““The PC Invasion staff are slightly bitter PC game critics who can remember the 1990s. This is a definitive list of games deemed non-terrible by the writing team.””

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Recommended May 25
"A great space shooter that stands out thanks to the rogue-like gameplay, fantastic atmosphere, and arcade-style combat."
Recommended May 18
"Endless Space 2 bolsters Amplitude’s reputation for superb, unique 4X faction design."
Recommended May 17
"A solid arcade shooter that shines in co-op multiplayer."
Recommended April 24
"The fact that it's not as breathtaking as its predecessor shouldn't really stop horror fans from picking up this creepy run-and-hide simulator."
Recommended April 20
"Retaining many RTS staples and borrowing a little from their MOBA genre-cousins.It’s not a flawless mix, but distinctive factions and q solid campaign give Dawn of War 3 a strong base."
Recommended March 28
"A gem of a platformer featuring an adorable Slugcat. Rain World is both brutal and challenging."
Recommended March 15
"A meditative game of player-driven exploration, Future Unfolding has a rare and valuable commitment to letting people unfurl its discoveries at their own rate."
Recommended February 28
"Sometimes exceptional, always ambitious, but periodically falling short of its aims. Well worth playing, nonetheless."
Recommended February 13
"You can shoot Nazis in the junk, across bigger maps than before, with more options and better AI. Were you expecting something else? Do you really want something else?"
Recommended January 26
"A wonderful return to creepy form for the venerable horror franchise."