“I am here to give reviews, good or bad and try to help players find what they are looking for or even what to avoid. Most curators have a gimmick, I am going to be straight to the point as often as I can be.”

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Recommended September 22
"Whether you are a fan of the old game or never played this before, this is a great game. Hack and slash and level up. Good story too."
Recommended September 17
"A nice mix of a few genres into a very immersive game. It is a bit grindy but for those who enjoy grinding out levels, this is a terrific game and very satisfying to evolve your towers and abilities."
Not Recommended September 10
"This game is not what it appears at all. Poorly optimized and very childish. See review for more details."
Recommended September 8
"Not all nostalgic games take you back well, some games come back too dated to salvage that memory you had of playing it the first time through. This one does not disappoint."
Recommended September 6
"This is a time I wish there was a neutral button for reviews instead of just yes or no. This is an okay game, it just lacks depth. Read full review for more details."
Not Recommended September 6
"You buy the game, but then you don't own the game yet... most things are DLC. There isn't even a single player mode unless you pay more. Community is not good either, most players are trolls + P2W."
Not Recommended September 6
"This is very much not a football simlulator, your players will be signed away every other game and you cannot do anything about it. Read my full review for more information."
Recommended September 6
"Do you like Kingdom Rush? If yes, get this game. If no, skip this game. Simple as that. This is a slightly better version of Kingdom Rush meant for PC and not a phone."
Recommended September 6
"This is just a terrific TD and RPG game. This is a hybrid of genres that really works well and makes you want to grind it out to beat it."
Recommended September 6
"Instead of towers you have heroes and there are only 5, but the game has charm and is entertaining for a single playthrough. I recommend it on the basis that it was a worthy buy on sale."