“I am here to give reviews, good or bad and try to help players find what they are looking for or even what to avoid. Most curators have a gimmick, I am going to be straight to the point as often as I can be.”

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Recommended November 7
"I used to think Civ V was the best RTS 4x game. I don't think that anymore."
Recommended November 5
"An absolute must have for anyone who enjoys tactical strategy games."
Not Recommended November 1
"No choices in this TD game, just build where they tell you and watch the enemies roll by. Full review explains more."
Not Recommended November 1
"It is just an okay survival/base builder, there are far better for the price. Would give it a neutral rating if it existed."
Not Recommended October 29
"It is just last years game with a new database, no new features in this seasons Touch version."
Not Recommended October 29
"It's another year with many new features that no one asked for in favour of things fans want to see. Full review linked below goes in depth."
Recommended October 29
"Fun, cute and entertaining. Simple enough to enjoy for a playthrough."
Recommended October 27
"Orcs Must Die meets Gemcraft light, it is a fun and very entertaining TD game for anyone who enjoys great TD games."
Recommended September 22
"Whether you are a fan of the old game or never played this before, this is a great game. Hack and slash and level up. Good story too."
Recommended September 17
"A nice mix of a few genres into a very immersive game. It is a bit grindy but for those who enjoy grinding out levels, this is a terrific game and very satisfying to evolve your towers and abilities."