“Why are we still limited to max 4 players in offline multiplayer games? We have powerful PCs, lots of controllers, big TVs and a comfy couch: here's a list of local multiplayer games for more than 4 friends!”

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Informational May 21
"Table football simulation supporting up to 22 local players. The gameplay is like the classic "LEGO soccer table". Same screen"
Informational April 26
"2d space shooter with various game modes. Can be played both local & online. 4 gamepads + as many players as your keyboard can handle. Same screen."
Informational April 25
"2d platform brawler with 1 hit kills. Multiple game modes. 5 local players. (4 on gamepads + 1 on keyboard)."
Informational April 25
"2D head-stomping platformer for up to 6 local players, 4 on gamepads and 2 on keyboard. Same screen."
Informational April 18
"Platformer with several game modes for up to 8 players. Same screen modes = 8 players. Split screen = 4 players. Share controllers to get 8 players with 4 controllers. 4 XInput controllers supported."
Informational April 16
"Collection of games. One of them is "Johann Sebastian Joust" a physical party game for 2-7 players. IMPORTANT: JS Joust only works on Mac and Linux and requires Bluetooth + PS Move controllers."
Informational April 12
"Physics based brawler for up to 16 local players. Same screen."
Informational April 12
"Physics based brawler for up to 8 players offline or online. 8 gamepads supported. 1 keyboard player supported. Same screen."
Informational April 6
"Word based party game with 4 mini games. 3-6 players using phones, tablets, etc. Up to 1000 spectators can participate by voting for their favorite answers."
Informational April 6
"Top down racing game. 6 local players in same screen (or 10 players online)."