“Why are we still limited to max 4 players in offline multiplayer games? We have powerful PCs, lots of controllers, big TVs and a comfy couch: here's a list of local multiplayer games for more than 4 friends!”

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Informational September 15
"3D space shooter with missions or deathmatch. Up to 8 local players. Splitscreen and up to 8 screens supported."
Informational August 4
"2D top down futuristic sports game. 8 local players (or online). Same screen."
Informational August 4
"Top down racing game for up to 8 local players. Same screen."
Informational July 29
"2D twin-stick bullet hell for 1-5 players. Supports 5 gamepads. Same screen."
Informational July 6
"Tron/Light cycle inspired game with power ups. 16 local players. Up to 8 controllers with support for 2 players per controller. 4 players on keyboard. Splitscreen."
Informational June 19
"Tron/snake game for up to 8 local players. 4 gamepads + 4 keyboard players. Same screen."
Informational June 17
"2d top down party game for up to 8 players. 4 on game pads and the rest on keyboard. Same screen."
Informational June 13
"Physics-based monument construction simulator. Up to 10 players in Team Versus mode. Versus & Team Versus = splitscreen. Coop (up to 4 players) = same screen."
Informational May 30
"Party game with mini games for up to 10 players. Phones as controllers. Same screen."
Informational May 21
"Table football simulation supporting up to 22 local players. The gameplay is like the classic "LEGO soccer table". Same screen"