Product Release - Valve
Anomaly 2 is Now Available on Steam and to celebrate, it is 10% off for the first week!

Anomaly Warzone Earth owners also receive a additional 10% off when they purchase before May 31st.

As the sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly 2 adds new features to the single-player campaign and finally puts your skills to a test in a completely unique experience: the dynamic tower defense vs. tower offense multiplayer mode!

In the years following the invasion of Earth in 2018, the planet is overrun by alien machines. Humankind is on the verge of extinction. Banded together in huge convoys, they search the frozen tundra for food and supplies. Since the war, the roles have been reversed: now our species seems to be the Anomaly on a machine-controlled planet. Your convoy, Commander, is called Yukon.

*Offer ends May 22nd at 10AM Pacific Time.

Product Release - Valve
Thunder Wolves is Now Available on Steam!

Put yourself in the pilot’s seat of a combat helicopter and become a member of the most experienced and dangerous helicopter team in the world, the Thunder Wolves! Support the Thunder Wolves in their global battle against terrorism. Take part in varied operations and do whatever it takes to thwart the diabolical plans of your enemies! Defeat them once and for all, and save the world!

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Today's Deal: Save 75% on LEGO Batman and LEGO® Batman 2 DC Super Heroes™ !

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Product Release - Valve
Sanctum 2 is Now Available on Steam!

Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the world’s first Tower Defense/FPS hybrid game. Pick from four unique character classes and embark on a mission to protect the oxygen-producing Cores from hordes of deadly aliens who are threatened by their existence. Outfit your character exactly the way you want through the new and extensive customization system. Choose your own loadout of towers, weapons and perks, but choose wisely because you are humanity’s last defense against the unrelenting hordes set out to destroy it.

Product Update - Valve
X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 - Shady Business is available as a FREE update to everybody who owns X3: Albion Prelude and includes support for LINUX as STEAMPLAY.

To celebrate the update X3: Albion Prelude, X3: Terran War Pack Bundle, X3: GoldBox, and the X Superbox will be 33% until May 22nd.

X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 - Shady Business brings three unique new plot lines and for the first time can be completely controlled with gamepads!

A plethora of new ships, new sectors, new gamestarts and new generic missions rounds of this big update to the X3 universe.

New Features and Improvements:

- New plots: Shady Business, Corporation Troubles, Breaking Grounds
- New generic mission: Repair Station, a service to repair damaged player stations (below 95% hull)
- New generic mission: Multiple Transport, to transport multiple passengers with different collection/delivery points
- New generic mission: Tour of a Lifetime, to take a group of tourists on a tour to various sectors to see the sights
- New generic mission: Escort Dual Convoy, to aid two convoys on different routes which need protecting
- Added controller support
- New ships: Lotan, Acinonyx, Pteranodon
- Changed the 'close to target' warning during the Follow Ship Mission from a popup message to a help text
- New special sector, including new soundtrack
- New special UFJD sector
- Unlockable Gamestarts: Aldran Adventurer, Lost Lar, Goner Witness
- Added ability for missions to enable/disable war behaviour
- More Terran factories available in shipyards


- Fixed Generic Patrol by removing extra 'missions accepted' increment statistic on acceptance
- Fixed Deliver Matching Ship increment statistic on acceptance for war mission
- Fixed Super Shipyard dock which caused M6 ships to collide while undocking
- Fixed Boron Equipment Dock orbiting objects being in the wrong position
- Fixed Argon Stock Exchange billboard which was located below some docking clamps
- Fixed messages sent to player in Transport Passenger Missions when there is insufficient cargo space or no Life Support
- Fixed Yaki Stock Exchange unlock requirements
- Fixed Escort Convoy Mission being offered by enemy race
- Fixed Escort Convoy Mission not ending if you attack an escort ship
- Fixed cleanup for the NPC contact in the Assassination Mission once the mission is finished
- Fixed issue of captured ships being destroyed by war manager
- Fixed bug with MD command
- Fixed loading of ware templates
- Fixed Ice miner Job so it no longer stays docked when it has nothing to mine
- Fixed default values for ship hue/saturation
- Added cleanup for escorts created for the Escort Convoy Mission
- Added checks to avoid Xenon Invasion Missions continuing when Xenon leave the sector
- Added checks during the Build Station Mission for when the Beacon is moved to avoid problems completing the mission
- Changed Tyr cargospace to 8800

Product Release - Valve
Renaissance Heroes is Now Available on Steam!

Renaissance Heroes is an online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) set in the beautifully re-imagined world of 16th century Renaissance Europe.

The game combines fast paced arena, adrenaline-pumping action coupled with easy accessibility in a completely free to play environment with unparalleled visual realism powered by the Unreal Engine 3 technology.

Renaissance Heroes takes place in an alternative history in which famed inventor Leonardo da Vinci has created a machine that could change the world. In the wake of his death, the plans for the mysterious invention have been scattered, and warring factions vie to claim them

Product Release - Valve
Play "Misery", "She Will Be Loved", and "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5 on any electric guitar or bass. Each song includes a new authentic tone accessible in AMP mode.

May 14, 2013
Product Update - Valve
• Job priorities import/export with professions

• Crash when building a mechanism that connects a mechanical wall to power that the gnome builder is standing on (killing the gnome)
• Gemmed rings and necklaces sometimes adding or subtracting incorrect values when trading
• Job priority list disappearing for custom professions
• Rain lasting for years
• Deconstructing a powered mechanical wall leaving the top of the wall in the above floor
• Water not always moving through an open hatch
• Items not falling when a hatch opens
• Hatches and mechanical walls not properly blocking line of sight
• Hatches not updating inside/outside status of covered cells
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added a missing material for the UGC medals
  • Added server convars related to investigating server network and CPU utilization:
    • sv_netspike
    • sv_netspike_sendtime_ms
    • sv_netspike_output
Notes missed from yesterday's update:
  • Added player avatars to the votekick menu
  • Added -insert_search_path command line argument
  • Fixed deflected Cow Mangler 5000 projectiles doing full critical damage instead of minicrit damage like other deflected projectiles
Product Update - Valve
An update to Left 4 Dead 2 Beta has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Left 4 Dead 2 Beta. The major changes include:

- Fixed inverted direction in script trace lines
- If a found game is using a Mutation add-on from the workshop, the "Download Add-on" button will open the workshop page
- Update some mutations to remove instances of invalid weapons or enemies

- Restore freezer door in co-op mode
- Restore crane lowering sound

- Break some barricaded doors so survivors can reach supplies
- Restore missing fire particle system
- Restore color correction for both Crash Course maps

- Fixed survivors facing the wrong direction after intro
- Restore alarm clock in downstairs bedroom for co-op mode

- Restore missing rain particle systems

- Restore some missing chopper pilot lines
- Move survivors out of view during the escape sequence