Browse games and software that have posted recent major updates.
DreamCatcher: Reflections Volume 1
Visual Novel, Interactive Fiction, 2D, Anime
Free To Play
Ulna Online
RPG, Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, 2D Platformer
Free To Play
Free to Play, Open World Survival Craft, Multiplayer, Survival
Stop Sign VR Tools
VR Only
Indie, Action, Sports, Early Access
A House of Thieves
Casual, Stealth, Strategy, Heist
Offroad Mania
Offroad, Physics, Driving, Automobile Sim
Killing Floor 2
Zombies, Co-op, Gore, FPS
Mars Horizon
Management, Space, Strategy, Education
Making History: The Second World War
Strategy, Simulation, World War II, Indie
World of Art - learn with Jigsaw Puzzles
Casual, Atmospheric, Relaxing, Puzzle
Action, Adventure, Indie, 2D Platformer
Chronicle: Unit Eight
Action, RPG, Indie, Shoot 'Em Up
No King No Kingdom VR
VR Only
Action, Strategy, Indie, Simulation
Free To Play
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis Prologue
Resource Management, Free to Play, Strategy, Time Management
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis
Immersive Sim, Resource Management, Survival, Strategy RPG
Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy, Wargame, 2.5D
Gas Station Simulator: Prologue - Early Days
Simulation, Casual, Time Management, Immersive Sim
Farm Manager 2021
Simulation, Strategy, Indie, Building
Toy Tinker Simulator: Prologue
Simulation, Casual, Building, Realistic
Animal Rescuer: Prologue
Action, Adventure, RPG, Action RPG
Free To Play
Adventure, RPG, Action RPG, RTS
Nihariely’s Spatial Adventure
Adventure, Pixel Graphics, Arcade, Puzzle
Skul: The Hero Slayer
Indie, Action, Action Roguelike, Pixel Graphics
Break through 50
Casual, Adventure, Action, 3D Fighter
Survive In Russia
Nonlinear, Multiple Endings, Choose Your Own Adventure, Story Rich
Simple Farm
Indie, Farming Sim, Agriculture, Twin Stick Shooter
Angkor: Runefall
Casual, Match 3, Colorful, Family Friendly
Amulet of Time: Shadow of La Rochelle
Adventure, Casual, Hidden Object, Hand-drawn
Allura: Curse of the Mermaid
Casual, Match 3, Puzzle, Atmospheric
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition
Survival, Open World, Zombies, Base Building