“No more boring games, only weird games for your pleasure. A collection of strange characters, unusual plots, original gameplay mechanics and bizarre graphic styles. Long live to the weirdness!”

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Informational September 9
"A light-hearted adventure in which to freely explore a glitched 8bit world in 3D, where to collect capsule toys and learn about weird fantasy tales."
Informational September 9
"A pretty adventure RPG in a glitched world, full of weird characters and funny dialogues. It's an epic journey in strange setting that reminds of obscure Famicom games!"
Informational September 9
"If David Lynch ever wanted to make a game about creating strange vehicles with random stuff to have fun with midgets during a post-apocalyptic sunken world.. it could have been something like this."
Informational September 9
"tTotD:O is one of the best interactive b-movie / exploitation film ever, a weird mix of crazy characters and unpredictable events. And this time, you have to TYPE words to survive!"
Informational September 9
"It's like a strange 8-bit MSX old-school RPG made with MS Paint. And you need to save an house before a plane fall on it. Just take a look at it and try to figure out how it could be played!"
Free to Play
Informational September 9
"It's Metal Goose Solid with pixel-arted graphic, a short adventure game about being the last goose after a great war, funny characters and weird settings. It's FREE, try it!"
Informational September 9
"A weird looking procedurally generated Pac-Man roguelite where you get diamonds and spawn power-ups from chaining together multiple dots in a row. And everything is in really cheap Engrish! :)"
Informational September 9
"A classic point & click adventure but with an interesting art-style and satirical jokes, could be your next favorite game ever or you could hate it forever. "
Informational September 9
"A funny (?) visual novel / RPG adventure, fight for your honor in feudal Japan with pretty artworks from the Edo period "
Informational September 9
"Is it a golf game? Is it a sci-fi RPG? Well, it's kinda both, a humorous golf-adventure in which to play golf in space, dungeons and more. For sure, a strange experience."