The best co-op games available on Steam!

Recommended December 13, 2017
"A classic style RPG playable with up to four friends in couch, online, or combo co-op. Great care was taken so all players contribute to the adventure!"
Recommended July 12, 2017
"Recent updates have tighten performance, improved co-op, and have made this a much tighter overall co-op game. Warhammer 40K meets Left 4 Dead with much slower and methodical pacing."
Recommended June 20, 2017
"When Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis work together, this is what you get. A modern day take on the classic arcade shooter like Robotron. Fast paced, replayable and great with a buddy on the couch."
Recommended March 16, 2017
"Simple and addictive, with puzzles and style that remind us of Portal. Pick this up and play it with your significant other, family, or any group of friends who want to have a great evening."
Recommended March 10, 2017
"The emergent gameplay shines through, especially when you add a couple friends into your squad. The world is huge, co-op is great, & it'll hold your attention for a lot longer than you might expect."
Recommended February 27, 2017
"With three different and satisfying co-op modes, Sniper Elite 4 is a ton of fun with up to four friends."
Recommended December 27, 2016
"Within moments of playing Assault Android Cactus,I was feeling a little rejuvenated (on the Twin-Stick shooter genre). Great 4 player couch co-op game that's kid friendly and fun!"
Recommended November 29, 2016
"By utilizing a concept that has such a deeply rooted commonality, Overcooked is a title anyone can pick up and play. You’ll be laughing and high-fiving."
Recommended October 15, 2016
"Surprisingly has more in commons with Borderlands than the classic 1997 classic. The co-op is seamless, the combat is gory, and the one liners laughable"
Recommended October 9, 2016
"The co-op does exactly what you need it to do: give you and your friends an excuse to beat things up and hoard massive amounts of loot."
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