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Dead Island continues to be the series that I don’t hear many people asking to keep on giving, but keeps on giving nonetheless. Next up is Retro Revenge, a side-scrolling, 2D, pseudo-16-bit, cat-centric beat ‘em up set in the Dead Island universe (that being “a particularly sweary zombie apocalypse and something something backwards trailers). It’s out this Summer, both on its own and as part of a bundle with the first two DIs.

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Dead Island Definitive Edition will release later this month, bundling the original game with Dead Island: Riptide and another, more pixellated outing that we haven't heard much about, until now. Turns out Dead Island Retro Revenge is a 16-bit styled side-scrolling brawler with lots of flashing colours starring a very angry man, who is eager to get revenge against zombies for some reason.

The angry man also appears in the below trailer, which serves to describe what Dead Island Retro Revenge is, in addition to providing some (quite scant) narrative context. Exacting revenge on someone implies that a knowingly bad deed was committed, but I doubt zombies are sentient enough to do anything knowingly. Based on that, and the general attitude of the angry man in the trailer, I can only guess that he's mad.

Still, it doesn't matter how mad he is if he's simply a vehicle for killing more zombies. Dead Island Retro Revenge will be available with the Definitive Edition on May 31.

Community Announcements - Deep Silver
Dead Island Definitive Collection is now available for pre-purchase on Steam. The Definitive Collection includes three games: Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition, and the 16-bit styled bonus game Dead Island Retro Revenge.

The Definitive Editions are also available for pre-purchase individually, and they bring the original games to an upgraded version of the engine with new textures and lighting effects, and tweaks for UI consistency between Dead Island and Riptide.
Bundle and loyalty discounts
At the base price you get Dead Island Retro Revenge essentially for free through a bundle discount on the Definitive Collection bundle.

As a Steam owner of either the original Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide, or both titles, you’ll also automatically receive a loyalty discount of up to 85% off the respective Definitive Edition of the game(s) you own, as well as a discount on the Definitive Collection bundle based on whether you own one or both!
Store pages for the original Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide will be delisted upon release of the Definitive Editions on May 31, 2016 (to prevent confusion in the future due to slightly similar listings) but for now they will remain active for anyone who still wants to get the originals. Of course, you will always be able to play them if they are in your library!

The loyalty discount will exist for a limited time, but is not tied strictly to the pre-purchase period. If you want to decide later, you can! We’ll communicate ahead of time when the discount runs out. Dead Island Retro Revenge will also be available individually outside of the Definitive Collection bundle at a later point.
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The Dead Island series is getting the remaster treatment later this month, bundling both the original game and its follow-up, Riptide. While the improvements are likely to please console owners more so than PC users, there are some neat if small graphical improvements coming to our platform as well.

These include "luscious improved graphics and game models" and "photorealistic lighting with physically based shading." Whether it'll serve to make an otherwise middling zombie slayer into something worth revisiting is yet to be seen, but there's a new trailer embedded below which might convince you either way.

The bundle will also come with Dead Island: Retro Revenge, a 2D beat-em-up with a 16-bit pixel aesthetic. The package will release May 31, and might be worth a look if you're still unaccountably optimistic about Dead Island 2 ever getting a release.

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Zombie-slaying FPS-RPG Dead Island [official site] and its 2013 expandalone Dead Island Riptide are being “remastered” in Definitive Editions – more relatively-recent games coming our way again with a new swing in their step after being prettied up for the latest consoles. Too bad someone already took the name Deathinitive Edition, huh?

Out of curiosity, I went back to see what RPS said in 2011 when Dead Island [official site] was re-announced with That Trailer. I’m almost disappointed by John’s restraint. I was hoping someone would’ve declared it “The Citizen Kane> of Game Trailers” and I’d get to be gittish to them tomorrow. Curses. Not even “The Old Yeller> of Game Trailers”!

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If the Australian Government's videogame classifiers have it right, we may soon be hearing about yet another installment of Dead Island-branded zombie-splattering good times. The classification site recently listed a new game called Dead Island Retro Revenge, which it slapped with an M rating for bloody violence and online interactivity.

Australia's game rating site doesn't serve up quite the same kind of joyously juicy details as our ESRB, but it does indicate that the game is being published by Koch Media, the parent company of Deep Silver, and that it's being developed by Empty Clip Studios. Empty Clip created the Rapid Fire Engine used in Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, did an end-to-end port of Bit.Trip Core, and also developed the 2012 indie hit Symphony. Last summer the studio announced that it had begun work on a sequel to Symphony entitled Symphony Worlds, which is expected to be out early this year.

2015 wasn't a very good year for the Dead Island franchise: Dead Island 2 was delayed and then lost its developer, and the Dead Island: Epidemic MOBA was shut down in October before it even had a chance to get out of Early Access. Hopefully 2016 will go a little more smoothly. I've contacted Deep Silver for confirmation, or at least a spot of clarity, and I'll update if I receive a reply.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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Polish studio Techland may have created open-world zombie-smashing FPS-RPG Dead Island, but publishers Deep Silver got the rights. That’s how come Deep Silver went on to have folk make daft things like the MOBA-y Dead Island: Epidemic and baffling drek Escape Island while Techland went on to make another open-world zombie-smashing FPS-RPG in Dying Light.

Straight-up sequel Dead Island 2 [official site] was in the works at Spec Ops: The Line devs Yager, and this one actually looked promising. But its future is now looking as safe as a lecherous, wisecracking wino in a zombie flick, as Deep Silver have announced Yager are off the game.

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