The Van Helsing Universe

Embark on a series of ARPG adventures in a gothic-noir world, where mad science threatens the peace between monsters and mortals.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
Nov 6, 2015

Embark on an adventure in a gothic-noir world, where mad science threatens the peace between monsters and mortals. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut is definitive edition of the trilogy with six playable classes and a new endgame mode with a huge variety of open missions!

Feb 4, 2015

Deathtrap is a Tower Defense game with strong action-RPG elements, a game of vicious tricks, killing machines, rotating blades and splattering blood.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
May 22, 2013

Put on your wide-brimmed hat, grab your weapons and embark on an incredible adventure in the gothic-noir world of Borgovia, where mad science threatens the fragile peace between monster and mortal.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II
May 22, 2014

In the second part of the unfolding saga that could also be enjoyed independently, you can explore new corners of this unique world and experience the mix of old-school gothic and mad science, with more action, powerful foes and plenty of stunning places to visit.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III
May 22, 2015

Van Helsing, monster hunter will face the most difficult trials of his life as he is trying to destroy his nemesis. The civil war is over in Borgovia, but the future still looks grim. The city of weird science is in ruins and a strange cult prophesises the coming of the end times.

Van Helsing: Thaumaturge
Sep 26, 2013

You must be familiar with the traditional approach to monster hunting: grab a melee weapon, take a firearm (just to make sure), prepare your tricks and witness those creatures flee in terror! But there are other, somewhat unusual methods that rely on a quite different source – which is called magic.

Van Helsing: Arcane Mechanic
Oct 15, 2013

You probably thought that Weird Science was your enemy. And yes, you were right, but you can always fight fire with fire, as the saying goes. Or, more fittingly, fight those artificial monsters with arcane machinery: engulf them with poisonous fumes, scorch them with tongues of flame or deploy...

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Blue Blood
Jun 27, 2013

At last! The Blue-blooded Ghostly Companion’s Brand New Accessory for Improved and More Efficient Monster Hunting is finally here! Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present Mr.

Van Helsing: Veteran Multiplayer Skin
May 22, 2013

Show other players who the real seasoned Hunter is: the Veteran skin pack allows Van Helsing to become more intimidating (or more silly, if you ask Katarina) in his appearance.

Van Helsing II: Ink Hunt
Jun 13, 2014

Van Helsing has a new problem to solve: a strange ethereal gate opens in his secret underground maze and he must enter the realms beyond the veil of the world to find out who are responsible for this new threat.

Van Helsing II: Magic Pack
May 22, 2014

Attracted to the arcane? The Magic Pack is just for you! The Occult Bargains perk will grant you discount for enchantment prices, and you will also get the Magic Helmet item that you can use with all classes! Charming, isn't it?

Van Helsing II: Pigasus
Sep 24, 2014

Release the Pigasus. the wonder of weird science! Summon this new creature by spending Essence and purchase powerful items in your Lair from the Pigasus.