Product Update - Valve
- Added Reverse Captains Mode.
- Dark Seer: Fixed Wall of Replica illusion creation timing (affects instantly dying illusions mainly).
- Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Dragon Form not splashing on siege units.
- Enchantress: Fixed being unable to be healed by Nature's Attendants if you are sleeping.
- Enchantress: Fixed Impetus not being castable on Magic Immune enemies (still does no damage if immune on impact).
- Gyrocopter: Homing Missile now starts 150 units in front him.
- Huskar: Fixed Life Break not properly dispelling buffs on you when cast.
- Lich: Fixed Chainfrost not working with Refresher.
- Phantom Lancer: Fixed not reproducing his abilities (including stat bonuses) correctly on his Dopplewalked illusion.
- Phantom Lancer: Fixed Dopplewalked illusions never Juxtaposing.
- Shadow Shaman: Fixed Mass Serpent Wards having no cast point.
- Silencer: Fixed Illusions stealing intelligence.
- Spiritbreaker: Fixed case where he could interrupt his Charge by previously having given an attack order to his target.
- Templar Assassin: Fixed Psionic Trap's nearby detonate ability not always working if the trap is too far.
- Undying: Zombies now correctly disable Blink Dagger.
- Venomancer: Fixed Poison Sting duration not increasing per level.
- Visage: Fixed Familiars agroing neutrals when flying over them.
- Wisp: Fixed his Spirits dying if he gets cycloned or purged.
- Wisp: Fixed Tether targeting magic immune allies.
- Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks not bouncing between Magic Immune enemies (doesn't stun them, but doesn't cause the bouncing to end prematurely).
- Witch Doctor: Fixed Death Ward not bouncing on magic immune enemies.
- Fixed heroes being able to get stuck on each other in rare cases.
- Fixed neutrals seeing and killing other sentry wards (as well as other non-attacking ward-type units).
- Fixed Arcane Boots and Mekansm being unable to affected allied invulnerable units.
- Fixed Orb of Venom doing lethal damage.
- Fixed Neutral Gnoll's poison attack doing lethal damage.
- Fixed Vladmir's Offering applying the aura when they owning unit is dead.

- Movement speed on the HUD is now written as a total rather than two seperate numbers.
- Fixed Disabled Tranquil Boots movement speed.
- Updated Tranquil boots disabled icon.
- If you miss the queue for Diretide and accept a requeue, you will be put back in the Diretide queue.
- Adding chat bubble visualization of your current mic volume.
- Voice Threshold and Mute Cobroadcasters settings should now persist when the game is restarted.

- Added voice auto-gain. All voices are now brought up to a normal level. Turning off microphone boost in Windows settings is recommended.
- Reduced the delay on voice transmission.
Product Update - Valve
Tower Wars 1.103 Update!
-Reverted all Halloween art
-NEW MAP: Airmageardon! By popular request, a tournament style flat map has been added for Tower Wars competitive mode!
Nov 8, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Hey, Mountain Lion users -- thanks for your patience while we worked around some bugs in the OSX 10.8 graphics drivers. With the newest changes, I've fixed the flickering borders that could sometimes show up in fullscreen mode. I also modified shadow rendering to bypass a graphics driver bug that was causing a really tragic crash.
Product Update - Valve
Revelations Update 11/8/2012 (Ver. 10)
-Added new Energy Gun
-Added new Blast Gun
-Added new Laser Gun
-Added new Rocket Gun
-Added new TimeWarp Gun
-Added new ammo to the new weapon system
-Added new players
-Fixed Dialogue Issues
-Added new hints and cues to help players
-Added updates to all current levels
-Fixed Sound issue MainMenu
-UI Redesigned
-Bots AI improved, and can pickup hearts
-All player animations fixed
Product Update - Valve
Nuclear Dawn 6.8

- Added new Skirmish team deathmatch game mode.
- Added new Skirmish map sk_metro.

- Added nd_skirmish_limit convar for Skirmish team kill limit. 0 to disable and use only mp_roundtime.
- Added support to execute a cfg/gamemode_skirmish.cfg or cfg/gamemode_warfare.cfg at map start if existing.
- Added support to execute cfg/.cfg at map start if existing after mode cfg.
- Skirmish mode uses same mp_timelimit, mp_winlimit, mp_maxrounds, and mp_roundtime variables as Warfare.

Other fixes
- Fixed spawning-related glitches that could occur if pressing spawn button multiple times.
- Fixed issues where server tags displayed improperly in server browser for some servers.
- Fixed average rank in server browser not always adjusting after a player leaves.
- Fixed an exploit that could allow a commander to use actions on enemy structures.
- Fixed a server crash related to bots.
- Updated localizations.

Workshop and custom content
- Skirmish maps are now accepted.
- Added sk_metro map source to sdk_content.
- Updated hammer fgd file with new skirmish and spawn point entities.
- Skirmish maps do not require rts camera info in map script.
- Skirmish maps do require spawn points for both Consortium and Empire are required.
- Skirmish maps may not have resource points. Structures will not spawn on skirmish maps.
- Map overview script is now marked as required for all maps.
- BSPZIP now auto-corrects slashes for internal paths when adding files to avoid confusion.
- Added -deletefile option to BSPZIP to remove files from bsp.
- Added support for bots in custom maps without structures or resource points.
- Fixed client crash when loading custom map having description but no title.
- Fixed map loading background not being shown if vtf file was named differently than vmt file.
Product Update - Valve
Major Fixes
• Abductor roof visibility problems resolved

• Interception game hang issues resolved
o If two interceptors are sent after UFO
o If Skyranger is returning from combat after an Interceptor was already deployed

• SHIV inaccessible issues resolved

• AI Alien Activity Hang resolution

• Multiplayer connectivity optimization

Other Fixes
• TempleShip optimization: All Soldiers properly spawn when restarting the mission after clearing the second room of TempleShip

• Snapshot penalty should no longer apply when Overwatching without first moving.

• Easy Difficulty is now easier.
Product Update - Valve
★ Coop mode now rewards the same value of points as in single player.
★ Added reset game feature.
★ Retiring a unit will return 100% of the core starting proficiency cost.
★ First several missions have been rebalanced.

✓ MP win/loss stats.
✓ Various fixes to the shop menu.
✓ Enter key no longer activates chat in single player.
✓ Area defend mission finish conditions - sometimes would show "area lost" text even if you won.
✓ Several achievements bugs.
✓ Rare bug with medic causing the game to crash.
✓ Spawn point fixes on certain missions.
✓ Health bars will not show 0 health on targeted enemies unless they are dead.
✓ You can no longer deploy only a medic.
✓ Medkit bug where you sometimes could not heal certain units.
✓ Cover to be more consistent.
✓ Long black screen delay when shutting the game down.
✓ Better shader fallbacks to work better on older hardware.

Thanks to everyone for playing Frontline Tactics and all your comments and feedback. More updates and content coming soon!
Product Update - Valve
Stardock Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of Fallen Enchantress v1.01 today. This first update contains a new content, bug fixes, balance changes, AI and UI enhancements, plus refinements to the included Scenario.


Add the Iru Elixir (replaces the Strong Healing Potion), it heals 80 damage and removes a random injury from the champion that drinks it, it can be found as loot
Added ability to have spell-like effects with no casting (i dont want pariden units to do their spellcast animation at the start of every battle)
Custom factions get a music theme now
The Flesh Bound Tome faction ability unlocks the Consume spell, which allows a player to destroy a shard in his territory for 200 mana
Added Dragonfly Bracers as a custom sovereign item (increases init by 2)
Added Rebels as a faction weakness (increases unrest)

Fixed a crash if you create a sovereign with mods enabled and then disable mods
Fixed an issue where if you got a new unit form a random event and your sovereign was in a city it would be lost
Fixed an issue where negative enchantments could stick around on a city even after it was conquered
Fixed an issue where you may still be paying a summons maintenance even after the summon was dead if you save and reload before the end of the turn after the summon dies
Fixed a crash if you go from the tutorial to the scenario without restarting
Improvements that level up trained units now allow units that can select their level-up traits to pick all their level-up traits
Changing the game pace now also modified production times
Fixed an issue causing Trog Pioneers to go Beserk in battle (and then run away)
Fixed Propaganda to update if the cities essence changes
The Darkling Shaman's shrink ability now has a cooldown of 3
The Spellbooks tech correctly unlocks with the Decalon faction ability
When placing random quests during the game (like by using the Quest Map item), no longer chooses non-repeatable quests that have already been completed or are assigned to an existing quest location
Fixed an issue where shrunken units would play their death animations twice
Fixed a issue where units would play their last spell animation when shrunk
Fixed an issue where only the group leader would be grown/shrunk by spells with units with multiple members
Fixed a bug where units with shrink and growth both cast on them could get wonky
Fixed bug with paths where sometimes path dots would skip first tile
Fixed bug where path was not updated to show newly uncovered tiles when FoW was cleared
Fixed a memory leak that occured on each reload
Fixed bug where parchment background image of kingdom window would disappear after game within game
Fixed crashes (if anyone has had a crash with FE we have gotten the log and checked it out)
Fixed a crash in the custom faction color picker window (if you click a tab to leave that screen incorrectly)
Fixed tactical battle hang if you tamed the creature you are fighting, causing there to be no one left on the opponent's side of the battle
Fixed an issue where you units would be healed if you tamed a unit in combat (the "Jesus Bear" issue)
Fixed Death Ward (it was working before but now it displays it particles to give an indication of what is happening and correctly removes itself)
Fixed floating waterfalls
Fixed an issue where jamming on some keys (like the 'E' hotkey) can open multiple redudant windows
Fix for deadlocks (hangs)
Fixed the duration on the Prismatic Potion
Fixed an issue where you got no score if you won by the time limit
Fixed an issue keeping Raise Land from being able to be cast on ocean tiles
Lots of performance improvements both in between turn time and in smoothness of animations while other actions are occuring
Fixed bug that caused the loading screen not to show when loading up saved games
Spell Damage modifiers now work on CurHealth spells (like Shadowbolt)
Fixed a bug where negative player bonuses weren't being included in stat calculations (like the Vulnerable to Magic faction weakness)
Fixed the Infection spell
fixed Ritressa and Miredesi so they wouldn't be offered redundant Spell Resistance traits at levelup anymore
Fixed bug where if you went from one scenario map to another, then loaded a save from that second map, the champions that were carried over from the previous map would duplicate
Fixed bug where sometimes the AI would force complete all of its construciton projects on the first turn after loading a game because it was using stale city defender power ratings (these are now recalced and cached while the game is loading)
Fixed an issue with some champions getting the Spell Resistance trait option twice
Fixed weapons that give mana from kills
Fixed a mod bug where random event quest mods would spawn the wrong quest when randomly chosen

Procipinee gets the Weak sovereign weakness instead of Inefficient
Marked the random even that spawns THE Dark Sorcerer as Epic (anyone who has faced him will agree)
Added Call of the Titans spell unlock on Breon's Letters tech
More quests made available to be placed by the Quest map
You have to have the Dances with Dragons tech to recruit Ashwake Dragons from the Temple of the Dragon
Typhoid Fever gives -1 to the army's hit points instead of -2
Ice Elemental Sanctum now gives loot
Novice difficulty level reduces AI money starting from 75% of base to 50%
Beginning increases HP penalty against AI from 1.0 to 0.75 of what the player has
Beginner reduces AI money starting from 100% to 50%
Easy reduces AI money starting from 100% to 50%
Fixed AI bug where challenging was rated at 1.25 instead of 1.30
Expert AI increases HP advantage of AI from 1.0 of player to 1.1
Ridiculous AI reduces HP advantage from 2.0 to 1.5
Ridiculous AI reduces sovereign HP advantage from 3.0 to 1.5
Ridiculous AI reduces intelligence from 10.0 to 3.0
Insane AI reduces economic advantage from 5X to 2X
Insane AI reduces HP advantage from 3.0 to 2.0
Insane AI reduces Sovereign HP advantage from 5X to 2X
Reduced the Krax blood trait to +8 defense (from +10)
Reduced the HSieldwall trait to +3 defense (from +5)
Stealth faction ability now costs 2
Increased the min distance between Ashwake and Clambercoil dragons and starting locations
Reduced the base level of the Great Wolf to 3 (from 5)
Tarth starts with the Rebels faction weakness
Irane starts with the Dragonfly Bracers instead of the Impulsive trait
Reduce the amount of lairs placed in the world at the default level slightly
Reduced the amount of monster placed arounf the players starting location slightly
Obsession's production bonus is no longer multiplied by the amount of materials in the city (I'm going to pretend like this is a balance change because it makes me feel better than admitting that I implemented it incorrectly)
Changed the starting positions on all tactical maps so that units arent squished together and blocking each other
Units that are immune to spells will be immune to spells even if they are marked as abilities
Tilda Herbs can be used in battle
Increased the duration of the Freeze and Tremor spell to 3 turns from 2
Fixed an issue with some champions getting the Spell Resistance trait option twice
Reduced Dagger init to +3 (from +4)
Reduced Maces to 15 attack (from 16), and increased init to -3 (from -4)
Increased Battle Axes to 17 attack (from 15) and decreased init to -1 (from 0)
Increased the Great Axe to 23 attack (from 21)

Improved AI's decision making on what unit is best for a given city based on its cost
Monster AI is generally slightly less aggressive about attacking
Monsters are harder difficulties are even tougher
Monsters on easy difficulty (or lower) are less aggressive
Fixed bug that allowed monsters to roam far away from their original lairs
On challenging or less difficulty the lair monsters are less inclined to attack passing units
Verified Monsters on challenging or less attack humans as much as AI opponents
Fixed bug where recruiting champions wasn't charging them appropriate $$$
Made AI more aggressive about getting goodie huts when on challenging or higher difficulty levels
AI now determines when it is done "farming" monster lairs and eliminates them when they've..outlived their use
Increased value of the Towers of Magic to encourage AI to more aggressively pursue the spell of making victory

Better display on the outpost window (showing whats building, and when it will be complete)
Mousing over the race on the custom faction screen shows you the race information
Build/Train window won't close when you auto-turn
Fixed the tooltip on the Enchanters faction ability to include the Scrying Pool
Fixed the tooltip for the Fire Adept III trait
Fixed tooltips on the Town Hall and Palace to reflect their ZoC bonuses
Fixed a typo with the Ram's Horn Longbow
Equipped accessories now show up in your unit window like weapons and armor
Some info card tweaks to make more item type info cards throughout the game show either shop cost, labor cost, or customization cost as appropriate, since most tooltips were just defaulting to shop value even when it wasn't really relevant
Fixed bug where if you opened the kingdom wnd while the build list wnd was open, it didn't get hidden and it went back into the city construction mode in a bad state
Faction power window is no longer dragable (players were accidently getting it dropped places)
When you finish the tutorial, instead of rolling the credits, added a message box that says basically "thanks for playing the tutorial" and then takes you to the title wnd when you hit the OK button
In the customize faction and create sovereign screens, the race/faction spinner tooltip now updates when changing the spinner selection with the buttons
Fixed bug in the intro book where only 4 of the 5 available slots were used to show faction traits
The "Improvement Destroyed" message now includes a button to go to the site of the former improvement
Amarian units don't need to pause to activate their Noble Legacy ability at the start of combat anymore

Items don't "transform" in the scenario anymore (most commonly the Yew Longbow into a Banishing Staff)
Fixed a missing icon on the Lannarg Plant Seeds
Fixed a missing map icon on the Umberdroth Lair
Fixed bad references for the Krax faction in the campaign
Gnarri starts with the Muscle and Strength traits so he can wield that Maul
Fixed Blessing of Restoration to give a viable Heal ability
Fixed an issue allowing K'uo Sian to get the Finesse trait twice
Fixed a crash loading the 2nd map of the scenario if the player didn't have rights
Added functionality to the KillChampion trigger so that we can give all of the dead champ's items/equipment to the sovereign
Updated custom campaign versions of the city to match the sandbox game, so they now produce Research
Weakened Cutting stat on the Sword of Wrath from 25 to 15
Fixed bug where ‘dummy' versions of the human villages of Ammarkan and Bruka were spawning in each other's spots instead of their own
The naming of the "Timber Warg Meat" is now consistent throughout "Taevish's Quest."
Fixed bug where the Crystal Shield didn't provide defense like other shields.
Changed the model scale on the custom campaign version of the Lurk from 1.0 to 2.0 on the main map, and 1.5 to 2.0 in tactical combat. This makes it easier for players to spot them when trying to complete the Abbey quest chain
Added a few triggers that fire when a player's champion dies, and bring up a conversation to remind the player that he can buy a potion in the minor civ city which will heal injuries
The chapter 5 campaign book no longer lists "found new settlements" as an objective
Added Optional Objective entry to "The Fugitive" campaign book screen
Empty Objectives panel no longer appears for the map 3 "The Crypt of the Tazzars" campaign book
Can no longer purchase "Quendar Wine" quest item from the map 3 minor civ city
Fixed bug where map 3 "Demon Lair" cloth map icon wasn't showing
Fixed bug where map 1 "Traveler's Tent" cloth map icon wasn't showing
Fixed "the the" & "also and" in the map 1 "Journey's End" campaign book
Changed "taken back" to "taken aback" in the map 1 "The Path" campaign book
Changed "fine breastplate" to "fine piece of armor" in the map 1 conversation with Garen
Fixed "saly" to "slay" in "The Gates of Redstone" Quest
Added missing word to the description for Procipinee's Amulet
Fixed a shadow that appeared on the medallions of some of the scenario units
Fixed an issue that could cause units to get dropped if you had more than 9 going into a tactical battle
Reduced the level of the River Slag on map 2 and reduced the amount of Mire Skaths in that battle form 4 to 2

Product Update - Valve
• Support for Steam Cloud
• Improved realistic simulation mode customizable by the player
• Fixes for AA graphical corruption on certain GFX cards
• Fixed a few minor bugs
Product Update - Valve
An update has been made for iBomber Attack for the following issues on Mac and PC versions of the game:

Fixed: Crash at startup with some openGL graphics cards
Fixed: Stuttering audio
Added: Switch between standard weapons (cannon, machine gun, flame thrower, rocket launcher) with Q key or right mouse button