“No more boring games, only weird games for your pleasure. A collection of strange characters, unusual plots, original gameplay mechanics and bizarre graphic styles. Long live to the weirdness!”

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Informational July 3
"A strange pixel-arted Adventure RPG inspired by Twin Peaks, Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Earthbound and Monkey Island. Sounds cool right? Watch the trailer!"
Informational July 1
"A surreal story-driven first-person adventure game / walking simulator. Seems full of strange visions, dreams, allucinations and weird characters with masks.. could be quite interesting."
Informational July 1
"an arcade game about eating, growing fat, fighting, and barfing. Yep, it sounds weird and it kinda is. Character design is also quite disturbing, check it!"
Informational July 1
"An original racing game in which you have to drive multiple cars at the same time, switching your view between them and hoping the ones you are not currently driving would not crash somewhere!"
Informational June 12
"Super cute RPG / adventure that merge Harvest Moon + Pokèmon + Animal Crossing + crazy characters and monsters inspired by cartoons like Adventure Time, Rick & Morty and Steven Universe"
Informational June 12
"A silly first person action RPG with weird characters and bizarre style, it looks like old school anime and Japanese Playstation adventures from the '90s (Tomba!)"
Informational June 9
"A weird and bizarre "painter artist" simulation, use your Paint skills to drawn beautiful or abstract paintings and NPCs will appreciate or hate it.. really an original idea for a game! Check it out"
Informational April 25
"A philosophical game about being, you can go around the universe Katamari Damacy style as many things between an amoeba & a whole planet, you really need to watch the trailer, it's an interesting one!"
Informational April 23
"Hacking-themed FPS adventure in retro-cyberpunk setting, by the same creator of Thirty Flights of Loving: expect an unconventional plot, humor and minimalist graphic style!"
Informational April 23
"An old-school adventure game about Russian teddy-bears, talking sentient corn, exploring a secret government facility and more dementia, surreal events. Gameplay is boring, but the game has style."