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Recommended February 21
"Intriguing, dark and beautiful, INSIDE is a must-buy for any fan of the masterpiece that is LIMBO, from which it takes many cues from."
Recommended February 4
"Resident Evil 7 succeeds in both reinventing itself and in catering to the fans of the originals. The pacing and horror elements are absolutely fantastic even if the game is a bit short."
Recommended January 6
"Tied in the lore with nods to the past installments while still retaining and improving on the brilliant combat system. Prepare to die a lot, as usual, while you explore the world of Dark Souls 3."
Recommended January 1
"Still the undisputed king of its genre and 17 is the best version, but yearly updates have been hardly meaningful as they continue to be little more than slight database updates."
Recommended December 24, 2016
"With gorgeous hand drawn visuals and a charming narrative, this old-school style platform/adventure is extremely captivating, though it would gain from not having as many interruptions for dialogue."
Informational November 20, 2016
"A good action game that will keep you entertained for many hours but whose utterly watered down RPG elements are not what Fallout fans craved for."
Recommended November 18, 2016
"An exciting gift not only for those who still hadn't a reason to stop playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 1/2/3 but also for all fans of the management genre."
Recommended November 8, 2016
"Stays faithful to its legacy and delivers a ton of new content with gorgeous graphics. Despite some AI issues, it's a must for fans and newcomers alike."
Recommended September 7, 2016
"If you yearn for a great top-down SWAT game, Door Kickers has the class customization, the map design, and the replayability formula for hours of fun."
Recommended August 24, 2016
"The engaging story continues, and the turn based tactical combat still does this beautifully drawn game justice."