Browse games and software that have posted recent major updates.
Maidens of the Ocean Solitaire
Casual, Indie, Strategy, Action
Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven
Adventure, Casual, Hidden Object, 2D
Vidya Poker
Gambling, Card Game, Strategy, Relaxing
Hypership Out of Control 2
Action, Indie, Casual, Racing
Side Scroller, Precision Platformer, 2D Platformer, Casual
Edge Of Galaxy
Real Time Tactics, Action RPG, Action, Space Sim
Food Comes From Above
Casual, Collectathon, Education, PvE
Free to Play, Cute, Demons, Puzzle
Early Access, 3D Platformer, Hack and Slash, Beat 'em up
Osiris: New Dawn
Open World Survival Craft, Horror, Survival, Space
Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator
Strategy, Simulation, Roguelite, RTS
Gunslingers & Zombies
Early Access, Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy, Action
Sapper - Defuse The Bomb Simulator
Early Access, Simulation, First-Person, Singleplayer
Drunken Wrestlers 2
Free to Play, Fighting, Multiplayer, Physics
Hex of Steel
Strategy, Indie, World War II, Hex Grid
Destruction, Physics, Sandbox, Voxel
Danger Scavenger
Looter Shooter, Bullet Hell, Top-Down Shooter, Shooter
Hop Skip Jump
2D Platformer, Platformer, Action, Pixel Graphics
Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star
Visual Novel, Anime, Story Rich, Indie
The Dream Machine: Chapter 1 & 2
Hand-drawn, Point & Click, 2D, Puzzle
The Hand of Glory
Adventure, Point & Click, Mystery, Atmospheric
NBA 2K21
Basketball, Sports, Simulation, Character Customization
Victory At Sea Ironclad
Early Access, Action, RTS, Grand Strategy
Racing, Indie, Casual, Action
The Third Day
Adventure, Point & Click, Hand-drawn, Satire
MAGIX Video deluxe 2021 Plus Steam Edition
Video Production
Rise of Liberty
FPS, War, Singleplayer, Shooter
Burg Battle
RPG, Strategy, Tower Defense, Strategy RPG
Fight for Gold II
Indie, Action, Casual, 2D
Action, Strategy, FPS, Puzzle