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Hey gang, our friends at Roll7 have just released their brilliant fast-paced, cover-based shooter Not A Hero. Take a look at the launch trailer below and then head on over to check out more of the game.

Steam page with more fun:
Hotline Miami - br33dlove
The Hotline Miami Story from Complex is an official and definitive look at the creation of the series with interviews from those involved. Thanks to all of you for your support from the first step and the love you've shown for the series. This is for you and we hope you enjoy it!
Hotline Miami - br33dlove
Hotline Miami 2 will have a level editor to create and share custom levels. Video proof below.
Hotline Miami - br33dlove
Prepare for murder.
Hotline Miami - br33dlove
Japanese language support has been added to the game launcher. More fixes coming for issues affecting some players. Thanks!
Hotline Miami - br33dlove
The cold blooded killers at Devolver Digital have released Shadow Warrior onto the world and the special edition includes the Hotline Miami katana as an in-game weapon. It's the best weapon in the game, obviously.

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Hotline Miami - br33dlove
The following updates have been implemented to Hotline Miami:

- Added game launcher
- Added leaderboards
- Added Linux version
- Added Mac Xbox 360 controller support
- Added localization for EN, FR, GE, SP, PO, RU, B-PO
- Corrected compatibility issues
- Added windowed mode
- Added resolution selection
- Performance improvement on some systems
- Various bug fixes

This version includes both the new engine as well as the original GameMaker version for PC and Mac.

Note that saves files from original GameMaker version works with new engine but save files from new engine version will not work with GameMaker version.

Please be sure to update your Steam client after the game updates and report any issues here as the team will continue to update based on any new issues arising. Now, go hurt some people.
Hotline Miami - br33dlove
Just wanted to drop a note to our lovely, bloodthirsty fans of Hotline Miami about Devolver Digital's new game Shadow Warrior. Dennaton has been nice enough to offer up the super rad Hotline Miami katana as a bonus weapon if you order the Shadow Warrior special edition which is 15% off during the preorder period.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="646" height="190"></iframe>

There are also some more fun Hotline Miami easter eggs in the games but won't spoil those for you...
Hotline Miami - br33dlove
That's all you really need to know. Go back to murder.
Jun 28, 2013
Hotline Miami - br33dlove
Fellow Murderers,

There will be a major update to Hotline Miami in the next week or so that fixes a lot of the major bugs, fixes achievement issues, and adds leaderboads. Also, the Linux version will come out of beta. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned to @HotlineMiami for news as it happens!