“Games that Yahtzee likes based on Zero Punctuation & Extra Punctuation over at the Ecapistmagazine.com & his Youtube Channel. (not official)”

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Recommended May 9
"It is a very weird game and that might be enough. In the general blandness of life, weirdness alone is worth preserving; that's why we drew the line at nuking Japan more than twice."
Recommended April 12
"Its overactive sex appeal does make me feel a little bit like I've walked in on someone humping their Japanese love pillow, but it's hilariously audacious when it's not merely fascinating."
Recommended April 6
"A solid "Worth Checking Out" if strong writing is enough to make you forgive the very slow pacing and gameplay taking a back seat."
Recommended February 11
"I do recommend Resident Evil 7: I like the story and its reveals, the tighter focus and the fact that it's not Resident Evil 6."
Recommended January 5
"3rd best of 2016: It's all the mind-numbing workaday "fun" of Harvest Moon but bigger and on Steam. There's never been a better time to stand behind a cow and make highly suspicious thrusting motions."
Recommended October 24, 2016
"Blows land with satisfying crunch of a big-bottomed lady sitting down on a taco platter and with roughly the same effect upon the face of the target."
Recommended October 20, 2016
"I like the balance between zen fuckabouts freedom and actual skill progress that is struck by Grow Home, which was quite a bit tighter than Grow Up."
Recommended September 23, 2016
"A retro shooter of its time: high-octane shooting where you move faster than a hairless Filipino boy through a crowded bathhouse."
Recommended August 1, 2016
"2nd best Game of 2016: Combat gets a wee bit parry-centric and it doesn't last long if you are a hard games connoisseur, but it's original enough to make it worth giving a chance, you stingy fuck."
Recommended July 29, 2016
"If adventure games were a nation, Monkey Island would be on the fucking one dollar bill. Still timelessly imaginative, sparkling, and very, very funny."