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Recommended March 12
"Into the Breach has found the knife's edge of my ability to juggle information, goals and outcomes and keeps me on it. It's compelling, focused turn-based-strategy that adjusts to my attention span."
Recommended March 10
"An absolutely amazing horde game, while admitedly I played little of the first one. The second one balances difficulty and RPG mechanics seamlessly to make the game always rewarding. "
Recommended March 6
"Fun and engaging game with a twist that comes out of left field. Not very long, but worth the time, definitely worth a second play through to unlock all its secrets. Love the art style and characters?"
Recommended March 4
"Light-hearted platformer, reminiscent of old-school gems like Banjo & Sunshine. Many hats to collect that change the power you can use, lots of fun & unique characters to interact with... SO MANY HATS"
Recommended March 3
"If you like neat minimalistic puzzle games which look good and can give you a challenge, look no further! Features a good amount of levels which start easy and get progressively more challenging."
Recommended March 2
"Polished graphics, gameplay and interesting puzzles to solve to progress in the story. Unfortunately, the game is rather short but still good if you like a dark atmosphere and creative storytelling."
Recommended March 2
"A fantastic co-op shooter that is fun to play with friends, or with strangers. Features 4 unique classes, various underground environments, crazy horde combat, with much more to come!"
Recommended February 24
"I loved Orwell and the world it created. And this second season is even more of Orwell. They also have the release dates for the upcoming episodes unlike other episodic games which is refreshing."
Recommended February 21
"A fantastic and rewarding tactical shooter with a large focus on teamwork. Definitely worth a buy for your library. JUST DON'T BUY THE STARTER EDITION!"
Recommended February 19
"It scratches the Rogue Like itch and the Deck Builder itch all at once. In it's current state it's worth recommending and it will only get more content. The mobile port should be great too."
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