Yhteisön tekemät modit: Half-Life 2

Toiminta, Seikkailu, Indie - Julkaistu: 10. maalis, 2016

Singleplayer science fiction game focusing on interacting and communicating with alien species. You can either fight or try to find a way to communicate.

Toiminta, Ilmaispelit, Indie - Julkaistu: tammi 2016

Wilson Chronicles lets you return to Black Mesa !

Toiminta, Seikkailu, Ilmaispelit - Julkaistu: 27. maalis, 2015

A completely free and extensive community-developed update for Half-Life 2 featuring beautiful lighting, countless bug fixes, and a brand new Community Commentary Mode. With Half-Life 2: Update, there’s never been a better time to revisit City 17.

Toiminta - Julkaistu: 11. maalis, 2009

Zombie Master is a multiplayer Half-Life 2 modification, centered around a zombie-apocalypse, which throws all but one player in the shoes of human survivors.

Toiminta, Ilmaispelit, Strategia - Julkaistu: 28. heinä, 2008

Team based strategy / shooter mix, with customizable tanks, researchable upgrades and dynamically placed buildings. No two matches are the same.

Urheilu - Julkaistu: 1. tammi, 2002

International Online Soccer: Source is a third-person online multi-player soccer mod. The focus of the mod is to create the ultimate online teamplay soccer experience.