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Community Announcements - Will
Welcome to another Week@Codehatch post. We have been working very hard on some new StarForge content.

Before we head into the new content, we thought we'd also mention that we are working on our IndieGoGo rewards fullfilment, and will have more on that in a seperate post sometime in the next couple weeks (as we want to show some screenshots detailing some of the rewards). At that time we will also start reaching out to our IndieGoGo backers for any additional details we may need.

We have also been working hard on finishing all of our Founders and Digital Deluxe perks, there will be another blog post on that seperatly in a couple weeks time when we are done the content.

Here is a preview of some exclusive Founders Club content:

So with that being said, what's new?

Well, the Sonar Probe is one of the neater items. If you read last weeks post, you'll notice we included a compass in the game. Well this little guy basically gets tossed on the ground like a grenade and scans for any nearby players or enemeies. What it finds then appears on your compass. They will be fairly cheap to create, so this will help aid in some "Predator" style of gameplay.

We've got a new Graphene Door coming in. This one is much less sucseptable to breach charges and hacking.

Our world spire is now done, we have yet to implement it in-game, hence the lack of color:

So the world spire will replace the vat at the center of the map. And there will be 3 vats surrounding the world spire. Every so often a light will emit from the top of the vats, this means loot has been dropped from orbit into the vat. They will be highly contested over, as once the loot is picked up, it is gone until the next drop.

We've also put in a repair gun. This will be useful for repairing your vehicles, generators, lights, and turrets that other players have shot. You may remember this model being called a "Winch Gun" before. However, we are not going to include a winch mechanic anymore due to performance and networking concerns we had with our rope physics.

We also have done a considerable amount of work on the Alien Forest biome, as you can see, there is now a thick fog that shrouds it alongside many illuminated plants. Players will find many areas to hide in this dense forest.

We figured it would be a good time to put some more smaller creatures in the world as well. Meet the Belcher. This one is err... a little toxic.

And finally, a flashing light -

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great week. We are working hard on the next update and hope to have it ready for a week from now. Thanks for all your support! :)


Jul 18, 2014
Community Announcements - Right-Click
Hey guys,

So this Week @ Code}{atch, things have been fairly relaxed, compared to the previous week. We've created some front-end changes in the game and have added a compass, harvestable plants, and a couple of creatures into the game.

The compass is featured at the bottom of the screen, and shows one the location of the world spire, enemies, npcs and other players.

It shifts around on the screen and now allows players to find their way to beacons, other players and orient themselves around landmarks such as the Spire.

Next up, we've got a mean new creature that moves fast, bites you fiercely and generally makes you hate life. Introducing, the Prowler:

It's pretty ferocious! It can run quite fast, it has hardy amounts of armor, and its only weakness is bullets. Lot's of 'em. So if you're under-prepared or early-on when you meet this guy, just run the other way.

Also, we've added a new animal of prey, that moves quickly and effectively, and drops a slightly different configuration of loot.

It's an non-aggressive class NPC, and skitters across the ground rapidly on its two fore-legs. It can be a challenge to catch up too, and possibly lead to some nasty predators.

The rest of the week has been spent fixing up bugs and tidying up the netcode. We've also changed some development methods around, in the hopes of being able to add features more robustly.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a solid weekend! From everyone here at Code}{atch, thank you!

-- Will
Community Announcements - Right-Click
Week @ Code}{atch -- "Beta Edition v0.8"


We've got the latest major update coming to you all live in time for the weekend! In this update, we give you all the much sought after smelter and refinery! Yes, now you don't have to hunt for your ingots (though that's still an occurance)! This is pretty fantastic news, as it also allows one to combine basic ores into advanced ores to be later smelted into the higher tier ingots required for the best equipment.

Check out the Refinery here:

The refinery helps players craft the more advanced ore in the game that cannot be mined, but must be combined in order to be obtained.

And next up, we have the Smelter:

This is the actual item used to convert ores into ingots

We're also bringing you more in the way of base defense, with the introduction of the inexpensive and fast-acting minigun turret, allowing players to secure rare deposits for their faction quickly. We're also introducing the much more powerful, elevated laser turret in order to create the feeling of a well-entrenched position.

The Minigun Turret

The minigun turret standing sentry at an outpost

And here we have the Laser Tower:

The Laser Tower fending off an attack on a mountainside.

With all these new defenses, you're probably wondering two things "How do I power them all?" and conversely "How do I shut them down in a confrontation?"

To answer the first question, we've added a new high-end power generator known as the Fusion Generator. It's radius is quite massive, and has the capability of powering several objects far away from it. And secondly, we've equipped players with a brand new grenade type, known as the EMP grenade. The EMP grenade specializes in shutting down turrets and other powered objects.

Check out this look at the Fusion Generator:

As was previewed on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/StarForgeGame?ref=hl) we're introducing a new monster into the game! A custom creation of our own called the Jelly Puff! This species is reminiscent of spiders back on Earth, but with the ability to float like a jelly, and puff up and explode like a puffer fish. They're pretty deadly in close-quarters, so be careful when wandering about the crashed ships. They seem to be attracted to the radiation, so the stronger the emissions, the more likely you'll run into one of these guys.

An imposing close-up of the Jelly Puff:

Note: Not nearly as friendly as its name would imply

We've also spent a considerable amount of effort on fixing up the framerate issues related to creature spawning. There should also be dramatically less creatures and NPCs spawning, along with increased spawn timers as well, aiding the fix. We've also tidied up vehicle related issues as well, and made improvements to cave and tunnel generation.

Two more front-end changes that we've added to the game include a new weapon (omigosh!) and adding functionality to the paint-gun. Players are now able to paint themselves and each other, including their armor sets with the paintgun. There also is a hue-slider within the in-game settings menu, where one can dynamically change their hue.

The new weapon we've got is the double-barrelled shotgun! The players can now fire two intense rounds of buckshot fury into the faces of their greatest nemesis before reloading this beast.

Righteous Battlecry Optional (And Recommended!)

We're really excited to release this update, as we feel it ties up 0.7.5 quite nicely, and brings the progression of the development into an excellent launchpad for things to come.

Thanks so much for supporting us this far, I hope you guys enjoy playing the new update!

From everyone here at Code}{atch, have a good weekend!




- Fixed an issue where too many enemies spawned in multiplayer games and negatively affected performance
- Reduced the total number of enemy and NPC spawns dramatically and increased the time between spawns
- The dual barrelled shotgun is now available
- The EMP grenade is now available
- The Fusion Power Generator is now available
- The Jelly Puff is now populating the crashed ship
- The Minigun Turret and Laser Tower are now available
- The Smelter and Refinery are now available to craft ingots
- There is a chance the mid section of the ship will be discoverable instead of the back end
- A variety of vehicle related issues have been addressed
- Made improvements to cave and tunnel spawning
- Players are now able to paint each other with the paint gun

- Voice Chat now enabled in-game, allowing players to talk to anyone within a 75 meter radius. Push 'V' to enable.



- See more at: http://starforge.typepad.com/starforge/2014/07/week-codeatch-beta-edition-v08-.html#sthash.DKxcnaTQ.dpuf
Community Announcements - Will
This patch addresses some issues that have come up. Below is a summary of some of the more visible fixes that have been put into this build. Unfortunately, users may experience some strangeness with older saved games with the new build and servers will have their content reset.

- Blocks should no longer vanish in a variety of circumstances
- Items will no longer disappear after walking far enough away from them
- Fixed an issue where players would spawn beneath the vat occasionally and not be able to move
- Ingots will now consistently stack properly
- Items will now be deducted from the inventory when placed under high latency situations
- Corpses will now roll away from the player less easily
- Logging out of the game from below ground will no longer result in falling through the world
- Weapons looted from the corpses of other players should now function correctly
- Sleeping players should no longer spawn beneath the terrain
- Logging out inside of the crashed ship should no longer cause you to be in a different location when you log back in
- Cut down trees should not roll away so easily
- Vehicles should no longer disappear when logging out and back in again

- Grenades properly hurt wooden blocks now
- Breach charges should be more useful now

- Heavy Minigun added as a new weapon!


- The Code}{atch Team
Jun 27, 2014
Community Announcements - Right-Click
Hey guys, so this week was pretty monumental for everyone here at Code}{atch and the community. We graduated from Alpha into Beta, with the release of 0.7.5 this week. And so far the responses have been absolutely fantastic! It's really good to see so many of you enjoying and playing Starforge! We've worked really hard on this update, and making sure it's running as smooth as we can.

This week was dominated largely by bug fixes, as evidenced with the release of a couple of hotfixes. We've introduced a new creature this week, the Daperdillo. An animal of prey that is considerably tougher than the lovable Wurmi, but filled to the brim with meat and interesting loot drops. They also feature a distinctive green glow, not as intense as the Wurmi's but bioluminescent all the same.

Moving onto something that the development team has been working on integrating has been increasing some base defences. We have a new turret that'll help enterprising colonists on Atlas have an edge over their peers, introducing the Mini-Gun turret:

The minigun turret features two six-barrelled guns running in parallel on a 360 degree swivel that will be ideal in anti-personnel roles in just about any deployment. Ideal for defense of mining operations when it becomes necessary to secure a node for an extended period of time.

And of course, another peice that is being worked on going into the game shortly is the Smelter. Our artists are hard at work making it come to life and we cannot wait to show it off to you!

The bug fixes we've worked on this week are myriad. They include:

- Fixing the garage doors from having different textures

- Fixing sleeper names from being incorrect

- Currently making breach charges damage blocks properly

Another notable and major bug fix that actually went out this week, was related to our dedicated servers. After we launched, we had discovered that the servers were creating hundreds of instances of Starforge and running them simultaneously. This warranted bringing the servers down, patching them and updating them to ensure this performance leak did not occur again. We've since been paying close attention to our servers and tending to them as the week has gone on.

We've also put in considerable effort into resolving any saving issues in regards to placeable items including blocks. We've also encountered some spawning issues post-release that we're taking care of right now as well. Also, we've fixed the creatures glitching out when they're killed, and are working on when to implement that fix.

Alright, moving along to more content, some of you have probably noticed the white barrier that appears when you reach the edge of the play area, and that is being generated by the World Spire. Right now, we're using the VAT as a placeholder for this:

The world spire is responsible for generating the prisoner field, and is located at the origin point. There are plans for game mechanics revolving around the World Spire that will be touched on as it is developed.

As you all may know, we have the Rusty Assault Rifle, and the Assault Rifle, a better, shinier and more accurate version of the same thing. But did you know we're also working on upgrades to the Mini-Gun and Chainsaw? Check them out here:

and a beautiful 3D shot here:

All six high-tech barrels of blow 'em away goodness!

Here's an upgrade to the chainsaw:

Rend and Tear Players with Impunity! ...and of course Trees. Because that's totally all I'd use it for <.<

As you can see, we've been quite hard at work on the Beta, making sure you all get the amazing content you deserve from the Art Team's efforts, and employing the Programming Team to smooth out and stabilize the online play experience as much as possible.

We've been very excited about this release, and cannot wait to introduce more content on bigger, smoother servers.

Hope you all have a great weekend of gaming, relaxation and enjoyment with the Starforge Beta.


-- Will
Jun 25, 2014
Community Announcements - Will
We've updated the game with a second patch for 7.5. We had to wipe server saves to make it accessible. Over the next week or two we may have to wipe server saves again, but we plan to try not do this unless absolutely needed.

- Block saving fix

- Server stability fix

- The container you drop upon dying will now glow to help you find it again.

- Fixes for containers so they properly despawn

- Removed the light as a starting item

- Re-balanced loot tables

- Temp fix which freezes enemies upon death to solve syncing issue of corpses

- More drill particle effects were adding for different materials.

- Daperdillo run speed has been lowered.
- Titanium drill is much more effective in tree mining.

Thanks for playing!

- The Code}{atch Team

Jun 24, 2014
Community Announcements - Will
By now you're probably all enjoying playing the new Starforge update, it's pretty exciting! By now on your adventures on Atlas you've probably noticed a couple bugs already, so here are the fixes:

- Players can now see each other shooting at each other and what weapons they are holding

- Fixed Despawners for loot and creatures

- Fixed the desynchronous equipment

- Added new animal of prey: The Daperdillo

- Server issues regarding the earlier dedicated server issues have been taken care of as well.

- Ground Pounder can now collect wood quicker

- Players start with Titanium Drill blueprint

- We are stress testing a 64 and 32 player dedicated server. Please do not expect these 2 servers to be fully stable.

- We have wiped the saves on the MP servers, this is so we can properly test the game to make sure it becomes more balanced and stable. Don't expect your MP saves to last over the next few weeks and we work on things.

That should make your player experience a lot more enjoyable going forward! Thanks so much for playing our game and keeping Starforge in the Top 100 charts during this Steam Sale!
Community Announcements - Right-Click
Yup! Your eyes are NOT deceiving you! That is a massive jump in version number, because today we're shipping out a MASSIVE update to Starforge! In fact, so massive that we're officially moving out of the Alpha phase and onto the Beta phase of development with this new iteration.

We'll be highlighting all the changes and additions to the game in this post, and be linking you to the brand new trailer for you to get a sneak peak at our latest effort!

New things for 0.7.5 include player armor, crashed ships, loot zones, biomes, new weapons, gun-sights, hacking, dedicated servers, 64-Bit, new inventory sorting, new resources, new NPC, working injections, new health and hunger bar, and new and added sound effects!

This update brings massive changes to the game, and really adds a depth and breadth to the player experience of Starforge. One of the biggest changes you'll notice is the addition of high-end loot zones in the form of crashed ships.

These ships are areas that are highly irradiated, and will cause damage over time as the player remains in their vincinity. Also, the entrance to the ships is often just out of reach, forcing the player to have to work to get into the ship itself. Once inside, the ship will be full of enemies and excellent scavenging booty. While it may be irradiated, difficult to access, and teeming with enemies, we promise that through all the danger and effort, the loot will be worth it!

Another major feature included in this patch is fully craftable and equippable armor sets! Tier 0 being the Zero Suit introduced earlier in the game all the way up to Tier 3 Guardian Armor showed off in an earlier post. The armors add resistances from all kinds of different damage to the player, and affects the player's overall speed.

On the more technical side, we've finally got working 64-Bit support for the game! Starforge is now officially brought to you in all 64 bits of juicy digital goodness! This helps even out a lot of the memory-related performance issues with the game, and allows for a smoother, more detailed experience overall. We're really excited for this change as it allows this release of Starforge to be the most stable version of Starforge we've released yet. Multiplayer is a lot more enjoyable and tenable now.

In fact, players will now be able to enjoy up to 16-Player dedicated server support, with official Code}{atch persistent dedicated servers. Now, we'll be clearing the servers with some frequency until we get some of the issues ironed out there, and private dedicated server hosting will become available in future updates as well.

On the player side of things, we've got all the new drill models into the game, and functioning optimally. Players will start with a pneumatic jack that is hand-cranked and can only mine a few of the numerous new resources found across Atlas.

Amongst other numerous changes in 0.7.5, we've also introduced a new animal for users to hunt down for food and fiber, to be able to manufactuer health and hunger injections. Introducing, the Wurmi!

These little glowsticks-on-legs are the primary animals of prey on Atlas, and will fill any hungry player's belly with nourishment injection goodness! Straight to the gut, none of that silly through the mouth inefficiencies!

That about sums it up, as we won't ruin the rest for you all here. We want to leave *something* to the imagination, after all.

We've also done a lot of audio re-tweaks to the weaponry, drills and terrain effects. The guns sound throatier, deeper and absolutely a pleasure to listen too. We can't wait till you get to hear it all. On top of that, we've retweaked the particle effects for all the terrain as well.

All in all, it's a brave new world out there, and we're grateful to have you a part of the experience.

Thanks A Lot!

-- Will


- See the Patch Notes Here: http://starforge.typepad.com/starforge/2014/06/week-codeatch-starforge-075-release.html#sthash.nEUs4kjQ.dpuf

Please play on the Official Dedicated Servers, as currently we do not officially support community hosted dedicated servers, the reason being is we want to stress test and fix issues plus add more admin tools before releasing support. Do not expect the same MP experience on non-Official servers at this time. On that same topic, please expect the Official Dedicated servers to restart and refresh as we find MP bugs and issues, test them, and fix them. This process will continue into the future until we can offer very stable server and MP functionality.
Community Announcements - Right-Click
Hey guys, the dawn of the weekend is upon us and that means it's time for another update here at the studio. This week we'll be showing you some more artwork, and a variety of the new armor tiers shown in-game! Also, the team has been working on tying up the remainder of the implementation for this patch, and moving onwards to bug fixing.

One exciting technical feature that we've been making progress on is running the game on a 64-bit platform. We've made some significant headway in this direction and we're incredibly excited for its completion sometime in Starforge's future. For those that are unaware, 32-bit programs only allow for a maximum utilization of ~4GB of RAM, which is shared with all applications including the OS, often leaving significantly less than that for the program to utilize.

This can create performance bottlenecks, crashes due to running out of memory, and all kinds of unexpected errors for the user. However, 64-bit systems in all respects are technically limitless. Thus allowing programs to take full advantage of the high amounts of RAM that modern rigs are built with today. This will prevent crashes, increase framerate, and allow for a more reliable and smoother end-user experience.

Onto the things that've been implemented this week: Armor! All of them! We've got every tier into the game, fully equippable and effective. The "Power Suit" area of the interface also shows a dynamic read out of the boosts one receives to their stats such as damage resistance and net speed decrease.

Here is the Tier 1 "Gunner" Armor as viewed from within the game:

Alright, as you can see, we have the 'Power Suit' readout in the top right corner of the screen displaying the stat boosts and effects on the player. Moving along to Tier 2 Spec Ops in action!

As you can see the armor is getting heavier and more imposing, but none more so than the Tier 3 Guardian Armor:

How beastly is that? We're really excited for the addition of armor into the game. It gives players a real sense of security, and a new sense of confidence to be able to take on Atlas. The clothes make the colonist, am I right?

Here we have the other critical utility of what it means to be a colonist on Atlas; the drill. In specifically, we've got some concept art for the Graphene Drill:

And here is of course, the most basic drill, the Ground Pounder, that will be issued to all colonists upon planetfall!

As one can see, it's more a pneumatic jack than a drill, but will suffice for chipping off valuable ore from nodes and deposits sticking above the surface. However, it's rather ineffective at accessing subterrainian deposits.

Here are some 3D models of it at current, so you guys can get a better idea:

And here we have the Ground Pounder:

As you can see, most first tier gear is rusty, worn gear, as it's all fairly inexpensive issue due to the sheer number of colonists engaging with Atlas at any one time.

One very cool thing that will be part of something larger in the game that the player can find, will be Loot Crates. These will be found in zones across Atlas, and will help to promote adventure and exploration.

Players will be able to find all kinds of gear, equipment, resources and things that will be able to benefit them and their troop in the long run. We're excited to show you next where these can be found and how the player can procure some phat loots.

That's it for this week's "Week @ Code}{atch" post, I hope you all enjoy it and are having a great weekend filled with video games and joy!


-- Will
Community Announcements - Right-Click
Hey all,

Hope you're having a good start to your weekend! Normally you would all be seeing a Week @ Code}{atch post here. However we've had some technical issues on the end of our bloghost provider that's preventing us from posting one tonight.

In lieu of that, check out this teaser trailer showcasing our new armor tiers in the game!

We've got Tiers 1 through 3, and a mixed bag of armor at the end of the video, and some combat, all set to dreamy, spacey music by our very own, LoudCore, giving it that lost-in-surrealism-on-the-battlefield feel.


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