“No more boring games, only weird games for your pleasure. A collection of strange characters, unusual plots, original gameplay mechanics and bizarre graphic styles. Long live to the weirdness!”

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Informational January 26
"A mix between Majora's Mask, Gregory Horror Show, Disgae Infinite and Love-De-Lic games, a time-loop murder adventure set in an old mansion full of weird characters being killed by someone"
Informational November 24, 2016
"More an experience to look at than a real game, but still an awesome experience. A short series of dreamy islands made of mundane and wonders."
Informational November 24, 2016
"A crazy multiplayer game for when you are drunk with friends. Up to 8 players, even offline, everyone could use their flaccid penises and be the king."
Informational November 24, 2016
"A beautiful 2D adventure game with lovely visuals & a cast of interesting, offbeat characters, in some kind of coming-of-age plot, feat. neon smashing."
Recommended November 24, 2016
"A surreal, bizarre & very short adventure game in which you are trapped in a strange train station and you have to find a ticket to get out. It's free!"
Informational November 24, 2016
"A procedurally-generated 2D platformer with roguelike elements and very nice surreal, abstract graphic."
Informational November 24, 2016
"2001: A Space Odyssey meets Portal and text-based AI to which you can write everything you want to make it think you are its friend. Or you could die."
Recommended November 3, 2016
"Mother 3 on a boat, and you are dead. Possess people to talk to them, learn more about their personality and needs, find out the truth. It's cheap too!"
Recommended October 26, 2016
"A random game about everything & nothing: there are chickens, surreal places to explore, cubes to move, spy gadgets & nonsense humor. It's free, try it!"
Recommended October 6, 2016
"Awesome 32-bit, early 3D alike polygons / pixel art mix style, for a game about the painful job of cleaning a sci-fi city.. and more?"