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Recommended February 7
"Tales of Berseria features memorable characters, a storyline with twists and turns and a combat system that is easy to learn, but hard to master. A Must-Have J-RPG!"
Recommended January 31
"Turn based combat, hilarious storyline, funny dialogue and some grinding - fans of tactical RPGs will love this PC re-release!"
Recommended December 15, 2016
"Betrayal at Krondor is a classic RPG taking place in Midkemia - a fantasy world of Raymond E. Feist. A must-play for every RPG fan!"
Recommended November 20, 2016
"Good short story with many choices & consequences and skill checks, good character progression and spellcrafting. Lacklustre RTwP combat. Are you evil?"
Recommended November 13, 2016
"Xanadu Next is a story driven game with interesting puzzles, dungeons and boss fights. The game features fast paced real time combat. Good re-release!"
Recommended November 5, 2016
"A challenging dungeon crawler with tactical turn-based squad combat. Based on the AoD engine, but this time you have to fight your way out of a prison!"
Recommended September 23, 2016
"The Sorcery! games are a great adaption of one the finest adventure gamebook series ever made. This is roleplaying with many choices and consequences!"
Recommended September 14, 2016
"Free exploration, great world interactivity, multifaceted characters, story with many choices & consequences, tactical turnbased combat - a Masterpiece!"
Recommended September 14, 2016
"Lots of quests, secrets and items to find. A deep story, many choices with consequences, turn-based combat, many skills - an excellent old-school RPG!"
Recommended September 10, 2016
"Good Action RPG with RTwP-combat. Nice crafting system, solid character/party management, lots of exploring for loot, rich story and many quests - Fun!"