Paper Shakespeare series

Games in the Paper Shakespeare series.

Paper Shakespeare: To Date Or Not To Date?
Apr 4, 2018

Welcome to Elsinore Academy, a proving ground for young royalty; where people from all over the globe come for higher learning, and the cheerleaders are literal witches. Are you ready to enroll? Maybe get with Othello? Eh? EH?

Paper Shakespeare: Stick Merchant of Venice
May 11, 2018

Shakespeare's classic play about intolerance, bigotry, and revenge. Told only as stick figures can. 25% of sales go towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research and Desert Bus for Hope.

Paper Shakespeare: Stick Julius Caesar (with a dagger)
Sep 19, 2018

The dramatic retelling of the death of Julius Caesar, as only stick figures can. We know that we already did that joke. We don't care. We'll probably do it again. Shakespeare's classic political drama about how political violence never goes over well.

Paper Shakespeare: Loves Labor(s) Lost
Jul 5, 2018

What happens when stick figures based on Shakespeare fall in love? Let's find out! Loosely based on Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost, play as some cool archeologists forsaking love to explore some awesome ruins!

Furry Shakespeare: To Date Or Not To Date Cat Girls?
Apr 26, 2019

It's Senior Year at Elsinore Academy. What's better than Senior Year? Well, Shakespeare characters that are the seniors, of course. What's even better than that? If they are Furries. It's Furry Shakespeare. You are welcome.