Games that are fun to play: Old school classic, indie and top-rated RPGs

Recommended February 8
"An Old-School-RPG with great character development, rewarding exploration, turn-based combat and well designed dungeons and quests. Retro-Fun!"
Recommended January 22
"A good story, memorable characters and a versatile turn-based party combat system are making this J-RPG a worthwhile experience. The school sim part takes time, but is fun, too. A very good PC port!"
Recommended November 7, 2017
"A grid based Dungeon Crawler with real time-combat in the tradition of Dungeon Master. A fresh Steampunk setting, puzzles, fun exploration and some survival elements make this a worthwhile game!"
Recommended October 19, 2017
"Exploration, choices with consequences, factions, a dry sense of humor, collecting everything, lots of quests, challenging fights, multiple quest solutions - a typical Piranha Bytes RPG!"
Recommended August 17, 2017
"West of Loathing is a stick figure comedy adventure RPG, with a supernatural western setting, easy turn-based combat and lots of humor - unique and major fun!"
Recommended July 21, 2017
"Children of Zodiarcs is a tactical J-RPG with turn-based combat. The game features deck building and dice crafting. Well mixed game machanics meet an interesting storyline - challenging and fun!"
Recommended May 26, 2017
"This often overlooked gem features nonlinear exploring, puzzle solving, turn-based party combat, a rich story, automapping and many difficult situations to deal with. A true Masterpiece!"
Recommended May 24, 2017
"StarCrawlers' turn-based party combat is similar to the old Wizardrys. The dungeon crawler features a cool sci-fi setting, an interesting class/skill system and a whimsicle art style. Major Fun!"
Recommended May 7, 2017
"A new edition of 1999 RPG masterpiece. If you're searching for a unique RPG with lots of dialog, non-standard races, memorable NPCs, interesting party interaction and a cool story - here's your game!"
Recommended April 29, 2017
"This historical RPG features tactical combat, exploration and conquest. The setting, narrative and ambience are taken out of the history of the Norse. Highly recommended!"
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