Palmyra Orphanage Jul 24, 2019
Paranormal first-person horror, which takes place in an abandoned orphanage. Walk through the corridors of your childhood, but do remember that you're not only one here.
Geeksos Apr 16, 2019
Survive in a city controlled by a game corporation. Residents have to buy DLC for every unfinished product, developers are forced to make endless sequels, and lootboxes are now sold even at the grocery store. Stop the madness or join it in the cybernetic stealth-shooter Geeksos.
Give Me Your Coins Nov 28, 2018
Give Me Your Coins is a fast-paced platformer built on precision and momentum. Try to get out of the magic chest, go through the several dozen levels created inside his wooden body.
SpellFront Oct 24, 2018
SpellFront is a single-player first person shooter that takes place in the world of a medieval fantasy, experiencing the attack of the aliens. The player assumes role of an ancient sorcerer who must find a way to defeat invaders with only her might and her magic.
Mother Simulator May 22, 2018
It’s a humorous project about a young parent's difficult weekdays. If you feel worried, irritated, you don’t understand what’s going on and what you must do next, so don’t worry. We want to give you exactly these feelings in our game.
Irony Of Nightmare Dec 12, 2017
In the Irony of Nightmare things aren't always as they seem. Those who decide to solve all puzzles of the game, not only will unravel true secret of house, but also will open completely different ending of the story.
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