20 Thg12, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud

In this update we've added a practice mode for players new to fast paced locomotion in VR! Now you can jump through practice rings at your leisure without any fear of saws or spikes.

Happy Holidays!


4 Thg12, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud

We're back with another update:

  • Ring collection SFX polished.
  • Added SFX on energy wall cross.
  • Modified UI panel materials.
  • Tutorial information moved from menu to wall panels.
  • Contact information added to question mark icon menu.
  • Reduced download size.

NOTICE: For a better visual experience, if you have recently updated to Steam VR 1.1.3, go to your Steam VR settings, and in the Video category uncheck Enable Motion Smoothing before playing.

Happy Holidays!
11 Thg11, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud

We're back with another update.

  • Build updated to UE4 version 4.21.
  • Turned on forward shading.
  • Multisample Anti-Aliasing activated.
  • Bloom settings modified.
  • Round Robin Occlusion from 4.21 activated.

Players should expect a smoother, crisper, and brighter experience across the board.

31 Thg10, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud
We're back with another update - the second wave of the polish pass!

  • Did a polish pass on ring locations across all worlds.
  • Scaled up scoreboard UI elements.
  • Polished and scaled up pre-game UI elements.
  • Optimized and polished fanfare and background firework VFX.
  • Fanfare VFX/SFX added to portal crossing.
  • Did an aesthetics and balance polish pass on W3.
  • W4 difficulty has been lowered.
  • W5 has had a balance and aesthetics pass.
  • Polished Porthole hazard mesh.
  • Polished heart restore sequence.
  • Haptic feedback and SFX on many events now increase with multiplier.
  • Additional VFX and UI elements now change as player multiplier increases.
  • Suggestion arrows appear on starting line and portal walls after 30 seconds.
  • Darkened the border of all UI text, greatly increasing visibility.
  • Controller roll deadzone for strafing default increased to .05 from .03.
  • Added a pre-game tip for Snap-Turning on the back wall.
  • Menu “CHEATS” menu name changed to “CUSTOM.”
  • Added a music visualization bar to the pregame title.
  • Foreground rings radius increased.

19 Thg10, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud
October 19th Update


Another big update which includes a full polish sweep of all core elements and hazards in worlds 1-3, as well as the addition of worlds 4 and 5!

Comprehensive notes:

  • World 4 has been introduced into the track cycle! Can you sidestep these spinning blades, scissor-like slicers, and smashing slammers?
  • World 5 has been introduced into the track cycle! Beware, and make sure to dodge its deadly denizens when diving into its thorny depths.
  • World 1 has had a full polish and updates pass to aesthetics/movement/balance.
  • World 2 has had a full polish and updates pass to aesthetics/movement/balance.
  • World 3 has had a full polish and updates pass to aesthetics/movement/balance.
  • Menu Icons have been updated with new meshes, lighting, SFX, VFX, and animation flair.
  • Tutorial text has been updated.
  • Score UI distance from player has been decreased.
  • Added particle effects to ring collection and player damage.
  • Track VFX have been optimized across the board.
  • Added an iridescent edge rim to the track.
  • Hands are now emissive and produce hand trails which change colors by world.
  • Added additional VFX when a ring is collected at x5 multiplier.
  • Players hands and UI now burst with lightning at x5 multiplier.
  • Shadows have been added to all relevant hazards.
  • Track Manager and Chunk/Layout systems have been optimized and extended in places.
  • Wall grind number restriction removed. Small wall grind lockout added after wall grind jump.
  • Starting line fanfare optimized/polished, SFX increased.

22 Thg08, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud
Greetings! We’re back with another update: New hazards, smoother difficulty curve, improved visuals, and optimized performance!

  • Updated engine version to Unreal 4.20.1
  • Added the third world, with new hazards.
  • Initial difficulty has been ramped further, and now escalates up to the maximum difficulty by the sixth cycle instead of the third.
  • Grabbing five rings without taking damage now increases your score multiplier up to x5.
  • Slightly lowered the difficulty of World 1.
  • Controller roll can now be used to strafe when using trackpad movement.
  • Eliminated a persistent hitch that escalated on long plays.
  • Increased render bounds of back energy wall to eliminate flickering.
  • Huge polish pass on materials, lighting, VFX and environments.
  • Improvements to UI aesthetic.
  • Optimizations to all materials and VFX.
  • GPU/CPU optimizations across the board.
  • Turned off motion blur globally.

29 Thg06, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud
Greetings, everyone! We’re back with another update.
  • Initial difficulty has been reduced and now ramps up across the first two track cycles.
  • Trackpad movement velocity now carries over to skate movement when transitioning between the two without losing any existing speed.
  • Pregame score indicator now displays run times.
  • Wall grinding can now be triggered further from the wall.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of hazard distribution slightly.
  • Transparent elements of visual effects have been made more efficient.
  • Small skate jumps will now activate at a lower movement threshold.
  • Large skate jumps are now easier to trigger.
  • Additional environment art and aesthetic polish.
Ludicrous Speed - KevODoom
Hi everybody!

A bunch of improvements included in this evening's update!

  • Jumping while skating has been made much more reliable than it previously was. The system does a much better job now of understanding when a gesture is intended to trigger a jump and when it isn't.
  • You can now trigger a jump from skate by throwing your arms up as well as down - whichever way feels most natural to you is cool.
  • Skate movement no longer stops abruptly if you release the triggers. Stopping is much more natural, and won't break your stride if it happens accidentally.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause music-reactive elements to stop reacting if your audio output settings changed while the game was running. (This would happen if your Vive or Rift switched automatically to headphones when the game started up.) Now, if the system stops hearing the audio stream, it'll fix itself when you cross the starting line.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause difficulty ramping to scale incorrectly after a track restart.
  • Made some readability improvements to the pregame score readout and other UI elements.

14 Thg06, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud
Patch notes for the June 14th Update:
  • Dramatically reduced difficulty of the first run through World 1.
12 Thg06, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud
Hey everyone!

Here are the patch notes for the June 12th update.
  • Skate movement direction is no longer influenced by the HMD orientation.
  • Applied a small dead zone to skate steering. This is adjustable in the options.
  • Skate speed now correctly matches slide movement speed.
  • Fixed bug that was causing options to be saved incorrectly.
  • Adjusted the sensitivity of skate steering.
  • Slightly adjusted the initial difficulty.

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