We have never done Early Access before, it has been a long and challenging process and ultimately it has had amazing results on the final game. This could not have happened without you, dearest players, and we will be forever grateful for all the assistance, feedback, testing, thoughts and efforts you have invested in this project. Thank you.

We will of course continue to support the game with new content, bugfixes, optimization and more.

Patch Notes: Version 1.0

Welcome to War of the Vikings 1.0!

- Added Map: Stronghold (PB, CQ)
- Added Map: Icefloe (Arena, TDM)
- Added Map: Ravine (CQ, PB, TDM)
- Added Map: Tide (Arena, TDM)
- Added Map: Ruins (Arena)
- Unlocked DLC Bonuses: Strategy Guide, Soundtrack, Artbook
- Increased XP Requirements for later ranks
- Updated Credits
- Removed Early Access icon(!)
- Reset all custom loadouts and shield paints
- Wiped progression*
All players above rank 10 have been reset to 10, all players below will keep their current rank. Coins have been reset (DLC Bonuses re-added)
- Added Video Setting: Extreme
- Tweaked overall Video Setting variables to better match expectations

- Fixed an issue with announcements not showing in Russian
- Fixed several server and client crashes

The War of the Vikings Team
Apr 4, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

Update 0.9.9 (wow, that is seriously close to launch!) is now live and ready to download.

This update brings you memory optimization, bugfixes and experience changes.

Full patch notes here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/234530/discussions/1/540738050938396036/

The War of the Vikings Team
Mar 24, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

Our latest Early Access update is now live, see patch notes below.

Changelog - Beta 0.9.7
- Added Spoils of War screen at end of rounds
- Added missing maps to Server Browser filter
- Added First win of the Day bonus (300 coins)
- Added sounds to a number of new events
- Spears now charge attacks when strafing if using Attack with Keyboard

- Fixed an issue where shields were not properly blocking some attacks
- Fixed a UI scaling issue
- Fixed several issues where sounds of the wrong language were being played
- Tons of performance optimization across both servers and clients:
This has resulted in a large patch due to the amount of changes made.
- Fixed an issue with PDX OS and re-enabled it
- Fixed an issue where Renown goals were not properly saving
- Temporarily disabled Pitched Battle on Forest due to an issue

Please see this thread for discussion & assistance with any issues.

The War of the Vikings Team
Mar 4, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Dearest community!

Our biggest update to date is now live and ready to download. Servers are still being patched and will become available during the day.

This update brings you tons of new content, all special edition & early access unique helmets, fresh balance, bugfixes and lots more!

See this thread for full patch notes and more information.

The War of the Vikings Team
Feb 21, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

We just released a hotfix patch to stabilize the current state of the game.

Beta v0.9.2 Changelog
Hotfix Patch

- Reduced game size by 4.6gb
- Fixed several issues where EAC was not automatically installed
- Fixed a server issue which would disconnect players after a prolonged session
- Fixed several client crashes

Please report any issues to our helpdesk.

The WotV Team
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

The BBBC is over, and we have five great finalists!

For those of you who don't know, the two winners of this competition will get their own beard available in-game.

Follow this link to vote for a winner!

The War of the Vikings Team
Feb 12, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

Our latest patch has been deployed, and with it comes Anti Cheat, a complete stat reset, some bug fixes and a few general changes.

Check out the patchnotes here!

The War of the Vikings Team
Jan 30, 2014
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

19:00 CET, that's basically now, we'll go live with a stream from our office going through the newest update.

We're also hosting a 64 player stress test (you'll find it as the only 64p server in the browser) and would love to see you participate!

The WotV Team
Community Announcements - [PDX]TotalyMoo
Greetings community!

Our latest and last update for Early Access is here, adding customization, a tutorial and much more!

Tomorrow, January 30th at 19:00 CET, we're hosting a stream from the Paradox offices going through the update and what's happening next. Watch it here.

Check out detailed information and full patch notes here.

The War of the Vikings Team

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