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Recommended May 26
"This often overlooked gem features nonlinear exploring, puzzle solving, turn-based party combat, a rich story, automapping and many difficult situations to deal with. A true Masterpiece!"
Recommended May 24
"StarCrawlers' turn-based party combat is similar to the old Wizardrys. The dungeon crawler features a cool sci-fi setting, an interesting class/skill system and a whimsicle art style. Major Fun!"
Recommended May 7
"A new edition of 1999 RPG masterpiece. If you're searching for a unique RPG with lots of dialog, non-standard races, memorable NPCs, interesting party interaction and a cool story - here's your game!"
Recommended April 29
"This historical RPG features tactical combat, exploration and conquest. The setting, narrative and ambience are taken out of the history of the Norse. Highly recommended!"
Recommended April 5
"Stonekeep is an immersive 1st person dungeon crawler from 1995. The game features grid based movement, real time combat and automapping. Oldschool and challenging!"
Recommended March 22
"Open world action RPG with an interesting storyline, a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, memorable characters, a great soundtrack and several game modes. An RPG that is greater than the sum of its parts!"
Recommended March 3
"The spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment offers a well written story in a strange fascinating world with a lot of dialog choices. The turn-based combat feels uninspired, nevertheless an A+ RPG!"
Recommended February 7
"Tales of Berseria features memorable characters, a storyline with twists and turns and a combat system that is easy to learn, but hard to master. A Must-Have J-RPG!"
Recommended January 31
"Turn based combat, hilarious storyline, funny dialogue and some grinding - fans of tactical RPGs will love this PC re-release!"
Recommended December 15, 2016
"Betrayal at Krondor is a classic RPG taking place in Midkemia - a fantasy world of Raymond E. Feist. A must-play for every RPG fan!"