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Dead Cells
Roguevania, Souls-like, Pixel Graphics, Roguelike
Free To Play
Don't Fall
Battle Royale, Multiplayer, Free to Play, Competitive
Vengeful Rites
VR Only
Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Indie, Racing, Level Editor, Parkour
My Hidden Things
Casual, Indie, Puzzle, Beautiful
Platformer, Action, 3D Platformer, Casual
Paper Dolls: Original / 纸人
Adventure, Horror, Indie, Action
Alchemy Garden
Simulation, Indie, Early Access, Crafting
Simulation, Exploration, Management, Time Management
Free to Play
World of Soccer
Free to Play, Sports, Massively Multiplayer, Indie
Juice Mania
Action, Indie, Casual, Strategy
Cave Quest
Match 3, Casual, Action, Indie
Tavern Tycoon - Dragon's Hangover
Simulation, Management, Strategy, Indie
Paralax Vr Aim Trainer
VR Only
Casual, FPS, Action, PvE
螢幕判官 Behind the Screen
Action, Indie, Adventure, RPG
Free To Play
Shadow Arena
Action, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, Battle Royale
Free To Play
Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio
Free to Play, Zombies, Multiplayer, Sandbox
Action, Racing, Platformer, 4 Player Local
Subnautica: Below Zero
Open World Survival Craft, Survival, Underwater, Open World
Our Secret Below
Puzzle, Surreal, Thriller, Difficult
RPG, Action, Adventure, Indie
UFO穿越(UFO Cross)
Action, Casual, Indie, Strategy
ArcheAge: Unchained
Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Violent, MMORPG
Card Game, Strategy, Massively Multiplayer, Indie
Battle Brothers
Tactical RPG, Turn-Based Combat, Strategy, Medieval
The Light Remake
Survival Horror, Walking Simulator, Wargame, Mystery Dungeon
Realms of Magic
RPG, Adventure, Open World Survival Craft, Indie
War of the Wasteland
Early Access, Indie, Survival, Third-Person Shooter
Bunny Quest
Indie, Casual, Simulation, Strategy
Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰
Action, Adventure, Action-Adventure, Survival Horror