Visual Novels

Interactive Visual Novel-style games from a variety of creators!

Why Is There A Girl In My House?!
Oct 18, 2019

What would you do if you found a cat girl in your apartment? Elena is a hard working businesswoman who just can't find time for herself - until one day she meets Alice, an excitable cat girl, under less than optimal circumstances. What happens next? Find out in this short yuri visual novel!

Big Dipper
Jan 7, 2019

They say it's hard to find a place to call your own, but what if such a place was not uniquely yours? What if both of you were not willing to give it up? Big Dipper is a visual novel which tells a romantic story of the circumstances that brought two lovers together one fateful New Year's Eve.

Analistica Academy
Apr 6, 2018

Join Hora Machia, son of the legendary Darota Machia, on his wacky quest to conquer the hearts of the three most powerful girls in his school! A wacky satire of dominant tropes in visual novels, Analistica Academy is a raunchy comedy featuring an arrogant protagonist who must struggle to do the...

The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1
Aug 12, 2017

As an auditor of Hell, you're sent off to investigate a wayward governor. Where will your journey bring you? An otome visual novel with both intrigue and humour, featuring 2 male and 2 female love interests as well as 9 different endings.

La Memoire

La Mémoire is a futuristic visual novel about longing and the struggle to bring back lost memories, set in a future where humans live alongside androids.

Forest Guardian
Mar 30, 2020

What would you do if you met a fox girl in a forest? Lost in a forest and taken in by the guardian of the forest, a fox girl named Mayu, traveling merchant Anna decides to stay and renew the shrine. But confronted with Mayu's past, what will Anna do? Find out in this cute yuri visual novel!

My Days with the Demoness

A rom-com visual novel which follows a NEET mechanic who accidentally brings the demon lord’s daughter to earth; as not to be indebted to him, she decides to stay with him to improve his “miserable life”; meanwhile he tries his best to fix the portal before time runs out. Will they be successful?

Jul 27, 2020

Synergia is a yuri thriller visual novel that takes place in a cyberpunk future, wrapped up in a beautifully unique, vibrant neon aesthetic. At the end of the world, sometimes love is the ultimate crime.

The Wilting Amaranth
Jun 4, 2018

The Wilting Amaranth is a short yuri (GxG) romance visual novel based very loosely on a familiar fairy tale. It features 2 character routes, 13 endings, and 3 to 5 hours of gameplay.

Episicava - Vol. 1
Apr 3, 2018

Inspired by classic visual novels such as Fate/Stay Night, Episicava is an action/adventure story following Arin Arlento and his female companions as they navigate their world’s treacherous dangers and wonderful sights, constantly under the pressure of a greater evil.

Our Lovely Escape
Sep 30, 2019

Your life is a peaceful one. Each day, you work alongside your (otherwise?) all-female workforce in the pursuit of creating otome games. Will you complete your life with a cute girlfriend? Will you be doomed to a life of normalcy? Or...? Find out in this (mostly...?) normal visual novel!

Seven Wonders of St. Clementine
Oct 30, 2020

In pursuit of a cause dear to him, Mizukami Sei heads to a new school; but from the beginning, everything seems off, and the intense folklore pervading the surrounding hasn't helped. What dark secrets lurk in St. Clementine's shadows?

Rainbow Dreams
Jan 3, 2020

Join Luka Sanguis, a college student unwittingly married to a Goddess, as he uncovers the mysteries of the world around him in this slice of life/comedy visual novel. Living a double life, Luka tangles with both his personal troubles as well as his role in saving the world from Daemons.

Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~
Jul 29, 2018

A visual novel about a girl who wishes to escape her fate and those who follow closely behind her. Features both GxB and GxG routes.