“My name is TotalBiscuit and I run youtube.com/cynicalbrit. I work fulltime as a PC gaming critic and focus on PC specific issues. I create lengthy videos on indie and AAA titles.”

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Recommended August 13
"While rough around the edges and in need of some improvements, this is a solid shooter with some unique ideas such as zero-g combat and blind-fire (shooting behind you). Has some promise."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended August 12
"A very indepth 2d brawler with a strategy layer glued on-top. Poor tutorial and some questionable design decisions do little to take away from the visceral enjoyment of comboing the hell out of aztecs"
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended August 12
"A comedy RPG in the vein of Stick of Truth, but with more dad-jokes than grossout. Surprisingly indepth, lots of choices, Fallout 2-style conversations and solutions. Hilarious art-style. Try it out."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended August 10
"A very challenging mech twin-stick in which you explore and salvage procedurely generated ships and risk expensive equipment for the chance at bigger rewards. "
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended August 1
"Choose-your-own-Adventure crossed with a strange, RPG-laced, mystical sports game battle system. Pyre is the most original thing Supergiant has made and the least recognisable. Yes, thats a good thing"
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended July 28
"Run a Victorian-era thieves guild in this 1v1 digital boardgame/turn-based strategy title. Easy to learn, with plenty of depth and replayability, plus async multiplayer for play-by-email."
Reviewer received this product for free
Not Recommended June 10
"This game is unforgiveably broken and it is a disgrace that it was released in this state. Utterly shameful, the sheer gall to release at $40 is laughable. Downright despicable development."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended June 9
"Even in its unfinished state, Dead Cells takes the roguelite concepts and executes them better than anything that's come before. Excellent combat, deep and varied loot, awe-inspiring art. "
Recommended May 25
"We already knew the game was awesome back in 2010. The PC version is the definitive release with unlocked framerate and improved visuals. A unique fast, challenging and highly mobile 3rdperson shooter"
Recommended May 15
"Without question inspired by Dark Souls, this sci-fi "Souls-like" does a lot right, including excellent, weighty combat and adds more complex meter management and "limb severing" mechanics. "