Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
People have asked us what inspired Muffled Warfare, and it all honesty, it was a dumb joke that involved putting guns in Stifled.

Now, if you enjoyed Muffled Warfare, you should give Stifled a shot!

Psst, owning Stifled gives you access to 2 exclusive skins in Muffled Warfare!

Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
Muffled Warfare's new map, Rooftops is now live with a bunch of other tweaks!

  • NEW MAP: Rooftops
  • Fixed collision bugs in Mansion
  • Changed Crosshair spread colour to Cyan Blue
  • Added Crosshair centre dot
  • Added Credits screen
  • Suicide now decreases your total kill count by 1 (unless your kill count is 0)

Make sure you give us you feedback on Discord (
Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
22nd June 2018 0900GMT a new map Rooftops drops!

Be sure to join our Discord Server to find games and play with us during the new map launch!

Also, we'd love to hear your opinions about Muffled Warfare so please fill up this survey here!
Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
  • +5s Smoke Grenade duration
  • +20% firing delay for Decoy guns.
  • Cropped overly long names in scoreboard HUD.
  • Small bullets and pass between the gaps of the stairs in sewers
  • Networking fixes to catch more edge cases

Sorry for the slower updates, we're working on new maps! Still working on Discord RPC!

Discord's References are pretty light, and contacting their dev team isn't working out too well, let me know if you've seen other games that used Steam Networking and were able to get Discord RPC working would love to talk to the devs!
Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
Want to be forever immortalized in a video game? Now's your chance!

Ever since the announcement of Muffled Warfare, we've received a bunch of suggestions for skins and weapons in game, and as much as we'd like to bring your awesome ideas to life, the truth is we only have a limited amount of time.

So after a quick discussion, we came up with this challenge! Help us build the community and be forever immortalized in Muffled Warfare. Disclaimer, Muffle Warfare may not exist when the world ends and/or internet dies.

Boy! Get me those challenges!

1. Be like one of our Community Mods TheChilliMonkey
Help out around the community (probably sleep a lot more than he does) but help us out enough and we'd get you a skin.

2. Make Viral Content
Make a piece of Muffled Warfare content that hits 2000 likes/upvotes on 9gag or Reddit and get ahead with a helmet in the game. A head, hur hur, get it? A head?
  • Join our Discord
  • DM your entry to me @thatjustinng
  • Limited to 3 wins at time of writing

3. Sell copies of Muffled Warfare
Hit @thatjustinng up in Discord DMs and get yourself a unique link for your friends to purchase a copy of Muffled Warfare!
  • The link will look something like this
  • Your friend gets a Steam key at 10% off Steam's Price if they use your link
  • You get a rewarded as targets are met!
    - First 20 Copies - A special thanks in the credits of Muffled Warfare
    - Next 30 Copies - A custom Helmet Skin
    - Next 50 Copies - A custom Torso Skin
    - Next 50 Copies - A custom Leg Skin

General Terms/Conditions
  • Skins requests will be must be within reason and subject to our approval, i.e. offensive, pornographic, IP infringing, etc designs will be rejected.
  • Your custom skin will be unlockable in game eventually.
  • All decisions made are final.
  • There is no hard end date to the challenge right now, but we're looking to cap it off after we leave early access.
  • We reserve the right to tweak conditions of the challenge at anytime and will notify you if we do so
Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
  • Mouse Invert Y option added
  • Sprint turn tolerance raised by 60%
  • Scoreboard HUD layout bug fixed
  • TheChilliMonkey's Head skin added
  • Respawn bonus bugfixes
Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games

Well yeah, Giant Bomb talked about Muffled Warfare in their podcast last week, and now they've done a full on video. Thanks so much! We're super glad they enjoyed it!

So if you're interested, check out the video here:

Oh, and if you came from Giant Bomb, do you think a Giant Bomb helmet is in order? Because you know, we could sor y'all out if there's enough interest and the team at Giant Bomb gives us their blessing!

So if you want the helmet, let us and the team at Giant Bomb know!
Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
  • Doubled max possible mouse sensitivity
  • Rocket AOE radius increased by 25%
  • Added 2 more weapon spawn points to Mansion
  • Bot adjustments (should be slightly easier now)
    - Reduced firing rate on pistol and burst rifle.
    - Reduced accuracy
  • Added small infographic tutorial for controls in main menu
  • Spawn algorithm improvements
Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
  • Levelling audio bug fixed
  • Stopped respawning on round complete
  • Fixed key rebinds for Next and Prev weapon
  • Flakgun Tweaks
    - Projectile Speed decreased from 80 to 40
    - Flak damage from 12 > 13 (9 pellets total)
    - Pellet lifetime reduced to 1.5 from 2
    - Spread starts at 45% instead of 35% of Max Spread
  • Added rebinding of direct weapon hotkeys (weapon 1 to 4)
  • Sync-ed thunder events
  • Spawn Bonus balancing - reduced ammo count for Rocket and Sniper

As always, please give us your feedback on Discord and/or Steam Forums!
2 Thg05, 2018
Muffled Warfare - Echolocation Shooter - Gattai Games
Muffled Warfare was talked about in the Giantbomb Podcast! They got the pricing wrong, but still!

Head over to Youtube if you want to check it out!

Also, look out for an announcement this weekend! We'll be announcing a fun little event/contest!

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