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Recommended November 9
"As an iterative installment, FM2018 is broadly desirable, but with some feature and UI missteps."
Recommended November 8
"A great puzzler with a sinister twist. Embrace its strangeness."
Recommended November 2
"Not as fresh as its predecessor, but a really well-written single-player shooter with plenty of options and plenty to do."
Recommended October 24
"Mixing open-world and linear survival horror is a brave experiment that largely pays off for this enjoyable, schlocky stealth-action horror title."
Recommended September 27
"Runic Games take you on a wondrous mysterious journey through fantastic environments making HOB well worth your time."
Recommended September 26
"Another four mechanically diverse factions, each pursuing a singular campaign goal on a richly detailed map, make this a powerful sequel."
Recommended September 6
"Compelling tactical fleet combat and a middling strategic campaign layer combine with some carefully applied Galactica aesthetics."
Recommended September 1
"An impressively solid start to a product that has an awfully special predecessor to live up to."
Recommended July 25
"A faithful genre piece, Aven Colony takes the socio-economic juggling of settlement building games like Tropico and Banished, transports it to space, and establishes a pretty successful outpost."
Recommended June 30
"So-so combat and dubious PC performance can’t overshadow a genre-defying game of narrative manipulation and polymathic mechanical trickery."