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Nonogram - Master's Legacy November 8
Master's Legacy - discover all beauty of Nonogram puzzles (multiple game modes, level sizes), master painting skills in Editor and share works with friends in Workshop. Become The Greatest.
Death Maze
Path of life and death.
Sudoku Killer / 杀手数独 October 19
Killer Sudoku (Sumdoku/Mathdoku/Addoku) puzzles include all the rules of regular Sudoku, but add in dashed-line 'cages', which must sum to given values. This great brain exerciser will provide you many hours of new Sudoku experience and be nice addition to your puzzle collection.
Sudoku Jigsaw / 拼图数独 September 13
Love Sudoku, but tired of default one? Try this.
The Big Journey April 20
A cat who's hungry for good food and excitement.
Nonogram - The Greatest Painter March 22
Do you deserve to be called The Greatest?
Sudoku Universe / 数独宇宙 December 18, 2017
Making the best Sudoku game on Steam.
Lines Infinite November 24, 2017
Beautiful & relaxing Numberlink puzzles.
Sorry, James November 10, 2017
Lines X October 31, 2017
Beautiful & relaxing Numberlink puzzles.
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