Community Announcements - Jerc
Substance Designer 4.6 is now available as a free update!
Here is the full changelist:

  • New license system
  • [3D View] Setting wrapping mode per sampler in glslfx
  • [3D View] Use "F" to focus on the object
  • [3D View] Add specular level channel for dielectrics in metal/rough PBR shader
  • [3D View] Set the save image shortcut to alt+S instead of ctrl+S (same for copy Viewport alt+c)
  • [3D View] Change default background color
  • [Bakers] New Thickness baker
  • [Bakers] New Opacity Mask baker
  • [Graph] duplicate a link from an input pin using ctrl+click (cmd click on mac)
  • [Graph] Store the output export path per graph
  • [Functions] Do not create getfloat node when creating a new input
  • [Parameters] Clicking and dragging on parameter slider does not set value to 0.
  • [Parameters] pinned parameter tab gets overridden
  • [Parameters] Alpha value is set to 1 when picking a color in the color widget
  • [Parameters] FloatX with Sbsar display wrong values in the UI
  • [Parameters] create/delete input hides the + button
  • [Parameters] Crash when deleting a function input
  • [Graph] Can't plug overlay node when using compact link mode
  • [Graph] Can't "Export all as Bitmaps" when the destination directory does not exist
  • [Graph] set "display connectors name" on by default
  • [Bakers] Can't use a psd layer as normal map resource
  • [Bakers] Selected material IDs not saved in Bake model information
  • [Bakers] Export path is saved as absolute
  • [Library] Potential random crash when browser large amount of items
  • [Library] folders with name containing "resources" are ignored
  • [Functions] Can't drag&drop a function onto a frame
  • [Functions] Duplicating a node gives an incorrect comment position
  • [Engine] SSE does not support opacity greater than 1 for image input in fx-map
Community Announcements - Jerc

Substance Painter 1.1 is out, with a ton of new features and content!
  • Added: New Material ID mask creator
  • Added: New angle follow parameter
  • Added: New backface culling parameter
  • Added: New Lazy mouse parameter
  • Added: [Layers] Support for multiple selections and management
  • Added: [Layers] Copy and paste from one texture set to one another
  • Added: [Export] Adobe Photoshop's PSD format
  • And much more...

To celebrate the end of a fantastic year and this release, Substance Painter and the Substance Indie Pack are both on sale for one day only! Thank you all for your support and Happy Holidays!

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 67% on Substance Painter!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Allegorithmic
Dear Friends,

The new generation of texture painting has arrived! Substance Painter 1.0 is out, with a mission: democratizing 3D painting.

The most significant features for this 1.0 include:
• 4K resolution support, to achieve superb detail in your painting.
• The ability to import your own rendering shader to paint in your own style.
• A much improved UI, making the tool easier than ever.
• A lot of new content: a dense library of PBR materials, Substance brushes, noises, mask generators and much more.

As promised, everyone who purchased the Beta will be upgraded today, for free.

We also want to announce that we will be extending the currently running promotion: the Indie license will remain at $99 (instead of $149) and the Pro license at $449 (instead of $590) until October 31st.
We hope you like the tool as much as we are excited to unleash it! Let us see what you produce with it, we can't wait!

The Allegorithmic Team
Community Announcements - Allegorithmic
Check out this showcase created with Substance Painter.
The wait is almost over :)

Substance Painter Dragon Teaser

The Allegorithmic Team
Community Announcements - Jerc
A hotfix for 4.5 has just been released:
  • [Mac]Crash when opening graph
  • [Mac] When creating a new Substance
  • [Library] Icons broken when using Aliases
  • [Library] Creating a new filter with a folder selected does not put the filter inside the folder
  • [Library] use "keyword" data in sbsar as "tag" for the library
  • [Preferences] projects files urls are not stored in relative in the configuration file
  • [Preferences] use alias for tangent plugin
  • [Preferences] Can't open a configuration file in readonly mode
  • [3D View] diffuse lighting is black for PBR shaders
  • [3D View] render artefacts on mac using blinn shader
  • [2D View] Flow and Opacity slider do not work
  • [Graph] Exporting graph outputs is extremely long
  • [Graph] Autoplug does not work if outputs have 2 usages
  • Crash when trying to reopen old .sbs
Community Announcements - Allegorithmic
Dear friends,

It has been quite an adventure since we first launched Substance Painter Beta back in March. We had the feeling that we might actually be onto something unique at first, however we did not imagine such an amazing response from the community of 3D artists worldwide (you guys! Thanks again!).

The community has grown substantially since and we believe this is only the beginning: next Wednesday, October 15th, we will be releasing the long-awaited Substance Painter 1.0.

For this launch, we would like to ask for your support:

In order to see this release echo throughout the entire 3D community, and to write the future of digital asset production together, we want to use a simple tool developed by our friends at Launchcrew. The idea is simple, yet powerful: if you want to help us, you just have to register and, on D-Day, Launchcrew will publish a single post on Facebook and/or Twitter on your behalf about the release (which you can already see on the Launchcrew page):

This common effort could make a huge difference and mark the date of October 15th as the start of the new generation of texture painting.

Thank you all so much for contributing, let's build the future of 3D together!

Founder and CEO
Community Announcements - Jerc

This new release comes with an updated baking interface, plugin support for custom tangent basis (mikkt is now available in the preferences) and tons of useful tweaks and fixes!

Main Changes
  • [Bakers] Common Settings
  • [Bakers] custom tangent basis plugins
  • [Bakers] Dilation radius option
  • [Bakers] Multi High poly meshes baking
  • [Bakers] Add an option to change how Ambient Occlusion is attenuated with distance (use Linear to get XNormal like results)
  • [Bakers] Expose the Spread angle for the AO from mesh and Bent normals bakers
  • [Bakers] Set the default bake names in the preference
  • [Bakers] Automaticaly close the dialog box when double clicking on a resource in the resource dialog selection
  • [Bakers] Add possibility to add custom Bake Name macros in preferences
  • [Bakers] Tooltips and parameters order adjustments

  • Add "basecolor" usage. Replaces the Diffuse usage when using the Metalness workflow to fit with UE4 naming convention.
  • [Preferences] Set the default resources path to .exe path
  • [Preferences] version control settings adjustments
  • [Preferences] Split the settings into two files / solution settings
  • [Graph] Use the first plugged or first visible output to generate node thumbnail
  • [Graph] Change the node instance color in case it belongs to a sbsar file
  • [Library] Assign filters to project
  • [Library] Use alias if possible for filter icons
  • [Projects] Store watched Path and Aliases in relative to the project file
  • [Explorer] Display warning in explorer when resource has invalid linked file
  • Auto reload sbsar files
  • Don't use the registry key "installDir" in SD to detect where SD is installed
  • Node Instance 'BaseColor' identifier updater
Community Announcements - Allegorithmic
Dear Friends,

Considering the number of requests of Steam users we have been receiving, we would like to clarify how the Bitmap2Material 3 upgrade process works on Steam.

Everyone who already owns Bitmap2Material 2 is entitled to have 50% off Bitmap2Material 3, so as to have a fair upgrade price. You will automatically get this as a loyalty discount if you are logged in your Steam account as per the screenshot below, so you should not expect to receive a coupon as it is already in the system :)

Finally, for customers who purchased Bitmap2Material 2 on Steam after August 25th, please send us a dated proof of purchase on our contact form and we will give you a free Steam upgrade to Bitmap2Material 3.

Hope it clarifies things!

The Allegorithmic Team
Community Announcements - Allegorithmic
Dear B2M community,


With today’s launch of Bitmap2Material 3 on Steam, would like to clarify with you how the upgrade process will work. There is no upgrade path per se, however, current owners of Bitmap2Material 2 will receive the custom offers below, so as to get Bitmap2Material 3 at a fair upgrade price (this is the only way Steam can handle the upgrade process).

FOR ALL CURRENT OWNERS OF BITMAP2MATERIAL (including those who bought it inside the Substance Indie Pack)

You will receive a 50% loyalty discount on Bitmap2Material 3 in your steam account. This is equivalent to the upgrade price.

FOR THOSE WHO PURCHASED BITMAP2MATERIAL AFTER AUG 25th 2014 (including those who bought it within the Substance Indie Pack)

You are eligible for a free upgrade to Bitmap2Material 3 and you need to contact us directly with a proof of purchase ( to receive it (sorry about that, this is the only way to do so…)

Note: if for any reason you do not receive the right offer in the next 48 hours, please contact us here:


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