A More Beautiful World - A Kinetic Visual Novel Sep 28, 2018
Magic vanished when the ancient wizards who ruled Gallantia were ousted by the armies of man. Knowledge of the arcane and the ones who worked the ancient Blessings were lost - buried in the sands of time. Magic has been relegated to the realm of myth, of superstition.
On Earth As It Is In Heaven - A Kinetic Novel Nov 28, 2017
Sencil is a scribe in heaven that works for the God of Calamities. However, as he is kind of heart, he has repeatedly lowered or completely negated the casualties of disasters ordered by the God of Calamities. A kinetic novel that has about 3 hours worth of immersive writing!
The Merchant Memoirs Oct 20, 2017
What if you had a second chance at life? That's what happened to Engel Marx, a failed merchant who is killed in his previous life and now through the screw-up of his Guardian Angel, he now is in youth again! How will doing something just a bit differently drastically alter his life?
You, With Me - A Kinetic Novel Feb 23, 2017
You, With Me is set mainly in Singapore of an expat couple who had the perfect plan, a perfect getaway for the holidays. However, everything is turned into dust as news come out of the main character's illness. Truly, will pretending that everything is normal give you a sense of normalcy?
When Our Journey Ends - A Visual Novel Feb 14, 2017
Follow Mariko as she boards a train to a completely different world - A world of unbelievable beings and happenings.
It Comes Around - A Kinetic Novel Sep 29, 2016
As seen in Singapore's Doujima, Glass of Water Studios is proud to present It Comes Around, born from a partnership between Glass of Water Studios as well as Afterthought Studios (Forgotten,Not Lost & A More Beautiful World)A ritual to solve the mysterious death of a schoolmate goes horribly wro
Forgotten, Not Lost - A Kinetic Novel Apr 1, 2016
An old farmer lives with his wife - However, he hasn't quite been himself lately. His mind wanders off, he forgets his daily routine and he often brings up things from the past. Forgotten, Not Lost comes from the creators of A More Beautiful World and is a kinetic novel that tackles the theme of...
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CUPID - A free to play Visual Novel Mar 4, 2016
"Love is both poison and cure, both knife and remedy." Set in 18th Century France, this is a gothic romance tale about loss, revenge and the different faces of love.
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Who Is Mike - A Visual Novel Sep 29, 2015
You wake up with an aching head and the world out of focus. In front of you is a man accusing you of being “fake”. He looks exactly like you, down to the last scar and pimple, has the same memories, the same voice and the same personality. But who is lying and who is telling the truth?
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