No more boring games, only weird games for your pleasure. A collection of strange characters, unusual plots, original gameplay mechanics and bizarre graphic styles. Long live to the weirdness!

Recommended January 16
"Travel through gorgeous surreal world by flying around in your mystical plane, a short and relaxing exploration game about searching for strange relics hidden in the colorful belly of oniric demigods."
Informational January 15
"This is the short story of a lovely, clumsy robot who flies to weird colorful planets to save their inhabitants, trying to not destroy their houses and fighting against kaijū monsters! "
Informational January 11
"It looks like a classic waifu visual novel, but in reality it's a weird interactive story that will f*ck up your mind. A genre-overturning adventure that defy your expectations. And it's FREE!"
Recommended January 9
"A cult-classic for weird games lovers, Yume Nikki is finally on Steam, and it's free! Explore a nightmarish, surreal world while you find new abilities to open new paths in obscure ways. A must-play."
Informational January 9
"The main game is a joke simulation about drinking soda in different rooms but hidden in there you can also find a secret game similar to LSD Dream Emulator & Wario Ware, a weird combination for sure!"
Informational January 7
"A story-driven platformer inspired by Nights into Dreams and cult-classic anime Serial Experiments Lain: jump & fly around in a virtual, surreal world, try to understand its obscure cyberpunk plot."
Informational January 7
"A surreal driving adventure in some kind of LSD-inspired sci-fi world. It was published in 1998 and it's an hardcore game with no easy explanations, for sure is a weird and unique experience."
Informational December 31, 2017
"A sweet game about building colonies for fairies. Or is it? Balance houses on trees & use fireworks to dig deep into the dirt. What weird treasures are hidden underground? "
Informational December 29, 2017
"A free-roaming, colorful voxel world where to fly around without any goal but to appreciate its dreamlike settings and shape-shift into different animals."
Informational December 20, 2017
"A simple action game in which to explore a strange world made entirely of clay. Bizarre characters and humorous dialogues in between linear dungeons where you have to find keys and kill enemies."
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