Product Update - Valve
- Updated the icons for the new Warlock and Lone Druid sets.
- Fixed units not pathing around invisible enemies.
- Fixed stolen Berserker's Rage not restoring the original attack type on death.
- Fixed for LP mode not limiting 40 heroes.
- Fixed Battle Trance affecting units like Spirit Bear.
Product Update - Valve
An update to Half-Life 2: Deathmatch has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. The major changes include:

  • Fixed a server crash caused by spawning npc_zombie entities in the map
Product Update - Valve
2013-01-25: v1.091

- Fixed a bug preventing some people from building new trade posts
- Fixed some instability issues on the Mac and Linux versions
- Fixed bug where taking over the last duchy or higher title from a Merchant Republic could give you Patrician vassals
- Blocked "Offer Vassalization" for one Merchant Republic vs another
- Fixed a tooltip bug for the succession type in secondary kingdoms and empires held by Merchant Republics
- When a regular lowborn Mayor forms a Merchant Republic, he should get a dynasty and become a Patrician
- The Patricians in newly formed merchant republics now get some starting money
- Homosexual characters no longer get the ambition to get married
- Doubled the effect of Prestige on Patrician Respect for Doge elections
- Tutorial: Fixed a crash in Realm View
- Fixed a bug where you would end up at war with your liege if beating him to victory in a claim war
- Added text warnings for Independence wars and factions for Patricians, if it would mean Game Over
- Made Ultimogeniture possible for anyone to take, should they be so inclined
- Added the Barony of Altenburg to Meissen
- Gave Ultimogeniture to the Ilkhanate, the Golden Horde and the barony of Altenburg
- Fixed some issues with sound freezes
- Fixed a bug with the "coastal_county_republic" CB that could make vassals of merchant republics independent
- Fixed missing description for Trade Post garrison building
- Fixed issue where a feudal liege could burn a vassal Patrician's Trade Post
- The correct event picture is now shown when Aztecs sacrifice prisoners
- Fixed flag issues for players who don't own Sunset Invasion
- Fixed issues with the Romeo & Juliet event chain
- Added cooldown before the Seize Trade Post plot can be used on the same character again
- Republic random trade events are now slightly less likely to occur
- Lowered the cost and buildtimes of all Family Palace buildings
- Fixed an issue where the Seize Trade Post plot wasn't properly cancelled
- Fixed a bug where your children in foreign courts would not accept being educated by you
- Added a check for negative fertility on either parent to prevent impregnation of or by celibate characters, eunuchs, etc
- Fixed a bug where culture name lists with more than 100 entries would be cut off at 100 entries due to a low random number
- Fixed a problem where a vassal of a vassal who takes an outside would become a vassal of the enemy rather than the old liege's liege
- The Trade posts of Patricians who become independent should no longer be lost in most cases, but taken over by a replacement family
- Fixed bug making Republic capitals immune to some CBs, like Holy War
- Fixed a bug where a betrothed character who married a different person than they were betrothed to could retain the betrothal even when they were not permitted to have another spouse
- Fixed a bug where the educate child menu would be unavailable in foreign courts
- Fixed a bug where children abroad would not show up in the education menu
- Muslims can now never marry matrilineally under any circumstances
- Fixed a bug where the AI would repeatedly unassign and assign a child the same tutor
- Fixed a bug where a deposed ruler would die on the next day
- The Ecumenical Patriarch's pentarchy will now function correctly
- Pentarchs defined in history files for non-titular titles will now always override Autocephaly
- Titular realms will now use their capital when determing religious head for religions with Autocephaly
- Army AI: Fixed an issue with stupid long range land movement
- The Bishopric of Rome will no longer be renamed to the Lateran if the Move Capital to Rome decision is taken
- Gaining a title you are fabricating a claim on via plot will now abort the plot
- The Anti-Pope opinion bonus towards liege will now be properly inherited when liege dies
- Added field to cultures: [used_for_random = yes/no]. Blocks the culture from being available for characters created with random culture.
- Made it more likely that the Mongol Hordes convert to Islam
- Faction View: The Faction labels are no longer capitalized
- Fixed bug with early holders of Family Palace holdings not showing up in the history
- Increased the random factor in doge elections
- Marcella Ziani now has the correct gender
- No longer possible for close relatives to become a married character's mistress
- AI Patricians are now far more likely to upgrade their Family Palaces
- Multiple assassination events should no longer appear when plotting to kill someone
- The province of Ar'Ar has been renamed to Shaka
- When transfering a vassal, the selected vassal will now be shown on the map
- Can no longer ask to join wars against a ruler who is imprisoning you
- You can now always transfer the vassalage of a duke to the de jure liege of their primary title, even if they hold multiple duchies
- Fixed a bug where a landed vassal who inherited their liege's title would remain in their previous factions
- Duplicate independence factions gained from conquering or inheriting titles will now be disbanded
- Fixed a bug where you would not be able to marry the courtiers of Holy Orders and Mercenary Companies despite them showing up as eligible
- Fixed a bug where the add_spouse command would have undesirable results for Muslims
- Improved Jihad notification event to include the religion and portrait of the Caliph
- Fixed a bug with Tanistry that could cause Game Over
- Anti-Pope will now remain as an Emperor's vassal if you press his claim to the Papacy
- Fixed a bug that was causing characters over 1000 years old not to receive events properly
- Exported is_holy_war to cb_types, this determines whether neighbouring AIs of the same religion will consider joining defensively against the attacker
- Can now ask to join Muslim Invasions
- AI will now ask to join Muslim Invasions when appropriate, and is slightly more inclined to defend neighbours against a Muslim Invasion than a Holy War
- Improved duchy distribution AI
- Fixed a bug where you would not be able to ask a character to stop backing a plot if their answer was no, depriving you of just cause to imprison them
- AI: Will now value Kiev more highly and be more inclined to use it as their primary Duchy
- AI: Will now value prestige effects of marriage at a more reasonable level
- The Muslim Invasion CB now requires either a foothold in or border with the target kingdom
- AI: Fixed a bug where countries with a vassal merchant republic would refuse to embargo _any_ republic
- Fixed a bug where a country who had vassal merchant republics could lose them when _winning_ a war against another merchant republic
- Fixed a bug with the Jizya tax modifier for Muslim merchant republics

Product Update - Valve
Nuclear Dawn update 6.9.2
- Added new contest winner map, Coast!
- Fixed grenade and R.E.D. damage going through some solids after update 6.9.
- Fixed Deep Blue achievement not tracking.
- Fixed Iron sight viewmodel disappearing when switching to and away from Weapon Stabilizer gizmo.
- Fixed weapon selection not closing when Support uses class special key to change weapon.
- Fixed crash when importing more than one spray image in the game Options.
- Fixed text on some commander action tooltips getting cut off when moving between action buttons.
- Fixed file corruption issues with dedicated server Workshop download support.
- Updated linux srcds_run script to use anonymous login for SteamCMD when updating.
- Fixed various recent crash issues with some of the Authoring Tools.
- Updated in-game and Authoring Tools Wiki links.

Product Update - Valve
AirMech Version 14829.0 January 19th, 2013

Some nice fixes and optimizations for you in this patch! In video settings, you now have a slider to adjust destruction effects, since the physics can cause performance issues on lower end computers. Definitely pull this down if you find Survival games with lots of destroyed units slows you down.

The Crater map continues to be modified for gameplay, and now features two additional Outposts placed between the Fortress and the middle. The result is that it makes the map instantly feel "smaller" since there's less distance to travel between safe spots.

We had an unfortunate bug with the FPS kick code being disabled. That is fixed, so if someone is lagging your game due to FPS, you can tell them to lower their destruction detail settings, and then kick them as needed. Sorry about the laggy games you had to endure!

- Modifications to 'Crater' map - new outposts
- New setting to change the detail of destruction pieces (if you have framerate issues in game, try turning this down)
- Added 'Badges' to collection UI - drag from collection to Chat window to activate
- New options to filter games on the Browse Menu
- New feature to confirm video changes made in the Settings Menu
- Localization support for Main Menu UI buttons
- Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the STS

Balance changes:
- Armadillo now costs 2600 instead of 2400 to build

Bug Fixes:
- Fix for bug where the vote kick buttons wouldn’t show up

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some crashes from being reported
  • Fixed the chat window not accepting characters for some languages

Team Fortress 2
  • Added raw mouse input for the Linux version
  • Fixed missing text in the recipe descriptions for The Rescue Ranger, The Loose Cannon, and The Vaccinator
  • Updated the equip_region setting for The Bootie Time
  • Updated The Menpo to be paintable
  • Updated The Last Straw to be paintable
  • Updated The Digit Divulger with new styles
  • Updated The Rescue Ranger so it can be used as an ingredient when crafting
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated the Item Import Tool
    • Improved UI layout
    • Added support for facial animations
    • Fixed skins sticking after a different DMX was loaded
    • Added support for LOD testing
    • Hats will automatically add an Unusual attachment point to bip_head
  • Vintage-quality items and Botkiller items that are otherwise tradable can now be listed on the Steam Community Market
Product Update - Valve
- Added Troll Warlord!
- Added All Random to matchmaking!
- Added tournament calendar view to the Watch tab!

- The pathfinder now ignores obstructions that are due to units that are not visible to the pathing unit.
- Crystal Maiden: Fixed Freezing Field channeling ending if you get purged.
- Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch slow and stun applying if BKB was used after it had been applied
- Drow: Fixed Drow Illusions carrying the double bonus from Marksmanship
- Keeper of the Light: Fixed Chakra being castable on magic immune allies.
- Keeper of the Light: Fixed Manta dispelling Mana Leak.
- Lifestealer: Fixed Rage not removing certain buffs that BKB does (Empower, Haste, etc).
- Medusa: Fixed Mana Shield happening after Stout/Vanguard damage block rather than before.
- Meepo: Fixed Poof considering dead illusions as valid destinations.
- Morphling: Fixed Replicate dying if Morphling dies with Aegis.
- Timbersaw: Fixed Whirling Death sometimes taking too long to cast when used with Timber Chain.
- Timbersaw: Fixed Chakram cast time behavior
- Visage: Fixed Attack and Defense type on level 3 Familiars
- Warlock: Fixed Aghanim Warlock Golems not doing enough damage
- Fixed MKB dealing bonus damage to towers.
- Fixed ground courier being able to block lanes and surround Roshan.
- Fixed being able to lifesteal more life than the target has.
- Fixed Diffusal Blade cooldown being 12 seconds instead of 8

- Added Practice vs Bots option in the Play menu.
- Added a privacy setting in the UI so that players can specify whether they want to allow external 3rd party websites to be able to access their match history (defaulted to private).
- Least Played mode now eliminates each players' top 40 played heroes, up from 20.
- Added completion cost to shop item tooltips, displayed if the player has one or more components.
- Added tooltips to the shop category buttons.
- Fixed the Repick option disappearing too soon
- Fixed bug where buffs would sometimes display an incorrect duration sweep.
- Bringing up the combat log will now hide the killcam.
- Fixed bug where sometimes spectators would, when inspecting a player, not see thier cosmetic items.
- Fixed bug where Dota 2 would not track changes in the Windows default audio device.
- When spectating a game in directed, hero chase, or player view, the mouse will no longer be locked to the window

- Added new item sets for Lone Druid and Necrolyte.

- Added Necrolyte bot.
- Added Witch Doctor bot.
- Sven will no longer War Cry when doing a casual retreat.
- Fixed Viper bot not harassing with his unique attack modifier.
- Fixed bug in Sandstorm avoidance that always made bots maximalliy avoid it.
- Adjusted the values so that bots are more willing to tanking creeps at high health/tankability ratings.
- Bots now take into account cleaving when determining what neutral camps they're willing to farm.
- Death Prophet bot will now use Carrion Swarm more when laning.
- Fixed bug that would cause bots to fountain-dive sometimes.

- Added a "Show Low-Res Model" checkbox that toggles between showing the low & high resolution LODs for imported models when in Loadout camera view.
- Now automatically switches to showing low-res models in the Day/Night camera views, and high-res models in the Portrait camera view (since that's how they're used by the game)
- Fixed "Other" submission type displaying a "failed to find content file" when submitting.
- Fixed Preview not resetting background properly when moving from Portrait to Day/Night view.
- Fixed Preview losing hero rotation when going to and from Portrait view.
- Fixed a case where the Add Wearable slot buttons didn't work for some slots on some heroes (like Sven)
Product Update - Valve
* Added a new Safeguard game mode on Dellosvile map for 1 - 6 players. On this map players can find and pick-up a Repair Kit and bring it back to the Core in order to repair it.
* Added the possibility to play all Stockpile maps in multiplayer mode. There are more containers on the maps and better chances to find higher tier containers in multiplayer Stockpile. The AI opponents in multiplayer Stockpile are tougher compared to single-player mode.
* Improved AI reaction on Flash Grenade.
* Fixed the issue when AI run away in fear when a player toss EDF or NBR Grenade.
* Now Champion Strongarm and Champion Aggressor can see opponents who use Active Camouflage System if the player gets too close.
* Now tough AI (Destroyers, Hammers and Champions) will sometimes ignore explosives and not run away in fear.
* Fixed the issue when AI ran away from explosive for too long.

* Added Supplier Lottery Ticket on Black Market that gives players a chance of winning a stack of epic Ammo.
* Added Outlaw Lottery Ticket on Black Market that gives players a chance of winning a stack of epic offensive Boosts or Medicines.
* Added Terminator Lottery Ticket on Black Market that gives players a chance of winning a stack of epic defensive Boosts or Medicines.
* Increased the chance to win an epic item from Hatcher Lottery Ticket and Spoiler Lottery Ticket.

* Improved Betadyne EagleEye, Indura Convergence, Majoun, Raze and Niks boosts effects.
* Added new Zymek LiquidFire boost that increases all weapon damage by up to 9%.
* Now Flash Grenade additionally disable player's radar.

* Added new achievements for level 50 players who win Safeguard and Headhunt maps on Hard difficulty with the maximum number of players in a match.
* Fixed visual glitches when spectating a player who uses 1st person mode.
* Fixed the issue where achievements from the Loot-Based category didn't track character collecting containers.
* Fixed the issue where statistic from the Collection category wasn't updated.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the

Jan 24, 2013
Product Update - Valve
Hello everybody,

Towns v9 is almost ready! We are on the testing phase and we hope that it won't take more than a week to get released.

This build won't be as big as other ones content wise, but we think that it deserves the release mostly because the new savegame feature and the performance improvement on bigger towns.

Let us explain the major features.

  • From now on all the new builds will be savegame compatible with v9.

  • Now you can manage multiple saves per map.

  • WARNING: Towns v9 BREAKS the compatibility with older savegames. You won't be able to load v8a games on v9.

  • Big improvement on the performance, now the lag peaks will be unnoticeable on bigger towns.

  • Improvement in the memory management of the game.

  • Now you will be able to configure the shortcuts.

  • Added shortcuts to the bottom menu.

  • Farm animals now need food to stay alive.

  • Military items now have a small chance to have prefix/suffix when manufactured by townies.

  • Flour is now managed from the production panel.

  • New isometric graphics for the froggies and yetis.

  • New graphic for the new mill item.

Towns v9 also fix some v8a bugs, you can see the complete log here:

Thank you for your patience and support.

Kind regards
SMP team

Jan 23, 2013
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Workshop add-ons not mounting correctly on the Mac