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Recommended January 18
"The gameplay isn't the most interesting in the world and honestly it is a little bare bones. The setting and story are very interesting. If you like the setting you will enjoy Beholder."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended December 28, 2016
"Orwell is a detective game, a great crime thriller that also makes you question your own morals of how you're attaining your information. Remember you are Big Brother and you are always watching. "
Recommended December 25, 2016
"While yes it is pretty much another version of Bruce Wayne's first year of being the Batman. Telltale adds in enough twist and turns that are completely new to the story that are better than before."
Reviewer received this product for free
Free To Play
Recommended December 10, 2016
"A different take on the card collecting gerne, you summon creatures and many other's and move them strategically around the board in fast paced action. Free to play and very fun to play"
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended December 4, 2016
"While it is still not the game Ubisoft promised with the original the shift in tone and a good main cast make Watch_Dogs 2 a far more entertaining and fun experience than its predecessor."
Recommended November 26, 2016
"The developers of RCT3 have brought back the theme park simulator genre in a gorgeous new engine. Steam Workshop support is the icing of the cake. "
Recommended November 1, 2016
"New hub world, more customization, new transformations, and the improved combat makes Xenoverse 2 a massive improvement over the first Xenoverse."
Recommended November 1, 2016
""Your husband enjoyed Batman v Superman, and farted on your sister, you son of a washerwoman!""
Recommended October 26, 2016
"Civilization VI brings back much of the complexity that we lost in Civilization V all while feeling like a more complete game with a beautiful artstyle."
Recommended September 22, 2016
"It's the Super Meat Boy of the emerging genre of truck parkour."
Reviewer received this product for free