Only the finest in post-industrial interactive virtual entertainment contrivances of the pre-post-modern age.

Recommended December 12, 2017
"You can build facilities to cage cute defenseless blobs, pack them in too tight to move, feed them a dozen little chickens, breed them into purple cat blobs, then cause it all to go horribly wrong."
Recommended December 11, 2017
"You can build an unstoppable death machine and then accidentally topple it over before any death happens."
Recommended December 11, 2017
"You can become an amateur professional jump builder and ignore any suggestion that you should've built a bridge."
Recommended November 24, 2017
"You can build a rocket and crash it into the moon."
Not Recommended November 22, 2017
"You would think you could build in this game, but you can't. Nobody knows why."
Recommended November 22, 2017
"You can build cities in this game."
Recommended November 22, 2017
"You can summon totems, which is kinda like building things, but they don't last long. You can also craft bottles of poison and add red dye to trick your friends into thinking it's a health potion."
Informational June 23, 2017
"You can build little communities of settlers in this game, but they will constantly nag you for help and you will forget what you were doing."
Informational June 23, 2017
"You can build a team in this game but they live a bit of a dangerous lifestyle, and aren't much for conversation."
Informational June 8, 2017
"You can build junk piles in this game, but nobody cares if you do or not. You can also equip a majestic beard and eat dog food."
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