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Recommended September 12
"A captivating narrative that grabs the player from the start with its beautiful, yet sad telling of a family story. Short, but is bound to be in your mind for quite a while."
Recommended August 16
"A puzzle-platformer with great atmosphere and beautiful aestethics that relies on very enjoyable grappling hook mechanics to deliver its charming narrative. Rather short, though (around 4 hours long)."
Recommended August 6
"Slime Rancher's simple premise and familiar mechanics offers up relaxing gameplay with a charming aesthetic. A first-person farm and research experience that's well worth your time"
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended July 24
"An engaging and creative narrative, filled with hard decisions to make as the player must lead a police force while balancing the interests of the people, city hall, the mafia, and their own."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended July 13
"A very unique murder/mystery/puzzle adventure game with an engaging story, groundhog day style time travel, swinging music and an aestethic that reminded us of Grim Fandango."
Recommended July 9
"Like its predecessor, Quake 2 is a gaming landmark. Some even say it surpasses the original. Regardless of your opinion, this is a classic that no gamer should miss. Be advised that it lacks the OST."
Recommended June 29
"The quintessential arena shooter! A key part to any PC Gamer’s FPS vocabulary, and an important piece of video gaming history! The Steam version lacks the soundtrack but you can mod it in."
Recommended June 28
"Rainbow Six Siege is an addicting tactical multiplayer extravaganza with a huge focus on teamwork. The single player mode is barely existent."
Recommended June 10
"Very demanding, yet rewarding and not unfair. With a charming personality and art style, it will keep you entertained for many hours if you enjoy bullet hell and/or roguelite games."
Recommended April 13
"Finally on PC and a great port overall, this is the definitive version of the game. With its iconic boss battles, fast paced and excellently executed gameplay, it redefined the genre for the better."