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Recommended May 13
"This game has a lot of problems, it's clunky and feels like it didn't really evolve at all from Banjo Kazooie. However, I feel that's part of why it drives Nostalgia and feels like i'm playing Banjo."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended April 24
"A shining example of how Early Access should be handled: patches as often as possible and monthly content updates. However, its most alluring factor is just how damn fun the game is already."
Recommended March 16
"Marvel vs. Capcom is back with 1080p, mods and complete controller selection. The port is solid and my only gripe is PS Controllers requiring some tweaks in game. The netcode has also improved a lot."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended March 14
"Some games have moments in them that you can only find in that game. Blackwake already has some of these moments and it seems to be shaping up for more. As long as the developers stay top of it."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended March 11
"We pick up a dog and die, then our dog starts driving, then the dog hired a witch with an Uzi, we saved a girl, the witch died, the dog turns on the girl and kills her, dog runs away in shame. 10/10"
Recommended March 7
"Exiles is remarkably similar to Ark: Survival Evolved. It does run significantly better than Ark did on my own computer. It is a good entry to the survival genre but not particularly innovative."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended February 7
"While it is essentially just Game Dev Tycoon or another game in its genre with a different coat of paint and artstyle. This type of game has always been a pleasure of mine and is a decent addition."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended January 18
"The gameplay isn't the most interesting in the world and honestly it is a little bare bones. The setting and story are very interesting. If you like the setting you will enjoy Beholder."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended December 28, 2016
"Orwell is a detective game, a great crime thriller that also makes you question your own morals of how you're attaining your information. Remember you are Big Brother and you are always watching. "
Recommended December 25, 2016
"While yes it is pretty much another version of Bruce Wayne's first year of being the Batman. Telltale adds in enough twist and turns that are completely new to the story that are better than before."
Reviewer received this product for free