30 Thg06, 2018
Wanderlust - Eternity Studios
4 Thg11, 2017
Wanderlust - Eternity Studios
Who would like to see this game on virtual reality in the future?
We are working on that. If a lot of people shares the game and gives thumbs up we will uplad a new update of Wanderlust VR
Thank you so much for all the support!
Wanderlust - Eternity Studios
We've launched a new update that add a lot more space to visit and explore in the game scenarios. So you can enjoy getting lost in this unique ambientations.
I Am Overburdened - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alec Meer)


Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures, our weekly sift for lost gold amidst the fast-flowing waters of new Steam releases.

This week: typography shmups, comically exaggerated inventories, abstract jigsaws and CGA grindhouse shooters.


Wanderlust - Eternity Studios
Wanderlust 'the wish to travel far away to many different places' + Wanderlust OST 'the official soundtrack'.
Hope you like it and enjoy it!
Wanderlust - Eternity Studios
Wanderlust is out now on the Steam Store ːheartlessː

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