I am here to give reviews, good or bad and try to help players find what they are looking for or even what to avoid. Most curators have a gimmick, I am going to be straight to the point as often as I can be.

Recommended January 16
"A fun little TD game well worth the price of admission. It may be generic but it is quite entertaining."
Recommended January 16
"Thrilling and way too much fun to play with friends. See full review."
Not Recommended January 16
"Bugs, glitches and a bad UI make this game not worth while. See full review."
Not Recommended January 16
"Abandon early to move onto a cash grab game. Beware this developer. More in full review."
Recommended January 13
"This is a very, very good game. It may well make it into my favorites list. Check full review for details."
Not Recommended January 12
"Very shallow game, see full review for more details."
Recommended January 12
"Stealth and cunning at its finest. A really enjoyable strategy game in the ilk of classic Tenchu but as a series of spies."
Recommended January 4
"Great survival-meets-tower defense game with a twist and a lot of fluids. Read full review for more."
Not Recommended January 2
"Uses 3rd party DRM and then puts you in an endless loop of picking a commander name, a ship from a list of one ship and then name your ship only to be send back to the start. Read full review."
Not Recommended January 1
"This may well be the worst game I have encountered on Steam. Please read my full review for proper warning."
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